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1. Hedonist. An avowed hedonist, Livingston is quick to extol the virtues of retirement in Tahiti.

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1. SAT HOT WORDS #16 English 3 CP

2. 1. Hedonist An avowed hedonist, Livingston is quick to extol the virtues of retirement in Tahiti. “I’m interested in life and liberty, of course,” said the hedonist, “but I’m dedicated to the pursuit of happiness.” Abandoning her lifestyle as a hedonist, Maria entered a convent.

3. 1. Hedonist Noun One who lives solely for pleasure Syn: glutton; epicurean Ant: ascetic Hint: If it was fun, “He done it”

4. 2. Heretic Severely chastised for being a heretic, Brother Vincent was asked to leave the monastery. Despite the lack of tangible evidence, he was accused by the Inquisition of being a heretic. The editorial labeled the writer as a heretic for his criticism of our foreign policy.

5. 2. Heretic Noun A person who upholds religious doctrines contrary to the established beliefs of the church; or a person who holds an unpopular belief Syn: radical; rebel Ant: loyalist

6. 3. Hierarchy In the company’s hierarchy, I’m low man on the totem pole. By means of guile, Drew reached the top of the hierarchy in his union. In reorganizing church leadership, the elders developed a new and formidable hierarchy.

7. 3. Hierarchy Noun Organization by rank, class, or grade Syn: echelons, order position “Hier-” looks like higher

8. 4. Homogeneous The Shore Road School finds that homogeneous grouping of pupils facilitates learning. My Army Reserve unit was a homogeneous one, because we all came from the same Ohio suburb. Community activists were galvanized when they learned about the furtive plan to integrate the homogeneous housing project.

9. 4. Homogeneous Adj. Similar; uniform in nature Syn: alike; comparable Ant: different; heterogeneous Homo means same, so “same genes”

10. 5. Hyperbole Ione uses hyperbole when galvanizing her sales force into a frenzy of selling. Knowing that “Garrulous Gary” was fond of hyperbole, we discounted most of what he had to say. The tributes at Adrian’s retirement dinner were filled with flagrant examples of hyperbole.

11. 5. Hyperbole Noun An exaggerated statement used as a figure of speech for rhetorical effect Syn: embellishment Ant: understatement

12. 6. Hypocritical I found it hypocritical of the judge to be involved in an illegal activity. The minister was labeled hypocritical by his former assistant, who claimed the minister affected more religious devotion than he actually possessed. Newspaper publishers used to be called hypocritical when they accepted cigarette advertising while speaking against tobacco use in their editorials.

13. 6. Hypocritical Adj. Insincere; pretending to be what one is not Syn: deceitful; deceptive Ant: authentic; reliable

14. 7. Iconoclast The philosopher didn’t mind being called a heretic and an iconoclast because she was firm in her beliefs. When she shook up the conservative law firm, Gloria earned the reputation of being an iconoclast. Calling himself an iconoclast, the head of the school board questioned the value of the traditional reading lists.

15. 7. Iconoclast Noun A person who attacks cherished beliefs or established institutions Syn: cynic; heretic Ant: conformist Hint: Icon “clash”

16. 8. Immaterial Any activity which didn’t involve gourmet food or luxurious living was regarded as immaterial by the hedonist. The prosecutor objected to the attorney’s exhibit, disparaging it as amateurish and immaterial. Even my gullible uncle recognized Ida’s argument as inconsequential and immaterial.

17. 8. Immaterial Adj Insignificant; unimportant Syn: irrelevant; meaningless Ant: substantial; meaningful Im- means not, so “not matter”

18. 9. Hypothetical Saying that he has an aversion to hypothetical questions, the governor refused to reply. I concocted a hypothetical situation as an expedient to resolving the issue. During the conference, we engaged in playing roles, arbitrating conflicts, and coping with hypothetical problems.

19. 9. Hypothetical Adj. Supposed; assumed Syn: speculative Ant: confirmed; proved Like a hypothesis - not proven, just a supposition

20. 10. Imminent When Vatican reporters spied the smoke, they knew that the selection of a new Pope was imminent. In the hypothetical problem presented to us, a nuclear was was imminent. The ominous clouds told us that a storm was imminent.

21. 10. Imminent Adj. About to occur Syn: forthcoming; impending Ant: distant; doubtful

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