Advantages Of Tank Girth Welder
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Advantages Of Tank Girth Welder - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It provides high performance levels and cutting-edge technology focused on heavy tarpaulin applications..Read more info at ....

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Advantages Of Tank Girth Welder

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Advantages Of Tank Girth Welder

Unlike current girth welders on the market, this welder comes in standard system.

  • This self-propelled submerged arc welding system can reduce field storage tank welding time up to 40%.

  • The tank girth welder machine is driven by motors, controlled by the PLC, assisted controlled by electrical relay, hydraulic press structure, so it can realize automatic welding.

  • Welding current and welding speed can be set on the operation panel as it has high automation level.

  • With a heating power that can be continuously adjusted from 68 to 1292 °F, it can meet the requirements of various materials.

  • It is available as a single sided or dual sided mobile welding station completely equipped with welding heads, all controls, flux support belts and flux recovery units.

  • This tank girth welder straddles the tank shell plates, riding on serrated steel drive wheels that can be adjusted for tank diameter.

  • The operator platform of the machine is sturdy and the all-weather curtains for operator safety and comfort.

The double platform is fully equipped with its own direction and speed controls.

  • An access ladder allows movement to the primary flux separator tank and to the side of the dual unit.

You can find tank girth welderin www.pyramidweld.comas they are one of the best manufacturers and providers of such tank girth welder with various specifications.

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