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Ipcn-si-Sp-s¯³ tbip--hns\ A\p-K-an¡pw Rm\´yw hsc - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ipcn-si-Sp-s¯³ tbip--hns\ A\p-K-an¡pw Rm\´yw hsc. `mc-§Ä t\cn-Sp-t ÝlX Ic-§-fm Xm§n-Sp¶p ac-W-¯n³ Xmgvhcb--Xn-ep-sas¶ ]ncn-bm¯ am[pcy \à kJn-Xm³. Ipcn-si-Sp-s¯³ tbip--hns\ A\p-K-an¡pw Rm\´yw hsc.

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Presentation Transcript
Ipcn si sp s tbip hns a p k an pw rm yw hsc

Ipcn-si-Sp-s¯³ tbip--hns\A\p-K-an¡pw Rm\´yw hsc

Mc t cn sp t lx ic fm xm n sp p ac w n xmgvhcb xn ep sas ncn bm am pcy kjn xm

`mc-§Ä t\cn-Sp-tÝlXIc-§-fm Xm§n-Sp¶pac-W-¯n³ Xmgvhcb--Xn-ep-sas¶]ncn-bm¯ am[pcy \à kJn-Xm³

Ipcn si sp s tbip hns a p k an pw rm yw hsc1

Ipcn-si-Sp-s¯³ tbip--hns\A\p-K-an¡pw Rm\´yw hsc

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Ah-s\s¶ Adn--ªn-Sp¶pAh-\n-bn Icp-Xn-Sp¶pBh-iy-`m-c-§-f-W-ªn-Sp-tÝlXAh-ew-_-am-sb-\n-¡-h³am-{Xamw

Ipcn si sp s tbip hns a p k an pw rm yw hsc2

Ipcn-si-Sp-s¯³ tbip--hns\A\p-K-an¡pw Rm\´yw hsc

Amdnspw a p p sc mw ad nspw kvt ln xcpw am an m h s am p th aln a bn hmgp p c p sa n mbv

amdnSpw a\p-P-scÃmwad-¶nSpw kvt\ln-Xcpwamä-an-Ãm-¯-h-s\³ am\p-thÂaln-a-bn hmgp¶p C¶p-sa-\n-¡mbv

Ipcn si sp s tbip hns a p k an pw rm yw hsc3

Ipcn-si-Sp-s¯³ tbip--hns\A\p-K-an¡pw Rm\´yw hsc

Xocww mcn se m xncp m z tk h b xm tncpw rm qmkijshr nb cn in acp a tbm s h s s amtdm s wbv pw

XocWw ]mcn-se³\mÄXncp-]m-Z-tk-h-b-XmÂtNcpw Rm³ QmkijshR {]nb-\-cn-InÂAcp-a-tbm-S-h-s\s¶ amtdm--S-Wbv¡pw

Ipcn si sp s tbip hns a p k an pw rm yw hsc4

Ipcn-si-Sp-s¯³ tbip--hns\A\p-K-an¡pw Rm\´yw hsc