Types of stones used in cemetery monuments in nyc
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Types of Stones Used in Cemetery Monuments in NYC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Polchinski Memorials designs cemetery monuments according to client’s choice of stones. call (914) 984-4198 / 203-413-1345 or fax at 914-769-4155, email at: [email protected] or visit http://www.polchinskimemorials.com

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For more than 125 years, Polchinski Memorials has been helping families create highly personalized family memorials, monuments, headstones and mausoleums that are a true reflection of a life well lived.

Polchinski monuments
Polchinski Monuments

  • Polchinski Memorials designs cemetery monuments according to client’s choice of stones.

  • They are different options available for stones.


  • Granite is used because it resists weathering and abrasion;

  • It bears significant weight and can be polished to a shine.


  • Marble comes in a vast variety of colors with intricate patterns.

  • It is strong, aesthetic and appealing.

  • However, the inscriptions on marble tombstones are likely to fade due to environmental factors, especially acid rains.


  • Limestone is soft, easily cut and carved and widely available

  • It is particularly susceptible to weathering and will erode when exposed to water and wind.


  • Sandstone, like limestone, is a sedimentary rock.

  • Sandstone is another durable material appropriate for making gravestones because it is easy to carve.


  • Slate, too, is often used for constructing tombstones.

  • It is a tough and dense material with a pleasing texture but tends to be slightly porous and susceptible to delamination.

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