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Fire Rated Fyre Box - ProfireWA PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Looking for fire rated firebox? Protect your home using these fyrebox.

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Fire Rated Fyre Box - ProfireWA

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Fyre Box


A revolutionary new fire stopping solution!

Many builders have learnt the hard way, by getting called back under warranty to redo poorly designed or installed passive fire protection. Trafalgar has changed the status quo; we have listened and delivered a new family of engineered products to make installation and ongoing certification more robust


The solution is FYREBOX.

Fyrebox allows for multiple and mixed services to pass through it, and in close vicinity to each other, with proven fire testing eliminating the need for 200mm separation between adjacent services.


Using the FyreBox as a solution to your service penetrations reduces the overall installation area for service penetrations, avoiding the need for fire stopping of multiple openings

Incorporating Fyreboxes into your design or retro-fitting them simplifies construction and lowers maintenance costs over the life of the building.


FYREBOX SLAB-MOUNTED has been designed for high-rise residential apartments and allows for multiple services to be run quickly and easily prior to wall construction. Ideal when you have a confined space to run services.


FYREBOX CAST-IN allows for building designers and service consultants to identify the required location for services, prior to construction, and route services which penetrate the floor slab to pass through Fyrebox. Can be custom made to suit multiple slab thickness.


Fyrebox Maxi comes in various sizes and features a hinged door and is easy to retrofit. The Fyrebox Maxi is suitable for use in any building where penetrations are made through plasterboard, Hebel and masonry walls and floors for services.


Fyrebox Mini comes in various sizes in square or round and features a hinged door for easy retrofit. The Fyrebox Mini is suitable for use in any building where penetrations are made through plasterboard, Hebel and masonry walls and floors for services.

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