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The Pacific West Region Chapter 9 Trivia Questions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Pacific West Region Chapter 9 Trivia Questions. What is the postal abbreviation for California?. CA. What is the postal abbreviation for Oregon?. OR. What is the postal abbreviation for Washington?. WA. What is the postal abbreviation for Alaska?. AK.

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The Pacific West Region Chapter 9 Trivia Questions

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The Pacific West RegionChapter 9 Trivia Questions

What is the postal abbreviation forCalifornia?


What is the postal abbreviation forOregon?


What is the postal abbreviation forWashington?


What is the postal abbreviation forAlaska?


What is the postal abbreviation forHawaii?


What is the capital city ofCalifornia?


What is the capital city ofOregon?


What is the capital city ofWashington?


What is the capital city ofAlaska?


What is the capital city ofHawaii?


What landform is shared by all five states in the Pacific West Region?

Pacific Ocean(can also be “mountain”)

What natural hazard formed the islands of Hawaii?


What is the term for pipes or channel to transport water over a long distance?


Which of the Pacific West states has extremes of temperature?


Which of the Pacific West states has the same temperature all the year round?


Before sugar cane is harvested, what must be done to the crop?

The cane field must be set on fire.

Why is it necessary to set fire to cane fields before harvesting the sugar cane?

Fire burns leaves from the stems so workers can then cut the cane. And, the fire cooks juices and seals them in the stalk.

What is carried by the Trans-Alaska Pipeline?


The Trans-Alaska Pipeline carries oil across the state in which direction?

north to south

How are large dams potentially harmful to salmon?

Dams interfere with migration.

How have people helped the salmon population affected by dams?

Fish ladders helped them get past the dams.

By what name do the Native People of Alaska prefer to be called?


Name two natural hazards that tend to occur in the Pacific West Region.


What country borders the state of Washington?


What is the term for a plant with a tall stalk that is used to make sugar?

sugar cane

What is the term for a garland of flowers generally worn around the neck (often seen in Hawaii)?


What is the term for a Hawaiian-style dinner with performances by singers and dancers?


What is the term for a small canoe large enough for only one passenger?


What is the term for melted rock that is very hot?


What do we call beliefs and customs handed down from generation to generation?


Name a structure of pipes or an artificial channel used to transport water over a distance.


What is the term for going hiking or camping while carrying a backpack?


What is the English name for the tallest mountain in North America?

Mount McKinley

What is the original Native name for the tallest mountain in North America?


Translate the word, “Denali”.

“The Great One”

What is the term for a line of pipes for carrying oil or other liquids, usually over a considerable distance?


What is the term for an accidental or intentional discharge of oil which reaches bodies of water?

oil spill

Translate the word, “Inuit”.

“true men” or “the real people”

What is the name of a small dwelling that is often shaped like a dome and is built of blocks of hard snow?


What landform, found in the Arctic region, is a cold, treeless area?


What landform is a deep, narrow valley, usually steep and rocky, especially one with a stream?


What is the term for a town that grew very quickly?

boom town

True or False:Each state in the Pacific West has mountains.


What is Hawaii’s most important crop?


What was discovered at Sutter’s Mill in California in 1848?


What is an important source of timber in the states of Washington and Oregon?

Douglas fir trees

How tall do Douglas fir trees grow?

over 150 feet(15 stories high)

What is the purpose of fish ladders?

They help fish continue on their migration, going around dams.

Who were the earliest settlers of the Hawaiian islands?

People native to the Polynesia islands.

Where are the islands of Polynesia?

scattered across thecentral Pacific Ocean

The gold rush of 1849helped which city grow rapidly?

San Francisco

What is the term for the San Francisco neighborhood in which many generations of Chinese immigrants have settled?


Name the musical instrument similar to a guitar, popular in the music from Hawaii.


True or False:The Pacific West Region has a greater variety of climates than any other region of our country.


Name the three most important natural resources of the Pacific West.


Who designed the state flag of Alaska?

Benny Benson

What is unusual about the person who designed the state flag of Alaska?

He was in seventh grade.

In what year did Mt. St. Helenslast erupt?


