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The gold r ush
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The Gold R ush. By Jaden Soleil. “EUREKA!”. Eureka is the word that miners used when they found gold. . James marshal and john sutter. James Marshal was the one who started the gold rush. H e showed john Sutter the gold,

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The Gold R ush

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The gold r ush

The Gold Rush

By Jaden Soleil



  • Eureka is the word that miners used when they found gold.

James marshal and john sutter

James marshal and john sutter

  • James Marshal was the one who started the gold rush. He showed john Sutter the gold,

  • The secret didn’t stay a secret for long. Word spread in San Francisco. A man named Sam Brennan went running through the streets and exaggeration of the fortune you could find began.



  • A boomtown is a town that would form really quickly from travelers that had gold fever.

Who got rich

Who got rich

  • The miners weren't the one who got rich

  • It was the store owners or merchants who made the most money by hiking up the prices. A carton of eggs could be as much as 20 dollars, which most people couldn’t afford.

How the gold rush changed california

How the gold rush changed California

  • The Gold Rush changed California because the miners sprayed the hills and that made a lot of dirt and stuff come down, which caused a lot of environmental damage. Erosion caused the Sacramento Valley to fill up and we are still seeing effects today.

The panama short cut

The panama short cut

  • One way people traveled to California, was they took the “Panama Short Cut.” Many people got cholera and DIED. People took little boats through the short cut. There were a lot of mosquitos and the jungle was dangerous.

People from all over come to find gold

People From All over Come to Find Gold

  • The word spread so far that people from China started to come. People from Chile, Mexico, China, and Europe came to find their fortune.

Ways to mine

Ways to mine

  • People would mine under ground and above ground. Under ground, there are two types of miners: muckers and miners. Muckersshovel big rocks into wheelbarrows and put them into mine carts. Miners break the big boulders into smaller rocks and those rocks probably get taken away by muckers. It was a tough life.

  • miners muckers

Fool s gold

fool’s gold

  • Fool’s gold looks like gold. It’s shiny like gold and a lot of miners got fooled. It is actually called “iron pyrite”.

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