Fire Rated Pillows
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ProfireWa have high or best quality pillows consists of high temperature resistance and conatins fire resistance covering technique.Fire rated pillows used to stop fire. Buy fire rated pillows online in Australia through ProfireWa.

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Fire Rated Pillows - ProfireWa

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Fire Rated Pillows

Trafalgar Fyreplug fire pillows, or fire barrier pillows, consist of a high temperature resistant and granulated fire stopping material enclosed in a durable and fire resistant covering, generally used for temporary fire stopping of penetrations.

Fyreplug fire rated pillows are ideal for small penetrations typically where temporary fire protection is required, but if left undisturbed, do provide a permanent form of fire protection as required by the Building Code of Australia.

Fire testing has been conducted for both wall and floor openings in conjunction with other Trafalgar fire stopping products and with a myriad of service penetration types.


COLOUR - FyrePlug pillows are a distinctive and easily identifiable blue colour with an identification label.

INSTALLATION - A fast, easy to install form of fire stopping of service penetrations. Simple compression fit and used in conjunction with FyreFlex sealant.

PACKING DENSITY - Small 600 Pillows per square metre - Medium 190 Pillows per square metre - Large 125 Pillows per square metre

TESTING - Tested to AS1530.4 and AS4072.1 standards.

ENVIRONMENT - Easy clean-up, low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) formula.

SAFETY - FyrePlug pillows are a non hazardous substance, safe for general use. Please refer to product MSDS for full safety information.


All openings are to be sealed, so as to maintain the FRL of the element (floor or wall) in accordance with AS1530.4 using Trafalgar FyrepPug pillow systems as detailed in Trafalgar’s installation instructions. When full insulation rating (temperature rise) is required for the FRL, FyreWrap will be needed to be wrapped on ductile services such as cable trays and steel and copper pipes for example.

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