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European Language Resources Association (ELRA). HLT Evaluations. Khalid CHOUKRI ELRA/ELDA 55 Rue Brillat-Savarin, F-75013 Paris, France Tel. +33 1 43 13 33 33 -- Fax. +33 1 43 13 33 30 Email: [email protected] or

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European Language Resources Association (ELRA)

HLT Evaluations



55 Rue Brillat-Savarin, F-75013 Paris, France

Tel. +33 1 43 13 33 33 -- Fax. +33 1 43 13 33 30

Email: [email protected] or

Presentation outline

European language Resources Association

Evaluation to drive research progress

Human Language Technologies Evaluation(s)

What, why, for whom, how ….

(Some figures from TC-STAR)

Examples of Evaluation campaigns

Demo …(available afterwards)

Presentation Outline

European language resource association an improved infrastructure for data sharing hlt evaluation
European Language Resource Association An Improved infrastructure for Data sharing & HLT evaluation

  • An Association of users of Language Resources

  • Infrastructure for the evaluation of Human Language Technologies providing resources, tools, methodologies, logistics,

The association
The Association

  • Membership Drive:

    • ELRA is Open to European & Non-European Institutions

    • Resources are available to Members & Non-Members

  • Pay per Resource

    • Some of the benefits of becoming a member:

    • Substantial discounts on LR prices (over 70%),

    • Substantial discountson LREC registration fees

    • Legal and contractual assistance with respect to LR matters

    • Access to Validation and production manuals (Quality assessment)

    • Figures and facts about the Market (results of ELRA surveys)

    • Newsletter and other publications

    • ……………. New: Fidelity program … earn miles and get more benefits

    2005- Extension of ELRA’sofficial mission to promote LRs and evaluation for the Human Language Technology (HLT):

    The mission of the Association is to promote language resources (henceforth LRs) and evaluation for the Human Language Technology (HLT) sector in all their forms and all their uses;

    ELRA: An efficient infrastructure to serve the HLT CommunityStrategies for the next Decade … New ELRA status:

    What to evaluate … Levels of Evaluation



    Meeting points with technology development











    for applications



    Research results

    in quantitative



    which have been


    for applications.

    Long term / high risk

    Large return of investment




    What to evaluate levels of evaluation
    What to evaluate … Levels of Evaluation

    • Basic Research Evaluation (validate research direction)

    • Technology Evaluation (assessment of solution for well defined problem)

    • Usage Evaluation (end-users in the field)

    • Impact Evaluation (socio-economic consequences)

    • Programme Evaluation (funding agencies)

    Our concern

    Why evaluate

    Validate research hypotheses

    Assess progress

    Choose between research alternatives

    Identify promising technologies (market)

    Benchmarking … state of the art

    Share knowledge … dedicated workshops

    Feedback … Funding agencies

    Share Costs ???

    Why Evaluate?

    Progress evaluation courtesy charles wayn
    Progress & Evaluation (Courtesy Charles Wayn)

    Technology performance applications

    Bad technology may be used to design useful applications

    What about good technology ? ….

    Software industry

    Technology performance & Applications

    Hlt evaluations for whom

    MT developers want to improve the “quality” of MT output

    MT users (humans or software e.g. CLIR ) want to improve productivity using the most suitable MT system (e.g. multilinguality)


    HLT Evaluations …. For whom

    • Basic Research Evaluation (validate research direction)

    • Technology Evaluation (assessment of solution for well defined problem)

    • Usage Evaluation (end-users in the field)

    • Impact Evaluation (socio-economic consequences)

    • Programme Evaluation (funding agencies)

    For whom … essential for technology development

    • Share of Information and knowledge between participants: (how to get the best results, access to data, scoring tools)

    • Information obtained by industrialists: state of the art, technology choice, market strategy, new products.

    • Information obtained by funding agencies: technology performance, progress/investment, priorities

    Some types of evaluations

    • Comparative evaluation

      • the same or similar control tasks and related data with metrics that are agreed upon

  • Competitive vs Cooperative

  • Black box evaluation … Glass box

  • Objective evaluation … Subjective (Human-based)

  • Corpus based (test suites)

  • Quantitative measures … Qualitative

  • Comparative Evaluation of Technology

    • Used successfully in the USA by DARPA and NIST (since 1984)

    • Similar efforts in Europe on a smaller scale, mainly projects (EU funded or national programs)

      • Select a common "task"

      • Attract enough Participants

      • Organize the campaign (protocol/metrics/data)

      • Follow-up workshop, interpret results and share info

    Requirements for an evaluation campaign

    Referencial Language Resources (Data) (truth)

    Metric(s): Automatic, Human judgments … scoring software

    scale/range of performance to compare with (Baseline)

    Logistics’ Management

    reliability assessment: independent body

    Participants: technology providers

    Requirements for an evaluation campaign

    Hlt evaluation portal pointers to projects


    HLT Evaluations

    Activities by technology

    Activities by geographical region


    Evaluation resources

    Evaluation Services

    HLT Evaluation Portal… Pointers to projects

    Let us list some well known campaigns

    Examples of Evaluation Campaigns – Capitalization

    • Speech & Audio/sound



      • Speaker identification (CHIL)

      • Speech 2 Speech Translation

      • Speech Understanding (Media)

      • Acoustic Person tracking

      • Speech activity detection, …..

