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Ngo s projects 2011
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NGO’s PROJECTS 2011. Mr. Marco Zecchinato. Projects of the Italian NGO’s.

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Ngo s projects 2011


Mr. Marco Zecchinato

Projects of the italian ngo s

Projects of the Italian NGO’s

The Italian NGO’s are normally promoted and co-financed by civil society and supported, up to 70%, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Italy – Directorate General for Development Cooperation (MAE-DGCS).

The main areas of intervention of Italian NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina are:

  • Agriculture

  • Environmental

  • Health

  • Multisectorial

  • Social inclusion

Ngo s projects 2011

Institutional support to the municipality of Srebrenica in the process of socio-economic development within the agrarian sector


Amount: € 1.381.391,53 (MAE/DGCS € 839.486,53)

Partner: Department of Economic Development, Municipality of


Duration: 3 years (beginning 09.12.2008)

Implemented by: NGO CESVI (Cooperazione e Sviluppo)


  • strengthening of the agro-food production chain

  • standardization of the quality of food production through training programs

  • promotion of European quality certification and traceability of products

Protection and enhancement of traditional agricultural products of herzegovina


Protection and enhancement of traditional agricultural products of Herzegovina

Amount: € 3.299.395,60 (MAE/DGCS € 1.649.538,40)

Partners: Tourist Community of the Herzegovina Neretva Canton; Service Centre

for Organic Agriculture (CESAB); Beekeepers Association Zalfija;

Agricultural Producers Association, Nevesinje

Duration: 3 years (beginning 04.05.2009)

Implemented by: NGO OXFAM Italia (Sviluppo, Emergenza e Campagna contro l’ingiustizia della Povertà nel Mondo) with CEFA (Comitato

Europeo per la Formazione e l'Agricoltura)


  • strengthen and re-organize the public services to agriculture and tourism

  • support of technical and production capacity of individual producers and their associations

  • provide training, technical assistance and equipment

    The wine produced in the framework of the Project has been awarded as one of the 10 best wines presented at Vinitaly, the most important Italian wine fair

Ngo s projects 2011


Reborn Valley: Integrated action of organic agriculture, sustainable tourism and socio-economic inclusion in the valley of Una

Amount: € 2.565.926,50 (MAE/DGCS € 1.539.353,34)

Partner: Centre for Sustainable Development Una

Duration: 3 years (beginning 20.01.2010)

Implemented by: NGO ICEI (Istituto Cooperazione Economica Internazionale) with

IPSIA (Istituto Pace Sviluppo Innovazione ACLI)


  • generate job opportunities for young people and the inhabitants in general of six municipalities in the canton Una-Sana

  • contribute to the valorisation of natural resources and cultural communities involved

  • overcome the isolation and marginalization of areas of intervention and enhance agricultural production in the region

Support to the food chain of small fruits in bratunac raspberries of peace

Support to the food chain of small fruits in Bratunac – Raspberries of peace


Amount: € 1.341.670,00 (MAE/DGCS € 840.000,00)

Partner: Agricultural cooperative “Insieme”, Bratunac

Duration: 3 years (beginning 12.12.2008)

Implemented by: NGO ACS (Associazione di Cooperazione allo Sviluppo)


  • offer technical assistance in the cultivation of berries, especially raspberries

  • support to the cooperation which organizes the collection, processing and marketing of fruits

  • establish a laboratory for the transformation of a portion of the harvested product

Women rural development in bosnia and herzegovina

Women Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Amount: € 459.025,00 (MAE/DGCS € 296.314,00)

Partner: Cooperative Herzegovka, Stolac

Duration: 2 years (beginning end of 2011)

Implemented by: NGO Tamat with NGO ARCS (ARCI cultura e sviluppo)


  • sustain to rural entrepreneurship for women in the Neretva district

  • social and economic inclusion of disadvantaged persons

  • pilote initiative for commercialisation of local products

Ngo s projects 2011


Support to the creation and promotion of environmental and sustainable tourism paths in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Amount: € 3.300.000,00 (MAE/DGCS € 1.649.013,50)

Partner: Green Tour

Duration: 3 years (beginning 01.02.2010)

