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What do the pictures represent about the problems in Weimar Germany?

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What do the pictures represent about the problems in Weimar Germany? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What do the pictures represent about the problems in Weimar Germany?. End of WW1. Spartacists. Hyperinflation. Occupation of the Ruhr. Treaty of Versailles. Kaiser Wilhelm abdicates. Kapp Putsch. Munich Putsch. Hitler joins Nazis. Weimar Republic created.

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End of WW1



Occupation of

the Ruhr

Treaty of


Kaiser Wilhelm


Kapp Putsch

Munich Putsch

Hitler joins


Weimar Republic



Lesson objectives

  • To be able to describe the problems faced by the Weimar Government 1919 to the end of 1923
  • To be able to produce a mind map of the problems faced

Create a mind map about the problems faced by the Weimar Republic, include for each problem:

  • (Use page 21 of purple text book to help you)
  • Who was involved
  • When the problem occurred
  • The effect this problem had on Germany

The problems

faced by the

Weimar Republic


You have 3 minutes to complete the worksheet:

‘Weimar problems: True or false’

there were a lot of problems what solutions were there
There were a lot of problems what solutions were there….
  • Complete the table with solutions to each problem:
  • In 2 minutes complete as much of the table as you can from memory
  • Work with a partner complete more information in a different colour pen

What was the Young Plan?

It lowered the reparation payments from Germany to the USA


Who was the Locarno Pact between?

Britain, France, Belgium and Italy all signed with Germany


What did the Locarno Pact agree?

To guarantee borders, they all promised not to invade each other


How did Stresemann spend the money lent to him under the Dawes Plan?

He began repaying reparations again and began investing in businesses to help the economy



Able to trade overseas – recovery after War

Why were the years 1924 – 1929 a period of recovery for the

Weimar Republic?

New currency


Loans from USA

Less support for Extremist Parties

Improved International Relations

key terms you must know these
Key Terms – You must know these
  • Treaty of Versailles Ruhr
  • Diktat Diplomacy
  • Stabbed in the Back Reparations
  • November Criminals Default
  • Weimar Constitution Hyperinflation
  • Proportional Representation
  • Article 48
  • Spartacists
  • Kapp Putsch