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Contents. Market trends : 2004, the year of biometrics Atmel’s target markets Product roadmap and details Packaging Biometric solution How to engage a customer – what to ask Competitive landscape Recent successes. 2004 : The Real Start of Biometrics. Fingerprint sensors appear in:

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  • Market trends : 2004, the year of biometrics

  • Atmel’s target markets

  • Product roadmap and details

  • Packaging

  • Biometric solution

  • How to engage a customer – what to ask

  • Competitive landscape

  • Recent successes

2004 the real start of biometrics
2004 : The Real Start of Biometrics

  • Fingerprint sensors appear in:

  • Cell phone

  • PDAs, Notebooks, Tablet PCs, Dongles

  • Gvt systems (border checks)

  • ~1 Million units

  • fewer serious players

  • High-volume applications in

  • telco market

  • IT industry: notebooks, Tablet PCs, PDAs

  • Gvt projects

  • x Million units

  • Consolidation of market players

  • System-oriented markets

  • Physical Access is main market segment

  • No high-vol appl.

  • Lots of suppliers







Fingerchip strategic markets
FingerChip Strategic Markets

  • Focus on high-volume markets:


    • COMPUTING, especially PDAs, TABLETPCs, and NOTEBOOKS


  • Other segments will be monitored and addressedupon opportunities : automotive, physical access, ID, gaming and consumer, POS

Fingerchip sensors roadmap
FingerChip Sensors - Roadmap

New sensor

Specs optimized for Telco requirements


2 SPIs; navigation & click features; telco markets



USB Interface: computing markets needs



Parallel Interface




Parallel Interface, lower voltage





Product details at77c101b
Product Details – AT77C101B


  • Parallel output, 500 dpi resolution

  • 3V to 5.5V operating voltage

  • Very low power consumption:

    • 6mA in image acquisition only

    • 10µA in sleep mode

  • Naturally protected against ESD: > 16 kV Air Discharge

  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C

  • Resistant to abrasion: >1 Million finger sweeps

    Eval kit: FCSWEEP03 (LBO) or BIOKI01

    Availability: immediate (in mass production)

Product details at77c102b
Product Details – AT77C102B


  • Similar to AT77C101B, with new CMOS technology from CSO

  • 2,3V to 3,3V operating voltage

  • Functionally identical to AT77C101B

    Eval kit: Adapted BIOKI01 (Part number to be communicated later)

    Availability: mid 2004

Product details at77c103a
Product Details – AT77C103A


  • Targets Computing applications (Notebooks, Tablet PCs)

  • Full speed USB 2.0 output, 500dpi resolution

  • 5V operating voltage

  • Suspend/Normal Modes supported

  • USB Driver supported for Windows 98/Me/2000

  • Naturally protected against ESD: > 16 kV Air Discharge

  • Operating temperature range: 0°C to +70°C, larger range possible if customer request (to be further investigated)

  • Resistant to abrasion: >1 Million finger sweeps

    Eval kit: FCSWEEP06 for lend

    Availability: mid 2004, earlier if significant customer need.

    Samples available.

Product details at77c104b
Product Details – AT77C104B


  • Targets cell phone, smartphone and PDA applications

  • Dual SPI output, 500dpi resolution

  • Menu navigation and click feature, hardware-based

  • 2,3V to 3,6V operating voltage

  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to +70°C, -40°C to +85°C possible upon customer request

  • Very low power consumption: Only 6mA in image acquisition, 1,7mA for navigation, 10µA in sleep mode

  • Naturally protected against ESD: > 16 kV Air Discharge

    Availability: Q2 2004, immediate for eval kit.

    Samples available

Fingerchip modules roadmap
FingerChip Modules - Roadmap

  • ATMEL is introducing in 2004 a new biometrics sub-system based on its field-proven FingerChipTM sensor.

  • Objective: provide customers with a complete biometrics sub-system that is :

    • Flexible to meet the demanding needs of many different applications

    • Easy to integrate

    • Able to perform unattended user enrolment and authentication when programmed.