Which two states in the Pacific West Region were the most recent additions to the United States?

Alaska (49th)Hawaii (50th)

In what year were both Alaskaand Hawaii admitted to the Union?


How many years has it been since the last two states were admitted to the Union?

(in the year 2009)…50 years

Two states in the Pacific West Region touch no other states. Name them.


What is the approximate elevation of Denali?

20,000 feet(20,320)

The Cascades Mountains, running north and south, almost cut two Pacific West states in half. Name the states.


In places, the Coast Range mountains drop straight down to what ocean?

Pacific Ocean

California has the highest mountain in the contiguous United States, at 14,495 feet. Name the mountain.

Mount Whitney

Name the mountains that run through most of California.

Sierra Nevada

Translate the phrase, “Sierra Nevada”.

“snowy range”(Spanish)

What is the term for a landform that is an opening in the earth from which steam and gases, stones, ashes, and melted rock burst forth from time to time?


Where is the volcano Kilauea?


Where is the volcano Mount Saint Helens?


Name the largest valley in California.

Central Valley

Name the largest valley in Washington.

Willamette Valley

Name a desert in southern California.

Mojave DesertDeath Valley

Name the lowest place in North America.

Death Valley

Where is Death Valley located?

(southern) California

What place in southern California is 282 feet below sea level?

Death Valley

How can farmers grow vegetables and fruits in the dry regions of the Pacific West Region?


One of the Pacific West states is the leading agricultural state in the U.S. Name the state.


Which state’s capital city is far to the south of its main land mass?


In which state do some areas receive as much as 400 inches of rainfall each year?


What is nickname for the Hawaiian Island, Lanai?

“the pineapple island”

The Hawaiian island of Lanai is owned by one company that grows what fruit?


How is sugar processed in the sugarcane mills?

It is washed, cut into pieces, crushed, and then heated to remove the water.

In the 1960s, what was discovered under Alaska’s North Slope?


What is the importance of the port of Valdez on Prince William Sound in Alaska?

It is the southern end of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, where oil is loaded onto supertankers.

What fully-loaded supertanker ran aground in Prince William Sound in 1989?

the Exxon Valdez

How many gallons of thick, black, gooey crude oil spilled from the Exxon Valdez?


Why are oil spills dangerous?

Damage to all forms of life and to the environment can be enormous. Land, water, plants, fish, birds, and other wildlife are destroyed.

What California trees are among the tallest, oldest, and largest living things on earth.

giant sequoias

What California trees can be thousands of years old?

giant sequoias

What area of California is set aside for the protection of the rare giant sequoia trees?

Sequoia National Park

What do salmon do when it is time for them to lay their eggs?

They return to the stream where they were born.

Which Pacific West state leads the country in manufacturing?


How did Silicon Valley, near San Francisco, get its name?

Silicon chips, tiny electrical parts that store information in computers, are manufactured there.

Explain what’s wrong with this statement: “Eskimos live in igloos”.

Alaska Natives prefer to be called Inuits.2. Although some may build igloos as temporary shelter in winter hunting camps, they live in modern houses.

When were the Hawaiian Islands discovered by Europeans?

the late 1700s

Translate “aloha”.


What and where isWaikiki?

A beach at Honolulu, Hawaii.

Name a popular sport enjoyed in Waikiki.


What happened at Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1942?*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

The Japanese launched a surprise attack, bombing Navy ships.

The first European settlement in California was in 1769, and was a mission. Name that city.

San Diego

In San Diego, many residents work for the U.S. Navy, and shipbuilding and repair are important. Why?

It has an excellent harbor where even the largest ships can enter and leave safely.

What city in the Pacific West Region is the second largest city in the U.S.A.?

Los Angeles

In 1989, what natural hazard struck the city of San Francisco?


One of the Pacific West states has more coastline than any other. Name that state.


Almost one-third of Alaska is above what geographic place?

the Arctic Circle

Which Pacific West state is not a part of the North American continent?


Only one state is made of entirely of islands. Name that state.


There is a lake in Oregon that is the deepest natural lake in the U.S.A. Name the lake.

Crater Lake

Only one state in the U.S. is named after a President. Name the state.



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