Mental and emotional health
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Mental and Emotional Health PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mental and Emotional Health. Health Goal #1 I will Develop Good Character. Mental and Emotional Health. The two areas of Mental and Emotional Health that we are focusing on today are: Values and Character Self -Esteem. Values and Character. A value is a standard or belief

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Mental and Emotional Health

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Mental and Emotional Health

Health Goal #1

I will Develop Good Character

Mental and Emotional Health

The two areas of Mental and Emotional Health that we are focusing on today are:

Values and Character


Values and Character

A value is a standard or belief

Family values – standards that are held by members of a family

Character – A person’s use of self-control to act on responsible values

Values and Character

Self-control – the degree to which a person regulates his or her own behaviors

Moderation – placing limits to avoid excess

Delayed gratification – the voluntary postponement of an immediate reward in order to complete a task before enjoying a reward.

Delayed Gratification


Self-esteem – is one’s belief about one’s own worth.

Two types: Positive and Negative

Positive self-esteem – is a person’s belief that he is worthy and deserves respect.

Negative self-esteem – a person’s belief that he is not worthy and does not deserve respect


Reasons for developing positive self-esteem:

People with positive self-esteem are more likely to practice life skills

Maintain health by keeping body, mind, and relationships in top condition

Better at making important decisions

Responsible for your own decisions, not just going with the crowd

Have confidence in themselves and don’t give in to pressure easily



Have firm foundations in difficult times

Take calculated risks to mature

Don’t worry about failing


Self-efficacy – a person’s belief in his or her capacity or ability to perform a behavior or skill in a desired way.

Important in obtaining personal goals and being confident in yourself


Self-Respect – a high regard for oneself because one behaves in responsible ways.

People respect people who respect themselves

Do not confuse this with conceit

Developing Good Character and Improving Self-Esteem

Periodically conduct a character test on yourself – List out responsible values and evaluate to see if you are reflecting those values.

Seek feedback from responsible adults

Developing Good Character and Improving Self-Esteem

Improving Self-Esteem: Have high belief statements! Don’t sell yourself short.

Positive belief statements will make you feel good about yourself which is key to a healthful, positive self-esteem.

Negative belief statements will deteriorate self-esteem and lead to trouble.

Developing Good Character and Improving Self-Esteem

Guidelines to self-respect:

Pay attention to your appearance

Make a list of responsible actions and review this list often

Be a friend to yourself by enjoying activities and hobbies, by yourself

Write your feelings in a journal

Make spending time with family members a priority

Developing Good Character and Improving Self-Esteem


Care for other people in the way you would like to be cared for

Let other people know what helps you feel special

Support the interests of family members and friends, and ask them to support your interests

Ask family members and friends to tell you examples of your actions that have shown character

Get plenty of exercise to generate well-being

Developing Good Character and Improving Self-Esteem

EXERCISE!!! This is an easy step to helping you feel your best.

Beta-endorphins – After vigorous exercise beta-endorphins are released into the bloodstream which are substances in the brain that create a feeling of well-being.

Improving Self-Esteem

3 easy ways to improve:

1. Work on Self-Improvement

2. Make yourself stand out

3. Remove your negative self-esteem

Work on Self-Improvement

These are things that make your level of self-efficacy improve.

Dress Well

Practice quality hygiene!

Practice good posture


Give back to others

Make yourself stand out

Compliment others

Speak up

Remove Negative Self-Esteem

Start from within

Create daily affirmations

Be your own person

Face your fears and learn from your failures

Stop negative thoughts

Learn to appreciate yourself

Building Character



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