Implemented by: NGO OXFAM (sviluppo, emergenza e campagna contro

l’ingiustizia della povertà nel mondo) with WWF Italia

(World Wide Fund for Nature)


  • combat poverty and depopulation of the countryside, safeguarding the natural environment and supporting the dialogue between people

  • enhance resources encouraging a process that features the local communities

  • understand international tourism demand and establish contacts with tour operators

Waste management systems within large companies assimilated to urban ones


Waste management systems within large companies assimilated to urban ones

Amount: € 1.623.970,00 (MAE/DGCS € 812.200,00)

Partner: Link - Association for Entrepreneurship and Employment

Duration: 3 years (beginning 01.02.2010)

Implemented by: NGO COSPE (Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei Paesi



  • establish a virtuous cycle of interception, differentiation, development and disposal of waste from production and commercial activities in Neretva-Herzegovina Canton

  • collect the packaging and processing waste, treated as municipal waste, from production and commercial activities for the benefit of local entrepreneurship

Support to the protection and promotion of mental health in republika srpska bih


Support to the protection and promotion of mental health in Republika Srpska – BiH

Amount: € 1.688.936,77 (MAE/DGCS € 835.067,35)

Partners: Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republika Srpska and

mental health centers

Duration: 3 years (beginning 01.02.2008)

Implemented by: NGO CESVI (Cooperazione e Sviluppo)


  • provide effective services to people with mental health problems

  • support families of mentally challenged people

  • capacity building of the Ministry of Health through training

  • improve capacities for diagnosis and treatment

Breza cooperation and development support to local initiatives for reconstruction and development

Breza – cooperation and development support to local initiatives for reconstruction and development


Amount: € 2.643.055,50 (MAE/DGCS € 1.320.662,20)

Partner: Development Committee of Breza

Duration: 3 years (beginning 25.02.2008)

Implemented by: NGO RE.TE. (Associazione di tecnici per la

solidarietà e la cooperazione internazionale)


  • increase employment opportunities for disabled people, women and youth through micro-credit and youth info-point

  • increase employment in the agricultural sector through the strengthening of associative systems for small farmers

  • support the reorganization of municipal services of Breza regarding waste and water

Ngo s projects 2011

Alternatives to institutionalization of minors deprived of parental care and support to abandoned young children and minors

Social inclusion

Amount: € 1.347.555,00 (MAE/DGCS € 839.775,00)

Partners: Center for social welfare, Gradacac, Ilovaca, Gorazde, Doboj

Duration: 3 years (beginning 01.02.2009)

Implemented by: NGO GVC (Gruppo Volontariato Civile)


  • support initiatives for children and young people in particular state of poverty and abandonment by involving local and central institutions

  • strengthen the network of foster families

  • improve the living conditions of children with the creation of residential communities of Family Type (CETF)

Project for the amelioration of living conditions of teenagers deprived of parental care

Project for the amelioration of living conditions ofteenagers deprived of parental care

Social inclusion

Amount: € 1.443.944,45 (MAE/DGCS € 721.936,26)

Partners: Municipality of Mostar, Institutes for children without parental care in

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Duration: 3 years (beginning 01.09.2011)

Implemented by: NGO Luciano Lama


  • creation of a family-house for 18 year old young people who cannot be hosted anymore in national institutions

  • income generation activities for the self-sustainability of the family house

  • professional training for inclusion of youth in the touristic and agriculture sectors

Promotion of youth policy at local level in the north east of bosnia and herzegovina

Promotion of Youth policy at local level in the north east of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Social inclusion

Amount: € 1.188.600,00 (MAE/DGCS € 594.300,00)

Partners: Municipalities of Sekovici, Lopare, Srebrenica, Celic, Sapna

Duration: 3 years (beginning 15.11.2008)

Implemented by: NGO CISP (Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo

dei Popoli)


  • contribute to the promotion and implementation of youth policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to improve the conditions of children and young people

  • improve and expand the opportunities for empowerment and social inclusion for children and young Bosnians

  • raise awareness on youth issues

Thank you for your attention

Thank you for your attention!

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