Building leading and protecting your real estate business
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Building, Leading and Protecting Your Real Estate Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building, Leading and Protecting Your Real Estate Business. By Loral Langemeier. Is Real Estate…. An INVESTMENT OR A BUSINESS?. There are 7 Steps to Building Your Business. Vision Strategy Revenue Modeling Protection Marketing Sales Leadership. Buying Real Estate Property.

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Building, Leading and Protecting Your Real Estate Business

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Building, Leading and Protecting Your Real Estate Business

By Loral Langemeier

Is Real Estate…




There are 7 Steps to Building Your Business

  • Vision

  • Strategy

  • Revenue Modeling

  • Protection

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Leadership

Buying Real Estate Property

It All Begins

With The End In Mind

If Your Long-Term Strategy is Financial Independence

There are 3 main choices of Exit Strategy…

  • Sell quickly for cash — Wholesaling/Retailing to Cash Out

  • Hold and rent — Property Management

  • Owner finance — Wraps, L/O, Notes

Your Strategy Influences

  • Your Entity Structure

  • Your Real Estate Markets

  • Your Agreements and Contracts

  • Your Wealth Team

  • Your Revenue Model

Get R.E.A.L., Inc.

Our Vision Is:

“To provide housing to people who have no other mechanism to acquire the “American Dream” of a home…

Get R.E.A.L., Inc.


to provide our investors sustainable growth through a fixed product, preferred return, real estate investment vehicle.”

Our Philosophy Is:





  • Buyer System

Property Acquisition

Strategy #1

Acquisition System

  • Identifying Markets

  • Identifying Neighborhoods

  • Buying Criteria

  • Buying Right

  • Building Your Wealth Team to Support Your Strategy

Methods for Acquisition






Identifying Get REAL Criteria

  • 60¢-80¢ on the dollar

  • Minimum $300 spreads

  • Average of $2,000 down payments

    Buy Right!

Typical Get REAL Purchase

Purchase Price$70,000

Appraised Value$100,000

Sales Price$110,000

Down Payment$2,200

Lease Payment$1,200

Your Investor

Real Estate Agent(s)





Title Company

Insurance Broker

Acquisition Wealth Team

Creative Acquisitions

Make Money

Out Of Thin Air!

1. Find a Person With a Problem

Acquiring Cashflow Properties

2. Solve Their Problem!

Strategy #2

Buyer System

  • Assemble Buyer/Remarket Team

  • Marketing!

  • Marketing!

  • Marketing!

Who is the Buyer/Resale Team?

  • Team re-marketer (performance-based compensation)

  • Mortgage Brokers

  • Realtors

  • Tenants (referrals)





Word of Mouth

Mortgage Brokers


Check Cashing Stores

Divorce and Bankruptcy Attorneys

Credit Repair Class

Re-Marketing the Property

Strategy #3

Investor System

  • Marketing/Educational Packet

  • Joint Venture (JV) Agreements

  • Fixed Return Strategy

  • 50/50 Strategy

  • Entity Structuring

  • Investor Communications/Reporting

Investor Agreements

  • Entity Structure (LLC or LP)

  • Exit Strategies

    • Long Term Investment

    • Short Term Liquidation

  • Operating Agreements

    • 13% JV Agreements

    • 50/50 JV Agreements

Typical Investor Deal

  • 18k Minimum Investment

  • Investor Holds Note on Property (90/10 Loan)

  • Investor & Get REAL Hold Title 50/50 in an LLC

  • Depreciation is Shared 50/50

  • Exit Strategy: When Option is Exercised, Investor Gets the 18k Back and Profits are Shared 50/50

There is Money Lying in the Streets Everywhere!

Go Pick it Up…And INVEST IT!

Loral’s Learning’s…

  • Invest in Yourself

  • Get a Mentor(s)

  • Build Your Wealth Team

  • Conditioning Program – Home Study Course

  • Be in Action…In the streets!

  • Repetition, Repetition, Repetition…

  • Live with Vision, Focus and COMMITMENT.


The Top 3 Things I Learned:

The ONE action I will do as a result of these learnings is:

By When?

How will someone know?

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