Sex advertising for the good or bad
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Sex advertising for the good or bad? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sex advertising for the good or bad?. By S hana Hemphill English Comp I Professor Benander 6-7-2010.

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Sex advertising for the good or bad?

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Sex advertising for the good or bad?

By Shana Hemphill

English Comp I

Professor Benander


Sex advertisement has been a controversial way of advertising but, is a good way for marketers to get the consumers attention, when trying to sell different products! Sometimes the attention is bad but, the point is people will always pay attention to it since it involves sex!

Sex advertising can be defined as using some type of sexual act or notion to advertise a product!

Puma clothing ad, Gone too far

Paris Hilton In Carl’s JrHambuger commercial!

“Sex is the second strongest of the psychological appeals, right behind self-preservation” states Taflinger in , “Taking Advantage you and Me, Babe: Sex and Advertising.”

This can explain why people can’t stop viewing these commercials that have to do with some type of sex advertising.

commercial promotes the purchase of fruits and veggies _ by PETA Fruits

Women and men read into commercials or ads differently. In “Influence of Sex roles on Judgment” by Joan Meyers-Levy, an example used is the wording of a snicker commercial.” The ad claims: “When practice kicks off his appetite, Snickers satisfies him.” The ad that would appeal to women would be “Snickers not only tackles my hero’s hunger but also satisfies my need to give him something good.” This same ideal of men and women reading into the wording of ads differently also applies to sex advertising as well. Women usually are the ones who see sex advertising as a bad way to advertise, since there's usually no emotional value in it. So marketers have to advertise to women a little differently.

Although many people, mainly women, think its bad to use sex advertisement, it gives marketers good consumer ratings , which is why it will continue be used! It’s a good way to advertise because it always gets the consumers attention!

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