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The extended project... . Will be Level 3Will be worth one AS LevelBut has an A* grade (where other AS levels do not)The A* grade is worth 70 UCAS points. The extended project... . will require independent research and study skillswill be a single piece of workwill require a high degree of plan

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The Extended Project

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1. The Extended Project

2. The extended project... Will be Level 3 Will be worth one AS Level But has an A* grade (where other AS levels do not) The A* grade is worth 70 UCAS points

3. The extended project... will require independent research and study skills will be a single piece of work will require a high degree of planning, preparation, research & autonomous working

4. All projects... must demonstrate extension of your knowledge and understanding must not be a repetition of a task that could be assessed as part of another qualification.

5. The extended project... is half the size of an ‘A’ level will be graded on a scale of A* to E


7. You must... identify, design, plan, and complete an individual project (or task within a group project) apply organisational skills to meet stated objectives

8. You must... obtain and select information from a range of sources analyse data apply relevantly, and demonstrate understanding, and the complexities of the topic (it cannot just describe)

9. You must... Select and use a range of skills (including new technology where appropriate) To solve problems To take decisions critically To achieve planned outcomes

10. You must... Evaluate outcomes including your own learning and performance Select and use a range of communication skills and media to convey and present evidenced outcomes and conclusions


12. Time and deadline dates... There are two deadline dates November May You should expect to spend about 120 hours in total on your project

13. If aiming to complete project by November, which I would not advise... You would need to spend at least 15 hours each week For the next two months

14. If aiming to complete project by May... You would need to spend 5 hours each week For the next six months (though of course you could put in more hours and finish early!)

15. Summary of requirements

16. A completed Extended Project has to include... a written report a production log (a bit like a diary) a presentation

17. Your Project should be... a 5,000 word written report or a 1,000 word written report plus An artefact or A CD/video or An audio tape or A slide presentation A photographic record and a presentation to an appropriate audience

18. A production log.... is compulsory includes standard forms that must be completed must show the skills you have used must show decision making must show thought and reflection

19. A presentation... is essential must be given to a non specialist audience using appropriate media (e.g. Flipcharts, posters, PowerPoint presentation, video, etc.) must be supported by a question and answers session involving the audience and supervisor

20. Same example PROJECT titles:

21. Art Exhibition Organise an event Train a horse Design a Website Make a Steam Powered Boat Put on a Dance (for a purpose or to explore ideas) Make a dress

22. Produce a magazine aimed at younger teenagers CD of Irish music (with research into political and cultural influences) Drama of people stuck in a lift (with research into the psychology)

23. Art using recycled materials (with investigation into recycling) Organise a conference on the abolition of the slave trade Directing a short film

24. Examples of Extended Essays

25. How has English affected the German language? Is this leading to the decline of German as a world language? The Sun and its effects on our solar system

26. To what extent has Tony Blair revolutionised the Labour Party The influence of the Post Impressionists on Virginia Woolf’s literature

27. Economic cost-benefit analysis of the 2012 Olympics Why has MRSA proved so difficult to combat? Space: Created or Evolved?

28. The impact on human rights of the UK’s legal response to terrorism Investigation into use of fostering and adoption by social services How has technology changed American films from the 1930s to the present day?



31. A01 – 20% Identify Design Plan Complete project

32. A02 - 20% Use resources/research Obtain & select information from a range of sources Analyse data

33. A03 - 40% Develop and realise Select and use a range of skills & technologies to solve problems Take decisions critically Achieve planned outcomes

34. A04 - 20% Review Evaluate outcomes (including own learning and performance)

35. The one important thing to note is that you will not be taught a subject. It is your project, so it is your research. We will mentor you and guide you, but will not teach you subject content. That’s the fun of it!

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