      • ………

    Examples of Evaluation Campaigns – Capitalization

    • Multimodal --- Video – Vision technologies

      • Face Detection

      • Visual Person Tracking

      • Visual Speaker Identification

      • Head Pose Estimation

      • Hand Tracking

    Some of the technologies being evaluated within chil http chil server de

    A) Vision technologies

    A.1) Face Detection

    A.2) Visual Person Tracking

    A.3) Visual Speaker Identification

    A.4) Head Pose Estimation

    A.5) Hand Tracking

    B) Sound and Speech technologies

    B.1) Close-Talking Automatic Speech Recognition

    B.2) Far-Field Automatic Speech Recognition

    B.3) Acoustic Person Tracking

    B.4) Acoustic Speaker Identification

    B.5) Speech Activity Detection

    B.6) Acoustic Scene Analysis

    C) Contents Processing technologies

    C.1) Automatic Summarisation … Question Answering

    Some of the technologies being evaluated within CHIL …

    more at the CHIL/CLEAR workshops

    Examples of Evaluation Campaigns – Capitalization

    • Written NLP & Content

      • IR, CLIR , QA, (Amaryllis, EQUER, CLEF)

      • Text analysers (Grace, EASY)

      • MT (CESTA, TC-STAR)

      • Corpus alignement & processing (Arcade, Arcade-2, Romanseval/Senseval, …)

      • Term & Terminology extraction

      • Summarisation

    Evaluation projects the french scene some projects in nl italy

    Technolangue/Evalda: the Evalda platform consists of 8 evaluation campaigns with a focus on the spoken and written language technologies for the French language:

    ARCADE II: evaluation of bilingual corpora alignment systems.

    CESART: evaluation of terminology extraction systems.

    CESTA: evaluation of machine translation systems (Ar, Eng => Fr).

    EASY: evaluation of parsers.

    ESTER: evaluation of broadcast news automatic transcribing systems.

    EQUER: evaluation of question answering systems.

    EVASY: evaluation of speech synthesis systems.

    MEDIA: evaluation of in and out-of context dialog systems.

    Evaluation Projects …. The French sceneSome projects in NL, Italy, ...

    Some details from relevant projects



    Some details from relevant projects

    Example of Evaluation Initiatives

    • CLEF (Cross-Language Evaluation Forum)

    • Promoting research and development in Cross-Language Information Retrieval (CLIR)

    • (i) providing an infrastructure for the testing and evaluation of information retrieval systems - European languages - monolingual and cross-language contexts

    • (ii) creating test packages of reusable data which can be employed by system developers for benchmarking purposes.

    Back to evaluation tasks within tc star http www tc star org

    2 categories of transcribing and translatingtasks

    European Parliament Plenary Sessions: (EPPS): English (En) and Spanish (Es),

    Broadcast News (Voice of America VoA): Mandarin Chinese (Zh) and English (En)

    Back to Evaluation Tasks within TC-STAR (

    • TC-STAR: Speech to speech translation

    • Packages with Speech recognition, speech translation, and speech synthesis

    • Development and Test data, metrics & results.

    Tc star evaluations 3 consecutives annual evaluations
    TC-STAR evaluations……. 3 Consecutives annual evaluations

    • SLT in the following directions

      • Chinese-to-English (Broadcast News)

      • Spanish-to-English (European Parliament plenary speeches)

      • English-to-Spanish (European Parliament plenary speeches)

    • ASR in the following languages

      • English (European Parliament plenary speeches)

      • Spanish (European Parliament plenary speeches)

      • Mandarin Chinese (Broadcast News)

  • TTS in Chinese, English, and Spanish under the following conditions:

    • Complete system

    • Voice conversion intralingual and crosslingual, expressive speech:

    • Component evaluation

  • Improvement of slt performances en es

    Input = Text ,


    Speech recognition

    Improvement of SLT Performances (EnEs)

    Improvement of slt performances es en
    Improvement of SLT Performances (EsEn)

    Input = Text ,


    Speech recognition

    Human evaluation translations enes adequacy 1 5
    Human Evaluation Translations … EnEs adequacy (1-5)



    End to end

    The end-to-end evaluation is carried out for 1 translation direction: English-to-Spanish

    Evaluation of ASR (Rover) + SLT (Rover) +TTS (UPC) system

    Same segments as for SLT human evaluation

    Evaluation tasks:

    Adequacy: comprehension test

    Fluency: judgement test with several questions related to fluency and also usability of the system


    Fluency questionnaire

    [Understanding] Do you think that you have understood the message?

    1: Not at all , ...........5: Yes, absolutely

    [Fluent Speech] Is the speech in good Spanish?

    1: No, it is very bad ...... 5: Yes, it is perfect

    [Effort] Rate the listening effort

    1: Very high ............ 5: Low, as natural speech

    [Overall Quality] Rate the overall quality of this audio sample

    1: Very badm unusable ...... 5: It is very useful

    Fluency questionnaire

    End to end results subjective test 1 5
    End to End results message?(subjective test: 1…5 )

    Tc star tasks

    More results from the 2007 Campaign message?

    Evaluation packages available 

    TC-STAR Tasks

    Some concluding remarks on technology evaluation

    It saves developers time and money message?

    It help assess progress accurately

    It produces reusable evaluation packages

    It helps to identify areas where more R&D is needed

    Some concluding remarks on Technology evaluation