  • Applications:

    • Physical Access Control, Point of Sales, Gaming, Vending, machines, Smart Home, Time & Attendance, Locks and safes, …

At77sm0101bcb02v module
AT77SM0101BCB02V Module


  • Award-winning ATMEL AT91RM9200 ARM9-based micro-controller

  • 32 Mbits (4MB) ATMEL Flash Memory

  • 128Mbits (16MB) SDRAM


  • Power supply: 3.3V +/- 10%, 500mA through main board

  • Real Time Clock


  • Linux operating system, kernel v 2.4.19

  • FingerChip sensor driver to acquire fingerprint

  • Bio-engine pre-loaded

At77sm0101bcb02v module1
AT77SM0101BCB02V Module

  • High flexibility on

    • Processing with ARM9 capability and Linux kernel

    • Memory

    • Available interfaces: Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS485, MMC/SD Card, Compact Flash available through support board.

  • Evaluation Kit

    • AT77SM0101BCB02VEK with SDK

    • Availability: immediate

  • Reference:

    • AT77SM0101BCB02BS in Europe

    • AT77SM0101BCB02SU in Asia

    • TBD in North America


Wide choice of sensor packaging available:

  • -CB01: Chip on Board (COB) with zebra connection

  • -CB02: COB with flex connector

  • -CB03: COB with board to board connector

New packaging s
New Packagings

  • -CB06: Molded package with flex cable

  • -CB07: Molded package with zebra connection

  • -CB08: Small COB with zebra connection

  • -CB09: Small COB with flex connector

Packaging a step ahead
Packaging – A step ahead!

*** Colors available on CB01, CB02, CB03, CB08, CB09 ***

These colors are just for proof-of-concept. Other colors can be made available.

Packaging rules
Packaging Rules

  • Understand Customer need and constraints first !

  • Do not oversell packaging specs !

  • Sell existing packaging first: customers are happy to see lots of possibilities but most often choose between CB01, CB02 and CB08

A biometric solution
A Biometric solution


  • Current business model:

    • Atmel sells the FingerChip only (and processing facility for SM01),

    • recommends packaging solutions

    • gives and supports drivers & image reconstruction,

    • and qualifies and proposes partners who are not exclusive

  • Future business model:

    • Atmel will provide a biometric solution including bio-engine, and will get closer to the application level

    • Partners become exclusive on specific market segments or applications

Software application



Image reconstruction


Platform packaging and ergonomics (constraints)

Platform archi : Proc, OS, interface... (constraints)

other constraints(power consumption…)


How to engage a customer
How to engage a customer?

Identify the need

  • In terms of application:

    • What is the product (cell phone, PDA, what kind)?

    • What is the usage (logon, data encryption, etc…)?

    • What is the expected performance?

    • How many users? Authentication or Identification?

  • In terms of architecture:

    • What is the processor? Operating System?

    • How much memory is available?

    • What interface is required?

    • What are the system resources (bus speed, power supply, …)

How to engage a customer1
How to engage a customer?

Identify the need

  • In terms of packaging:

    • Max size in length, width, thickness

    • Flat packaging required or finger guide allowed?

    • Colors or not?

  • Get back to Grenoble with these data

  • We will provide technical support, quotation, advice on best software/packaging for the application

Competition overview
Competition Overview

  • More complete analysis available on Intranet

  • AuthenTec:

    • Most serious competitor, leading vendor on the market

    • Active capacitive technology

    • Vertical approach with software included

  • ST Microelectronics:

    • Also claiming to target telco and IT markets.

    • Active in gvt projects, pushing hard on IT (notebooks)

    • Passive capacitive technology

Competition overview1
Competition Overview

  • Fujitsu

    • Catching up on swipe sensor

    • Apparently not so good quality

  • Infineon:

    • Stopped sensor production

  • Fingerprint Cards

    • New patent

    • Small company, difficulties to do business

Fingerchip successes
FingerChip Successes

  • HP iPAQ 5450/5550

  • Sharp Tablet PC

  • USB readers

Fingerchip successes1
FingerChip Successes

  • Safes

  • USB dongles

  • Inclusion in Intel Product Evaluation List for notebooks biometric solutions (only two swipe sensors)