Kronos workforce timekeeper demonstration
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Kronos Workforce Timekeeper Demonstration PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kronos Workforce Timekeeper Demonstration. for Edinboro University. Kronos Contacts. Tina Beacham – Representative (724-272-8468) Donna Brauckmann – Consultant (215-704-4485).

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Kronos Workforce Timekeeper Demonstration

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Presentation Transcript

Kronos Workforce Timekeeper Demonstration

for Edinboro University

Kronos Contacts

Tina Beacham – Representative (724-272-8468)

Donna Brauckmann – Consultant (215-704-4485)

Kronos Workforce Central SuiteOne vendor, One platform, One database One integrated solution

  • Accruals (time off)

  • Request Time Off

  • Leave (i.e. FMLA)

  • Attendance (policies)

  • Activities

  • Scheduling

  • Reporting / “Genies”

  • Notifications

  • Advanced Scheduler

  • Workload/capacity planning

  • Recruit/Applicant Track

  • Self Service

  • Benefits Admin/online

  • Compensation Planning

  • Budgeting Tools

  • Training & Development

  • Skills & Certifications

  • Performance Management

  • Health & Safety

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Organizational Mgmt.

  • Payroll Processing

  • Tax Filing/ options

  • Check Printing/options

Web based/workflow

Reach All Employees

Hourly - Hourly Professional – Mobile – Contingent -

Salaried Professional

Workforce Central

Accessibility to all employee-centric processes

for all worker types

Hourly Timecard

Timecard designed to track employee hours and attendance.

Duration Timecard

Timecard designed more for salary personnel, only tracks number of hours per day.

Kronos 4500 Timekeeper with TouchID™

Employees can identify themselves with a badge or a pin number to clock in and clock out.

Punch information moves in real time to the database for reporting.

Employees can clock in and out from a desktop as well as perform labor transfers.

Employees will receive confirmation of their punch status.

Help Employees Help themselves

Instant access to:


Leave balances

Hours worked

Embedded messaging

Automate processes

Request for time off

Cost Center Transfers

Self service functionality available to employees from the 4500 or PC access.

Automate frequent processes with Smart View™ technology

10:00 AM

Tues Apr-18-2006

Your Company Name

Dept. Transfer

Read Messages

Vacation Balance

Time Off Request

View Punches

View Schedule

View Timecard

Enter Points/Hrs.

Requesting Time Off Is Easy

10:02 AM

Tues Apr-18-2006

Your Company Name

Dept. Transfer

Read Messages

Vacation Balance

Time Off Request

View Punches

View Schedules

View Timecard

Enter Points/Hrs.

Mildred Babson selects Time Off Request, then swipes in.

Request Time Off

Time Off Request

Current Balances

Floating Holiday (101)16

Personal Day (201):01

Vacation (301):40

Comment Code:

Leave Information

Leave Type:


From Date:



To Date:



Hrs/Day (00:00):



Add Another


Employees can indicate their leave request. This request will flow to an approver that you designate. If approved the information will populate the employee schedule and timecard and flow into your payroll automatically.

Automatic request status

Employees will receive messaging regarding the status of their request. This messaging can be accessed at the 4500 or PC.

Mildred selects Read Messages, then swipes in…

10:03 AM

Tues Apr-18-2006

Your Company Name

Dept. Transfer

Read Messages

Vacation Balance

Time Off Request

View Punches

View Schedules

View Timecard

Enter Points/Hrs.

…to view her

approval message.

Employee Labor Transfers

…then swipes in and selects List

Using the arrow keys, Sally scrolls through her

employee specific job list to select the correct job…

…which is then entered as her Job transfer

View Timecard

Approve Timecard

Employees can approve their timesheet at the 4500 or PC.

View Accruals

View Schedules Online

Mildred Babson selects view Schedules Online, then swipes in

Restrict Transactions

Functionality at the 4500 can be scheduled to not conflict with busy times when employees are trying to clock in and out.

Managers & Supervisors Access

Managers can receive automatic email notifications related to their employees.


Email notification sent as soon as an employee submits a time off request.

Maybe just remind everyone to approve their timecards.

Workforce Analytics

Reporting dashboard top down view. You provide the target thresholds and we track against those thresholds providing drilldown capabilities.

  • On-demand workforce performance insight

  • Web-based view

Overtime by Department

Drill down into department detail.

Root-Cause Analysis

Workforce Portal – configurable desktop specific to the managers needs.

Workforce Genie – configurable reports specific to the manager’s need. Genies are also interactive, managers can resort by any column and select employees to view detail.

Genies give you Who, What and When. The show box can be used to filter the data, filters can be built to draw your attention to the information you need to take action on. The time period box allows you select information for any period of time.

From this reporting employees can be selected and you are one click from any action within the application.

Timecard view, drawing the manager’s attention to the exceptions indicated by the red boxes.

Timecard edits are performed by in cell editing, making edit quick and easy.

Genies can be configured for a variety of data, below is an hour summary.

Easily data can be selected for any period of time.

Report data can also be exported to excel, making access to data easy.

Data is exported in the same column format as the report.

Workforce Worksheets – gives you the ability to update excel spreadsheets automatically from Workforce reporting.

Reporting designed to provide a pay period summary of employee timecard approvals.

Timecard approvals can be multi-level to match your organizational process.

Attendance reporting available in a visual calendar format to make it easy to view information.

Detail view in a calendar format.

Employee scheduling made through the use of the built in scheduling tool. Here managers can change schedules easily with in-cell editing.

Employee time-off requests are viewed within the schedule editor to make the approval process easier.

Standard reporting broken out by category.

Using the show box filters and the time period selection, reports can be specified to the information needed. Reports can be printed on screen, sent to a printer or emailed, as well as being scheduled to print or email automatically.

Kronos Contacts

Tina Beacham – Representative (724-272-8468)

Donna Brauckmann – Consultant (215-704-4485)

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