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This is Rotary. Rotary Founder Paul Harris. In the Beginning …. The first Rotary club was organized in Chicago in 1905, by Paul P. Harris. The club, with four members, met in rotation at the offices of the members - thus the name Rotary.

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In the beginning

Rotary Founder

Paul Harris

In the Beginning…

  • The first Rotary club was organized in Chicago in 1905, by Paul P. Harris.

  • The club, with four members, met in rotation at the offices of the members - thus the name Rotary.

  • There are about 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs in 200 countries worldwide.

Service above self
Service Above Self

  • Rotary was not long to recognize that fellowship alone would not keep a group together — there needed to be a purpose.

  • The first service project was public restrooms in downtown Chicago, IL, USA.

  • Rotary became the world’s first service club.

Our leaders
Our Leaders

  • Rotary International is governed by a president and a board of directors elected from all over the world.

2011 Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith

  • Annually each district elects a district governor.

  • Each club is autonomous.

2011 District 5580 Governor Roland Turner

The mission of rotary international
The Mission of Rotary International

  • To support its member clubs in fulfilling the Object of Rotary,

  • To globally promote the concept of service as a worthy endeavor,

  • To strengthen and expand Rotary to communities around the world, and

  • To foster unity among member clubs of the association.

Women in rotary
Women in Rotary

  • Women were first allowed to join Rotary in July 1989

    • went to vote 6 times and defeated

    • Duarte, CA Club lawsuit in 1978, defeated in 1983

      • Violation of a CA Act that entitles all persons, regardless of gender to full & equal rights in all “business establishments”

    • CA Court of Appeals reversed the decision in 1986

      • Policy of excluding women is not protected from the First Amendment of the Constitution

      • By Oct 1990 there were nearly 24,000 women Rotarians

The rotary foundation

The Rotary Foundation

“World Peace through Understanding”

Rotary foundation
Rotary Foundation

  • A not-for-profit corporation supported by voluntary contributions from Rotarians

  • Created in 1917 by RI's sixth president

  • From an initial contribution of $26.50 to more than

    $120 million

  • Funds projects to:

    • improve the quality of life in developing countries

    • eradicate the poliovirus worldwide

    • allow 1,200 students to study abroad annually

    • help university professors to teach in developing countries

Paul harris fellows and benefactors
Paul Harris Fellowsand Benefactors

  • Cumulative donations of $1,000 or more.

  • Over 1 millionmembers and partners are Paul Harris Fellows.

  • 62 Paul Harris Members In Walker Rotary.

  • Many Walker Rotarians and spouses are benefactors of the Permanent Fund.

    • cash, securities, real estate, personal property or a bequest in your will

      *All Foundation donations are tax deductible

The rotary club of walker district
The Rotary Club of WalkerDistrict

  • There are 530 districts in Rotary International throughout the world.

  • Our club is in District 5580 which is comprised of 67 clubs with 3,290 members.

  • The district covers an area from Geraldton, ON to the north, Williston, ND to the west, Superior, WI to the east and Little Falls, MN to the south.

The rotary club of walker history
The Rotary Club of WalkerHistory

  • Founded in 1942

  • First President was Dr. Otto Ringle Sr.

  • Began with 25 members

  • First project was sending “care packages” to Soldiers in Germany

  • First women inducted in 1989

  • First District Governor was Bob Bailey 1993-94

  • Currently have 67 members

The rotary club of walker women
The Rotary Club of WalkerWomen

  • First women in the Walker Club:

    • Linda Helmberger, a chiropractor

    • Wanda Moehler, a newspaper editor

  • District 5580’s first female District Governor

    • Claudette Holly in 2003-04

  • 40% of the Walker club is women

  • We have had 6 women presidents

The rotary club of walker projects
The Rotary Club of WalkerProjects

  • Major Fund Raisers are:

    • 4th of July Fish Fry

    • Ethnic Fest Fish Fry

    • Extravaganza

    • Rose Sale

    • Stem & Stein

Volunteers in action
Volunteers in Action

4th of July Fish Fry

Blue & Gold Banquet

The rotary club of walker exchanges
The Rotary Club of WalkerExchanges

  • Group Study Exchanges

    • Teams of one Rotarian leader and four non-Rotarian business or professional young people visit the district for up to four to six weeks.

    • Walker Rotarians have hosted visiting teams, been team leaders and sponsored team members.

    • Walker has been a major participant in the district’s GSE program.

The rotary club of walker exchanges1
The Rotary Club of WalkerExchanges

  • Rotary Youth Exchange Program

    • 16-18 year olds are exchanged world-wide.

    • Part of a 7,000 students/year program.

    • Rotarians host these young people in their homes for three to five months.

    • Students become part of the family.

    • Recently Walker has hosted students from Russia, Chile, Brazil and Mexico.

    • we are hoping to send an outbound student next year.

The rotary club of walker interact clubs
The Rotary Club of WalkerInteract Clubs

  • Our club sponsors the Walker High School Interact Club

    • 50+ members ages 14 - 18

    • Help Rotary with 4th of July fish fry and holiday meals at Quam Court & Highland

    • Service projects include:

      • Blankets for oncology patients

      • Community Christmas Tree

      • Supervised packaging dry food

      • Night at Gramma Jo’s

      • Fund kids in Honduras to get their GED

Object of rotary
Object of Rotary

  • The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster:

Object of rotary1
Object of Rotary

  • First. The development of acquaintances as an opportunity for service.

Object of rotary2
Object of Rotary

  • Second. High ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying by each Rotarian of his or her occupation as an opportunity to serve society.

