parental engagement grow along with me
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Parental Engagement: Grow Along with Me

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Parental Engagement: Grow Along with Me - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parental Engagement: Grow Along with Me. Telephone Interviews Regarding the use of the ASQ david Gregory, RN, PhD Co-Chair, Evaluation Committee. Telephone interviews Cohort #1 Parents whose children were not referred post-ASQ completion (18-24 months) Summer, 2008 Cohort #2

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parental engagement grow along with me
Parental Engagement: Grow Along with Me

Telephone Interviews Regarding the use of the ASQ

david Gregory, RN, PhD

Co-Chair, Evaluation Committee

parental engagement
Telephone interviews

Cohort #1

Parents whose children were not referred post-ASQ completion (18-24 months)

Summer, 2008

Cohort #2

Parents whose children were referred post-ASQ completion

Spring/Summer, 2009

Parental Engagement
telephone interviews with parents
Evaluation Committee

Formulated questions (n=7)

From academe to reality!

Telephone Interviews with Parents
telephone interviews with parents1
Random sample of parents

Written consent previously obtained; verbal consent

105 households contacted

63 interviewed(60% participation rate)

Telephone Interviews with Parents
findings interviews by location
Lethbridge 60.3% (n=38)

Cardson 17.4% (n=11)

Raymond 9.5% (n=6)

Coaldale 6.3% (n=4)

Coalhurst 4.7% (n=3)

Picture Butte 4.7% (n=3)

Taber 3.1% (n=2)

Grassy Lake 3.1% (n=2)

Barnwell, Bellevue, Carmangay, Lundbreck, Vauxhall

1.5% (n=1 each)

Findings: Interviews by Location
findings previous experience with asq
55.56% (35/63) were familiar with ASQ

Older children or previously with their 18 to 24 month old

Most frequent site for ASQ completion was the Public Health Well Child (Immunization) Clinic

Findings: Previous Experience with ASQ?
parents comments
Very positive feelings. It helped to make sure my kid was growing along with the rest of them.

It was good; very informative. It was my first child and so everything was new—and it was nice to know the information.

Parents’ Comments
findings how did parents feel about completing the asq1
17.46% (11/63) voiced that the ASQ experience was negative.

ASQ administrators did not listen to them.

Difficult to answer the questions; having the questions in advance would have helped.

Findings: How did parents feel about completing the ASQ?
parents comments1
Previously, we used to fill it out at home. I thought that was a lot better, because some of the questions require experimenting with your child—like drawing lines on a page to see if they can copy you or stacking blocks. They [questions] should be rewritten if they don’t want to send it out anymore, so it’s more applicable to fill it out five-minutes beforehand.Parents’ Comments
parents perspectives
For one parent, there was a real burden with completing the ASQ. This included managing other children (without assistance); trying to focus on the child’s immunization, while concurrently completing the ASQ. This parent also suggested that an on-line version of the ASQ would ease this burden as well as provide think time to answer the questions.Parents’ Perspectives
findings other concerns regarding the asq
Setting in which the ASQ was completed

Chaotic setting

ASQ was rushed

Have more time for the appointment.

Very busy; didn’t have enough time to answer the questions.

A bit rushed, but the questions were easy and the pictures were helpful.

Findings: Other concerns regarding the ASQ
other concerns continued
Learning the “outcome” of the ASQ

Some parents were unsure of the outcome of the ASQ check-up

As far as the process goes, it was good to see that my son is becoming stronger in certain areas. In regards to the outcome, we still haven’t really had any answers. So, I’m still confused.

Other Concerns Continued
what did parents learn
Developmental milestones or benchmarks.

Child’s abilities to complete certain activities or tasks.

What did parents learn?
findings activities supporting child development at home
80.95% (51/63) stated that the ASQ check-up and the information offered to them at the time of the check-up, gave them ideas, suggestions, and activities to further support their children’s development at home.Findings: Activities supporting child development at home
resources offered to parents

Information sheets

They gave us a little booklet that offered me tons of ideas from thinks like playing outside to recipes to make our own play-dough.

There was a page of guidelines of things to do—which I kept!

Resources offered to Parents
Language and communication development

It helped me to learn how to teach her to pronounce words, and how to speak sooner.

I learned different speech games to encourage my son to talk. We now practice those together.

Motor and fine skill development

Absolutely! One example of a developmental check I learned was pouring sand from bucket to bucket. It changes the way we play now—it moves the focus onto developmental growth.

Development of comprehension and listening skills.

Yes, I learned activities to help her listening skills, like left-right directing.

findings advice to other parents
Parents were overwhelmingly positive in encouraging other parents to have their children undergo a child developmental check-up.Findings: Advice to other parents?
advice to other parents
No parent should be hesitant. All children develop naturally at different paces. It’s nice to know the spectrum and where your child falls on it. For example, I know that my son is slightly behind in communication, but is ahead in his motor coordination skills.Advice to other parents?
empowering parents
It didn’t tell you what you were doing or not doing; it just helped you find ways to augment your child’s development.

It’s a nice way for you to learn activities to do with your child and together. It gives you ideas and tools to assist with their development.

Empowering Parents