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Driver Education

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Driver Education . Class Study Review . Any vehicle operated by a GDL driver under 21 must display: Chapter 1: 1 reflective red decal on the front and rear license plate. Altering a driver’s license, or showing an altered driver’s license, may result in:

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driver education

Driver Education

Class Study Review


Any vehicle operated by a GDL driver under 21 must display:

  • Chapter 1: 1 reflective red decal on the front and rear license plate

Altering a driver’s license, or showing an altered driver’s license, may result in:

  • Chapter 1: Suspension, a fine and up to 6 months imprisonment

Unless a no-turn on red sign is posted, NJ law allows a right turn on red after a motorist:

  • Chapter 4: Makes a full stop and checks traffic

You can reduce your chances of being involved in an accident by knowing and using the standard accident prevention formula:

  • Chapter 5: Be alert, be prepared, act in time

Under the GDL restrictions the holder of Probationary Driver License (under 21), is limited to the following passenger restrictions:

  • Chapter 1: Dependents and one additional person, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian

When approaching or near an uncontrolled intersection, you should:

  • Chapter 4: Reduce speed and be prepared to stop

If you come to a multi-way stop at the same time as another motorist, you must:

  • Chapter 4: Yield to the motorist on the right

How much longer will it take a truck to stop during bad weather conditions?

  • Chapter 8: 25% more

When parking uphill on a street with a curb, the vehicle’s wheels should be:

  • Chapter 5: Turned away from the curb

Signals should be used:

  • Chapter 3: When turning, changing lanes, stopping and slowing down

If your driving privilege is suspended for a motor vehicle violation or any other violation, you:

  • Chapter 7: May NOT drive for any reason until the period of suspension ends and your license is restored

If a motorist have reached a BAC of .15%, the risk of causing a motor vehicle is:

  • Chapter 6: Twenty-five times as great

The vehicle used for the road test may NOT have:

  • Chapter 2: Any obstructions or consoles between the driver and the examiner

Under the GDL Program, after passing the road test; a Probationary Driver is Probationary for how long?

  • Chapter 1: 1 year

The best way to reduce your chances of having an alcohol-related accident is to:

  • Chapter 6: Not drive at all after drinking

Motorists are subject to double fines for any motor vehicle violations committed on:

  • Chapter 4: safe corridor and/or on a construction work zone area

The meaning of a hand signal when a driver’s hand and arm are straight out is:

  • Chapter 3: Left turn

The driving hours of a GDL Examination Permit or Probationary License holder (under 21 years of age) are restricted to:

  • Chapter 1: 5:01am to 11:00pm

To safely share the road with large trucks and buses, you must know:

  • Chapter 8: The limitations of these vehicles regarding visibility, required stopping distances and maneuverability.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident that causes injury to another person, while your driving privileges are suspended, you are subject to:

  • Chapter 7: A fine, continued suspension and potential jail sentence

When sharing the road with large trucks or buses, you should:

  • Chapter 8: Give more roads to a truck making a wide turn, leave more space when stopping behind a truck or bus, and maintain a consistent speed when passing

How much is the fine for violating any of the restrictions of the of the GDL Permit or Probationary License?

  • Chapter 1: $100.00 and/or a possible suspension of driving privileges

The holder of a validated GDL permit (21 years of age or older) is restricted to what driving hours?

  • Chapter 1: No restrictions apply

If the motorist of a large truck or bus cannot see you in his rearview or side-view mirrors, you are:

  • Chapter 8: In the no-zone or blind spot

The New Jersey speed limit in a business or residential district, unless otherwise posted, is:

  • Chapter 4: 25 mph

Driving at a speed of 35 mph or more on wet road surfaces can cause:

  • Chapter 5:The tires to hydroplane and the motorist to loose control of the vehicle

During the probationary two year period after receiving a special learner or examination permit, a motorist must enroll in a Probationary Driver Program when:

  • Convicted of 2 or more moving violations totaling 4 or more points

If you go into a skid, you should:

  • Take your foot off the gas pedal

A Special Learner Permit may be purchased by an approved instructor, when the applicant:

  • Chapter 1: Is at least 16 years old and under 17, has a signed consent by parent or guardian, is enrolled in an approved NJDOE behind-the-wheel driver training course or commercial driving school

Driving while under the influence of intoxicating beverages means:

  • Chapter 6: A driver’s senses and judgment are impaired by alcohol

In the event of a crash or sudden stop, use of seat belts may:

  • Chapter 3: Keep you from sliding off the seat, from hitting the windshield, and from being thrown from the car

In city driving, a motorist should:

  • Chapter 5: Drive slowly, yield to pedestrians and look at least 12 seconds ahead

When a school bus has stopped directly in front of a school to pick up or let off children, a motorist may pass from either direction at a speed of to more than:

  • Chapter 4: 10 mph

If a motorist is passing you, you should:

  • Chapter 5: Slow down to make the pass easier for the other motorist

If under 21, New Jersey law states that you may be under the influence if your BAC is:

  • Chapter 6: Any level

Failure to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk carries of fine of up to:

  • Chapter 4: $500, up to 25 days in jail, 6 months suspension 2 points and community service

The holder of a validated GDL Special Learner’s Permit or Examination Permit (under 21) must meet which of the following requirements before obtaining a Probationary License:

  • Chapter 1: Must pass a knowledge, vision and road test, must be at least 17 years old, must have completed in minimum of 6 months supervised driving without any suspensions or postponements

A diamond shaped sign is a:

  • Appendix pg. 201:Construction and warning sign

Which requirement must be met by the supervisor driver accompanying the holder of a validated GDL Permit (under 21)?