Object of rotary3
Object of Rotary

  • Third. The application of the ideal of service by every Rotarian to his or her personal, business and community life;

Object of rotary4
Object of Rotary

  • Fourth. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world of fellowship of business and professional people united in the ideal of service.

We implement the object of rotary through the four avenues of service
We implement the Object of Rotary through the Four Avenues of Service

  • Vocational Service

  • Community Service

  • International Service

  • Youth Service

Vocational service
Vocational Service of Service

  • Chairperson – Terry Freeman

    • The promoting of the “ideal of service” throughout the business and professional world.

      • Job Shadowing

      • Dictionaries – 3rd Grade

      • Symposiums

Community service
Community Service of Service

  • Chairperson-Amy Jones

    • Urges every Rotarian to participate in all activities that make the community a better place to live.

      - Habitat for Humanity - Meals on Wheels

      • Bell Ringing – Salvation Army - Christmas Caroling

      • Holiday Dinner: Quam & Highland - Adopt-a-Highway

        - North Country Marathon - Thanksgiving Baskets

International service
International Service of Service

  • Chairperson – Terry Holly

    • Encourages and fosters the advancement of understanding and goodwill among people of the world.

      • Winnipeg Goodwill Weekend

      • International Scholarships

      • Humanitarian Projects

        • Honduras Trip

Youth service
Youth Service of Service

  • Co Chairs – Claudette Holly & Patty Knight

    • empowering youth to serve in their communities and internationally with their Rotary club sponsors.

      • Interact

      • RYLA (Rotary Youth Leaders Award)

      • 4-Way Test Essay

      • Club Scholarships

      • Cub Scouts

Board of directors
Board of Directors of Service

  • President:Theresa Bilben

  • Vice President:Vacant

  • Past President:Skip Duchesneau

  • President Elect:Ineke Leer

  • Secretary: Mary Beth MacFarlane

  • Treasurer: Brad Spry

  • and the following Directors:

  • Krista Hansen, Jeff Holly and Tamara Pederson

  • A new board is elected to take office on July 1 of each year.

  • All positions in Rotary are one year terms that change on July 1.

  • Committee chairs
    Committee Chairs of Service

    • Rotary Foundation – Ineke Leer

    • Membership – Greg Smith

    • Sergeant at Arms – Bert Carlson

    • Youth Exchange – Alice Groth

    • Fundraising – Joe Sherman

    • Webmaster – Vacant

    • Public Relations – Mike Nelson

    Awards for walker rotary
    Awards for Walker Rotary of Service

    Walker has received many accolades over the past few years. Here are a few:

    • Best Club in District

    • Community Service Award

    • Presidential Citation

    • International Project Award

    The four way test of the things we think say or do
    THE FOUR-WAY TEST of Serviceof the things we think, say or do

    1. Is it the TRUTH?

    2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?

    3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?

    4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

    The privileges in rotary
    The Privileges in Rotary of Service

    • The privilege of FRIENDSHIP WITH LEADERS:

      • in our local community

      • in neighboring cities and towns

      • throughout the USA

      • around the entire world

    The privileges in rotary1
    The Privileges in Rotary of Service

    • The privilege of GIVING SERVICE to your community.

    • The privilege of DEVELOPING INTERNATIONAL GOODWILL and understanding.

    • The privilege of helping BUILD HIGHER ETHICAL STANDARDS within your vocation

      through the common bond of Rotary.

    Your obligations in rotary participation
    Your Obligations in Rotary of ServiceParticipation

    • To be a Rotarian you must give of your time and talents:

      • in community work

      • in fellowship and social functions

      • in club and district activities.

    Your obligations in rotary attendance
    Your Obligations in Rotary of ServiceAttendance

    • Attendance at the weekly meetings is a benefit of Rotary. A minimum of 60% is expected.

    • You can easily maintain your attendance levels by making up at another Rotary club meeting, participating in club service projects, and activities.

    Your obligations in rotary financial
    Your Obligations in Rotary of ServiceFinancial

    • Initiation Fee $30.00

    • Annual Dues $130.00/year

      • Prorated at $10.40/month

  • Meals $8.00/meal

  • Weekly Drawing (opt) $1.00/week

  • Foundation Donations $100.00/year

  • Happy Dollars Varies with level of happiness

  • New member checklist
    New Member Checklist of Service

    1. Attend Orientation Meeting

    2. Read two or more RI booklets

    3. Attend one of the following:

    • Fellowship Activity

    • Board Meeting

    • Committee Meeting

    • Project Activity

    New member checklist1
    New Member Checklist of Service

    4. Complete one or more

    • Serve as a greeter

    • Give a talk at a meeting

    • Participate in a service project

      5. Make up a meeting at another club

      6. Extend Rotary to others

    • Invite a guest

    • Propose a new member

    New member checklist2
    New Member Checklist of Service

    7. Experience the internationality of Rotary

    • Host a Youth Exchange student

    • Host a Group Study Exchange member

    • Host a Rotarian from another country

    • Invite a non-Rotarian to apply for a Group Study Exchange

    New member checklist3
    New Member Checklist of Service

    8. Attend one or more district meetings

    • District Conference

    • District Assembly

    • Foundation Seminar

      9. Choose a committee to serve on

      10. Accept an assignment on a committee

    Websites of Service

    Rotary International


      • Members

        • New Members

          • Orientation

          • Responsibility

          • Get Involved (District Info)

    Websites of Service

    Walker Rotary


      District 5580


    Welcome to the of Service


    Rotary Club