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PHELPSLAND. BY: Mollie McCloskey, Morgan McCoy, Kat Turner, Briana Benz, and Annie Masciantonio. Period: 3. BACKGROUND. Leader Michael Phelps

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BY: Mollie McCloskey, Morgan McCoy, Kat Turner, Briana Benz, and Annie Masciantonio. Period: 3

  • Leader
    • Michael Phelps
      • In 2008, Michael Phelps of the United States won 8 gold medals in the Olympics in Beijing, China. After his insane victory, Phelps found a need for more power and he began to scheme a plan to create his own society. What started out as a want for fame and power became a cruel world of secrecy.
  • Phelps now rules an under-water kingdom called Phelpsland, clearly named after him. He has full control of all people and everyone must praise him.
  • The people of Phelpsland were captured from the US and other surrounding areas, and brought to the secret underwater hiding place in the Bermuda Triangle.
  • The citizens of Phelpsland have snails and other sea creatures for pets.
  • The society is dedicated to worshiping Michael Phelps, their leader.
  • Four classes:
    • Michael Phelps
      • One man, ruler of all of Phelpsland
    • The Government
      • Michael Phelps’ second hand men, patrol and rule for him and report back to him with all the happenings in the town
    • Workers
      • In today’s world, the “second class,” work under the rule of the government officials and live in under-moderate income
    • Families & Lower Class
      • The lowest class in society, worst jobs in factories, and under less rule. Not really cared for in society
  • Phelpsland is located underwater, in the center of the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Since it is underwater, the weather is mostly calm except for a few minor volcanic eruptions every year.
  • The temperature ranges from 66˚F to 78˚F year round.
  • The citizens have to make sure they do not get carried away by the currents.
  • People are able to breathe underwater using gills that are inserted into their necks shortly after birth.
  • Any survivors from crashes on the surface are forced to live in the society.
  • The government controls everything from what the people think to who is in charge.
  • The currency mainly used in Phelpsland is sand dollars.
  • Trading is also a large part of the economy.
  • Phelpians normally trade small objects found on the ocean floor like pearls or coral.
  • School children are required to have eight years of schooling.
  • By the age of sixteen, a citizen must get a job.
  • Some jobs available for a sixteen year old are:
    • School teacher
    • Fitness instructor
    • Store employee
  • When a citizen of Phelpsland turns eighteen, their jobs become much more serious.
  • The job openings for an eighteen year old are:
    • Principal/President of a school
    • Swimming instructor
    • Fisherman
    • Doctor
    • Military official
    • Cop
  • The government consists of:
    • Michael Phelps
      • Founder/leader
    • Teachers/presidents of schools
      • Government officials
    • Military officials
      • Make sure that Phelpsland is unknown to the people who live on land
    • Cops
      • Patrol the citizens of Phelpsland
  • It is the governments duty to instruct the citizens of Phelpsland of the dangers that the people on land may bring to them.
  • The government of Phelpsland strongly enforces all of its laws to its citizens.
  • If a citizen were to break any of the laws, they would be severely punished.
  • The following are the laws of Phelpsland:
    • Have to be physically fit.
    • Have to work by the age of 16.
    • You must have 8 years of education.
    • You have to be married by 25.
    • You must have kids by 30.
    • Everyone must be inside their homes by 7 P.M.
  • The following are penalties:
    • Jail
      • This is the penalty for minor crimes.
    • Sent to suffer on an island
      • This is the penalty for any major crimes like murder, stealing, speaking out against the government, etc.
    • Exiled
      • Sent to live on land (with the enemy).
  • The following are the conflicts in Phelpsland:
    • People on land are the enemies.
    • Difficulty acquiring food.
    • People on land are starting to notice the decline in their population.
  • -THE END-