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Unit Test Review. The Author. Who wrote “A Doll’s House?” Henrik Ibsen It premiered in the year… 1879. The Setting. “A Doll’s House” takes place in the country of: Norway The time of year is… Christmas. The Characters. The protagonist is… Nora Helmer Torvald Helmer is…

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Unit Test Review

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Unit Test Review

The Author

Who wrote “A Doll’s House?”

Henrik Ibsen

It premiered in the year…


The Setting

“A Doll’s House” takes place in the country of:


The time of year is…


The Characters

The protagonist is…

Nora Helmer

TorvaldHelmer is…

Nora’s husband

Torvald is the manager of…

A bank

More Characters

Nora’s friend from school is …

Mrs. Linde

The first antagonist in the play is…


______ is becomes the main antagonist.


_____ is a family friend who is in love with Nora.

Dr. Rank


Nora borrowed money from Krogstad to…

Take Torvald to Italy for his health


At the beginning of the play, Nora has been paying off her loan by…

Secretly taking in copying work and…

Economizing with

her household expenses


Krogstad is able to blackmail Nora because…

She forged her father’s signature

Nora is unable to convince Torvald to keep

Krogstadworking because…

  • Krogstad is too familiar with Torvald

  • His reputation is shady (he also forged documents

  • Mrs. Linde will take his position at the bank

  • He has already told people about the dismissal

  • Nora called him “petty”


_____ is Mrs. Linde’s true love.


She broke his heart because…

He could not support her along with her younger brothers and sick mother

Her love melts the heart of Krogstad and he offers…

To get rid of the letter to Torvald


Mrs. Linde tells Krogstad to let Torvald see the letter because…

  • The marriage won’t survive if it is based upon lies

  • Nora needs to grow up and experience some of the pain of the “real world”


When Torvald reads the letter he does/does not act the way Nora had hoped he would.


This is ironic because…

Torvald had previously said that he wished he could save Nora’s life.


At the end of the play Nora leaves in order to…

Discover her identity beyond being a daughter, wife, or mother

In other words, she needed to…



The Macaroons:

Nora’s deceitfulness and deception

The Christmas Tree:

The breaking down or deterioration of their marriage and of Nora’s life

The Tarantella:

Nora’s life spinning out of control


New Year’s Day:


The title “ A Doll’s House”:

Nora’s sheltered world, Torvald’s treatment of Nora


Women’s role in society

Appearance vs. Reality

Vocabulary and Terms

There will be a matching portion of the test which contains:

  • 10 Contextual Vocabulary words from “ A Doll’s House”

  • 10 Drama Terms

    You are responsible for studying these terms!

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