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Story of mr young
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Story of Mr. Young. The Most Important Thing. Where I was born. West Van Lear, Ky or Paintsville, Ky. Won Little League State Championship in 1996. Paintsville High School. College: Campbellsville. College Golf: 2008 NAIA National Championship. College. Also from there.

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Story of Mr. Young

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Story of mr young

Story of Mr. Young

The most important thing

The Most Important Thing

Where i was born

Where I was born

West Van Lear, Ky

or Paintsville, Ky

Won little league state championship in 1996

Won Little League State Championship in 1996

Paintsville high school

Paintsville High School

College campbellsville

College: Campbellsville

College golf 2008 naia national championship

College Golf: 2008 NAIA National Championship



Also from there

Also from there

What most people think of home

What most people think of home

I am not alone

I am not alone

My first love

My first love

My passion

My Passion

My hobbies video games

My hobbies: Video Games



Rules and regulations

Rules and Regulations

Tardies absences


  • Will be based on my judgment

  • Will be kept in my gradebook

  • Will follow the school guideline and policy

  • Each semester student will start out with 50 points for Tardies/Abscences

  • For each Tardy/Unexcused Absence, student will be deducted 5 points

Bathroom passes

Bathroom Passes

  • Will be 3 per 9 weeks, and will be counted for bonus points if you do not use them (points of Mr. Young’s choosing)

  • This will not include nurse’s slips.

Book policy

Book Policy

  • Government/SSS- Books are to be kept under desk at all times unless being used

  • Psychology/Sociology- Book are kept on shelf, 1st person in row gets book and then everyone returns their own

  • If this is not followed, an impossible quiz will be given

Homework policy

Homework Policy

  • Homework is to be turned in on time (except for extenuating circumstances)

  • If you miss it is YOURresponsibility to ask me for the missing work

  • Letter grade for each day late (1 day, from A to B, 2 days from B to C, 3 days from C to D)

  • 1 week- automatically 60 % if everything completed

  • 2 weeks till end of 9 weeks- best you can get is 50%

Taking notes

Taking Notes

  • Notes will be usually be taken by fill-in-the-blank PowerPoints and will be handed to the students

  • From time to time, notes may be taken using foldable, by fill-in-the-blank books, or by moving around the room

  • I like to try and do different things

Bell ringer activities

Bell Ringer Activities

  • Each week you will have 1 bellringer per day which counts for 2 points.

  • 2 weeks per bellringer sheet and will result in a total of 20 points

  • If you miss, ask your neighbor for the answer: Your Responsibility to make it up

Seating charts

Seating Charts

  • Will be given as the teacher sees necessary in order to keep order and discipline in the class.

  • Probably every 9 weeks.



  • Honesty and Integrity are important qualities in school that will take you a long way in life.

  • Cheating includes blatant cheating as well as copying another person’s homework assignment

  • 1st offense- redo of assignment for max grade of 60% and reported to the office

  • 2nd offense-1 letter grade from end of 9 weeks and reported to office

  • 3rd offense- best you can make is 60%D and reported to office.

Cell phones

Cell Phones

  • Are not to be out during class unless permission is given by the teacher or going to be used in class

  • Teacher will follow the school policy for cell phones in class

Ipods music


  • Music is not to be played during class unless teacher gives permission.

  • IPOD’s will be treated as cell-phones and will follow the school handbook regarding cell-phone policy.



  • Are to be used for school related stuff only!

  • If I catch you using the IPAD at anytime during class for something other, it will be immediately taken from you, and sent to IPAD central with a note attached.

Food or drink

Food or Drink

  • No food or drink in class

  • The only exception is Water

  • This is your first and last warning.

Sleeping in class

Sleeping in Class

  • There is absolutely no sleeping in class.

  • 1st warning- ask to get up

  • 2nd warning- you will be sent out and to the office

Talking any other distractions

Talking/Any other Distractions

  • Back talking

  • Talking while the teacher/another student is talking

  • Making weird or obnoxious noises.

Course requirements

Course Requirements

What to bring

What to Bring:

  • Pencil or Pen

  • 3 Ring Binder with loose leaf paper

  • Notebook/Folder

  • Book

  • Highlighters

  • Ear buds for IPAD

  • Login