The history of video games in the house
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The History of Video Games in the House - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The History of Video Games in the House. By: Adam Parsonage, Bryan Devenish, Alan Lilley and Steven Christopher . TIMELINE. Where it started. The hype of video games originated in arcades.

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The History of Video Games in the House

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The History of Video Games in the House

By: Adam Parsonage, Bryan Devenish, Alan Lilley and Steven Christopher


Where it started

  • The hype of video games originated in arcades.

  • Fact No: 629 - “Contrary to popular belief, the first video games were not found at an arcade, but at home.”

  • Consoles started to be produced for the purpose of home gaming.

  • There was a lack of games development in the early stages.

  • Developments for home (affordable) entertainment systems started in 1967.

BrownBox/ Magnavox Odyssey

  • The Brown box was the first console to be developed for home entertainment,

    however it was only a prototype.

  • Invented by Ralph H. Baer. ( <- That last name)

  • Introduced eight games which a few also consisted of multiplayer functionalities

  • The brown box lead into the production of the Magnavox Odyssey

  • The Magnavox was the first official home entertainment system.

The Founder of Atari is named Bushnell


  • 1975 saw the introduction of Atari in the gaming industry

    • Atari Sears Tele-games pong system

  • Atari was the company that introduced the video game Pong.

    • However it was actually competing with the tennis game

      made on the Magnavox Odyssey.

  • Atari was the first successful video game company that made

    home gaming more popular to the public.

  • Atari introduced the joystick controller in the home

Introduction of Nintendo and Sega

  • Nintendo's Test version of the console was made in 1977

  • Sega’s first console was “The SG-1000”

    • Released 1983 in July, in a limited market.

  • By 1983 Sega and Nintendo were leading in the gaming industry

  • Sega’s first globally sold console was the “SG-1000 II”

  • Nintendo’s first console was known as “ColorTv Game”


  • 1981 was the release of the first home PC game (Donkey) invented by Bill Gates.

  • In it’s early stages it was rare to have a computer in the home, due to:

    • Size

    • Maintenance

    • cost

  • Computers have become more and more popular for gaming in the later years but it doesn’t compare to the console marketing.

  • The first computer hit the market in 1977, however the games where introduced a minimum of four years later.

  • Sony and Microsoft

    Sony’s PlayStation

    Microsoft’s Xbox

    Xbox first console

    Released in November 2001

    Xbox 360 second console

    Released in November 2005

    Xbox One Third Console

    Released in November 2013

    • PlayStation One

      • Released in December 1994

  • PlayStation 2

    • Released in November 2000

  • PlayStation 3

    • Released in November 2006

  • PlayStation 4

    • Released in November 2013

  • Nintendo

    • The Release of their “Nintendo 64” to rival Sony’s “PlayStation One”

      • Available 1996 - 1997

    • Nintendo Released their “GameCube” in 2002.

    • The “Wii” was released to compete in the market against the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

      • December 2006 saw the release of the “Wii”

    • Nintendo released the “Wii U” in November 2012

    The Future Of Home Gaming

    • Near Future:

      • Sony will be releasing the PlayStation 4

      • Microsoft will be rivalling this with the Xbox On

    • Later Future:

      • There could be no guaranteed to what is in the future.

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