  • Chapter 1: Must be 21 years or older and seated in the front seat, must be a NJ licensed driver, must be licensed for a minimum of 3 years

The bright beam lights are used for:

  • Chapter 5: Open country driving and when there is no traffic in sight

If your brakes suddenly give out, the first thing you should try do is:

  • Chapter 5: Shift into a lower gear and pump the brakes several times

When parking downhill on a street with a curb, the vehicle’s wheel should be:

  • Chapter 3:Turned toward the curb

If your wheels drift onto the dirt should of the road and you want to return to the paved road, you should:

  • Chapter 5: Slow down, and slightly turn the steering wheel towards the roadway

In addition to a possible fine when operating a vehicle on a public or private property to avoid traffic control signal or sign, a motorist will also receive a:

  • Chapter 7: 2 point moving violation

If you sell your car and do not buy another, what do you do with the license plates?

  • Chapter 9: Turn them into a MVC Agency or mail them to Trenton

In city driving, a good habit is to:

  • Chapter 5: Look 12 seconds ahead

The shape of a yield sign is:

  • Appendix pg. 201: Triangle

Passing on the right is allowed only on roads with more than one lane going in the same direction when:

  • The motorist ahead is turning left and there is room to pass

Whether your blood alcohol content (BAC) rises legal limits depends on:

  • Amount you drink, your weight, time you take to drink

The holder of an Examination permit or Probationary Driver (over 21) is limited to how many passengers?

  • None

Drugs that may affect basic driving skills are:

  • Cold pills, tranquilizers, some prescription drugs

The holder of a Probationary License, who is under 21, may drive unsupervised when the what requirements have been met:

  • Passed a MVC road test, after completing the minimum 6 months supervised driving

New Jersey’s Implied Consent Law means, that using NJ roads, motorists have agreed to :

  • Breathe Test

In addition to a possible fine, when operating a vehicle on public or private property to avoid a traffic control signal or sign, a motorist may also receive:

  • 2 point moving violation

When two or more roads join and there no signs or signals, it is good practice to:

  • Reduce speed and be ready to stop if necessary

When making any turns, state law requires a motorist to get in the proper lane and signal at least:

  • 100 feet before the turn

When you see or hear emergency vehicles responding with sirens and/or flashing lights, you must:

  • Pull over to the extreme right of the roadway and stop, letting them pass you

To avoid ‘highway hypnosis’ when driving, it is good practice to:

  • Avoid looking at any one thing for more than a few seconds

Before practice driving can begin, in addition to a valid registration and a valid insurance card, the GDL must also have:

  • A validated permit from a MVC Driver Testing Center

You should always yield to:

  • Emergency vehicles, pedestrians in a crosswalk, other vehicles already in the intersection

Road surfaces are most slippery when:

  • During the first few minutes of a rainfall

To drive in reverse:

  • Turned to the right until he/she can clearly see through the back of the window without the use of mirrors

If a person has too much to drink in your home and has a motor vehicle accident after leaving your home, you may:

  • Be involved in a lawsuit

The best way to enter a curve is:

  • Slow down before entering the curve

The best way to ‘talk’ to other motorists is:

        • Use your horn, lights and hand signals

To maintain a proper following distance when driving, you should stay at least:

  • Three-seconds-plus behind the vehicle in front of you

When approaching a railroad crossing with flashing lights, you must:

  • Stop at least 15 feet from crossing

Which of the following convictions will result in an Insurance Surcharge?

  • Driving unlicensed/suspended, DUI of Liquor/Drugs and /or Refusal to Take a Breathalyzer Test, no liability insurance on a motor vehicle

On snow covered roads, a good rule is to maintain a following distance of :

  • 6 seconds or more

Headlights must be used:

  • Between one-half hour after sunset and one-half hour before sunrise and anytime in bad weather when visibility is less than 500 feet

If you have a flat tire or blowout:

  • Slow down gradually and remove the foot from the gas pedal

When driving at night, be sure that you can stop:

  • With the distance you can see ahead

Driving privileges will be postponed or suspended to any unlicensed person (13 to 21 years) convicted of :

  • Buying alcoholic beverages and /or driving under the influence, graffiti, setting false alarms

A motorist should be cautious in farm country or open land because:

  • The unexpected crossing of livestock and/or deer

An acceleration lane is:

  • An extra land at a highway entrance

To avoid hydroplaning and loosing control of the vehicle on a wet road surface, you should:

  • ­Slow down and drive on the highest point of the road

The most common type of parking on city streets and the one that takes the most practice for new motorists is:

  • ­Parallel parking

Refusal of a breath test in NJ is equal to driving with a BAC of .10% and a MVC insurance surcharge of :

  • $1000/year for 3 years

To avoid a spin, while in a skid, you should:

  • Turn in the same direction the rear of the vehicle is spinning

It is good practice to keep a safe distance to:

  • Give you more time to react to emergencies

At what age is the holder of a GDL Permit (young adult) eligible to obtain a Basic Driver License?

  • At age 18, with completion of all the Probationary requirements, without any suspensions or postponement

How much braking distance will it take a vehicle to stop on a dry surface when driving at 60 mph?

  • 300 feet

After 2 to 4 drinks, alcohol begins to impair your:

  • Reaction time, coordination and balance, judgment

Applying for a drivers license illegally may result in:

  • Licensed suspension, fine of $200 to $500 and imprisonment

When driving or stopping behind a large truck or bus, you should?

  • Leave enough space so that the truck driver can spot you, in his rearview mirror

A deceleration lane:

  • An extra lane at a highway exit

If a motorist has reached a BAC of slightly above .05%, the risk of causing a motor vehicle accident is:

  • Double

If the gas pedal sticks, before calling for help, you should keep your eyes on the road and quickly:

  • Shift to neutral and steer the vehicle off the roadway