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Listen to audio over your computer speakers. If you are not able to listen via the Internet, you can dial-in by phone using the numbers shown on your screen. PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thanks for Joining Us!. Listen to audio over your computer speakers. If you are not able to listen via the Internet, you can dial-in by phone using the numbers shown on your screen. If you disconnect, simply repeat instructions to reconnect to the program.

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Listen to audio over your computer speakers. If you are not able to listen via the Internet, you can dial-in by phone using the numbers shown on your screen.

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Thanks for Joining Us!

  • Listen to audio over your computer speakers. If you are not able to listen via the Internet, you can dial-in by phone using the numbers shown on your screen.

  • If you disconnect, simply repeat instructions to reconnect to the program.

  • If listening to audio by phone, you can adjust the volume bypressing *4.

  • To submit a question, type in the chat window and click “Enter” to send.

  • CPE and CEU Credits are NOT available for this forum.

Welcome to the Fifth Installment of FYI

  • Our Intent and Purpose

    • Strategic Plan Outreach and Mentorship Effort for New and Newer PASBO Members in all aspects of School Business Management

    • Use PASBO Experts to Help New Entrants

    • Continuing Series

      • No July Program

      • Thursday, August 7, 9:00 a.m.

  • Who Are You?—Let’s Find Out

Today’s Agenda

  • What's Due

    • Calendar of State and Federal Reports

  • From the Experts

  • PASBO Tools You Can Use

    • Resources to Help You

  • Your Questions Answered

    • An Open Forum for Your Questions About Topics Covered and Uncovered!

Before We Start

  • The due dates on the calendar are intended as a guide not as absolute deadline dates.

  • The calendar is a work in progress and will be modified throughout the year.

  • This is not an “official” calendar although it has been reviewed by PDE.

Sources of Filing and Reporting Info

  • PIMS Data Collection Calendar


  • Comptroller Forms


  • Food Service Calendar


Today’s Expert, Jeffrey Ammerman

  • Previous business manager at State College Area SD, South Middleton SD, and Philipsburg-Osceola Area SD

  • Worked in the Business Office at Tuscarora Intermediate Unit

  • Answer Man: Part of his role at PASBO is to answer questions and provide technical information to members

  • [email protected], 717-540-9551

Validating and Submitting Your Budget

Validation Errors

FTP Submission

Paper submission

PDF submission to House and Senate

Check for Validation Errors

Validating performs the dual function of checking for mathematical accuracy and ensuring the compliance of data with Department of Education guidelines.

On the Main Menu screen, click the View / Run Validations button.

Click the Run Validations button at the bottom of the Validation Errors screen.

If there are any discrepancies in the budget, the corresponding validation will be displayed. The section of the database where the error is located and the corresponding numbers will be displayed for use in correction of the error.

Some validation errors allow the user to enter a justification; if the data entered is correct, and the validation cannot be cleared, enter the justification in the field provided.

The validations screen can be printed for use in checking the errors by clicking the Print button at the bottom of the screen.

Return to the Main Menu screen to access the appropriate section to correct the displayed errors.

After the data has been changed, return to the Validations section of the database and re-run the validations by clicking the Run Validations button. Validations must be re-run every time data has changed.

Continue this process until all validations have been cleared, or justifications have been entered for allowable errors.

Note: Do not return your data file to the Division of Subsidy Data and Administration with unjustified validation errors. It will be returned to you for correction. Any returned budget will be considered not submitted and will be subject to delinquent status if not returned by the deadline.

In order to properly submit a budget to PDE, both of the following steps must be performed:

Upload the budget data file to the FTP site

Mail the required hardcopy pages

Failure to send both parts of the budget is considered an incomplete submission and may result in failure-to-file subsidy forfeitures of $300/day if past the due date

Upload the budget data file to the FTP site

1. On the Main Menu, click the “Create Data File to Submit” button. A submission copy of the budget data will be made in the folder C:\GFBudget15\FTP_Upload, with the correct file name for your institution type. When created, the file name will look like this:

sdgfb15_123456789_Type_v1.mdb. This is the file that must be uploaded.

Highly recommend using Internet Explorer

Click either File, Login As… or View, Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer, then File, Login As…

Login with the credentials found on the appropriate screen within the PDE-2028

Open Windows Explorer (Start, Programs, Accessories) and go to folder C:\GFBudget15\FTP_Upload

Right-click on the file sdgfb15_123456789_Type_v1.mdb and choose Copy.

Go back to the FTP site and right-click in the blank window; choose Paste. A pop-up should appear showing the file transfer.

An automatic e-mail will be generated to the LEA‟s Penn*Link address verifying successful upload of a file. This only confirms that a file containing a valid AUN has been uploaded.

Mail the signed paper copy in time for PDE receipt within 15 days of adoption

The Print button labeled Pages for PDE (Full GFB) will print the necessary pages. The Cover Sheet must have original signatures and dates to be considered correctly submitted. Mail to:

Pennsylvania Department of Education

Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Management

Division of Subsidy Data and Administration

333 Market Street, 4th Floor

Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333

Also submit a PDF copy via email to the House and Senate by September 15 (ignore the paper submission instructions to the House and Senate that were part of the PDE 2028 instructions)

House email address: [email protected]

Senate email address: [email protected]

Other Items Around Budget Adoption

Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion Resolution

Annual Tax Levy of all taxes with Installment Payment dates for Real Estate Taxes

Examples at

Update tax rates at using Internet Explorer

Should be updated for known rates by June 15

Update Real Estate Tax Rate if not adopted by June 15 as soon as it is adopted

State Budget Update

  • House starting with a base line of FY 2013-14

  • Middle ground—Gov’s proposal v. slash/burn versions

  • The Question Marks…

  • New revenues?

  • Pension collars tapered?

  • On time?

A“must attend” for all people new to a position in school business.

School Operations Academy

July 24-25, 2014

Penn State Conference Center

State College, PA

  • Tracks in Business, Facilities, Food Service and Transportation will help you to:

  • learn proven techniques from experienced practitioners

  • gain ideas to create efficiencies and reduce costs

  • exchange challenges and solutions with your peers

  • build a network of contacts across the state

Treasure Trove of Act 1 Resources

at the Electronic Resource Center

There’s a doc for that…

Delivering Best Practices and Good Ideas

The PASBO State Budget Blog

Invitation only site related to the State Budget

If you have not yet signed up, please send an email to [email protected]

Sign-up is easy

Try to send out messages when updates occur, but check once a week just in case

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Time for Questions!

Send text questions using the “Chat” function at the left side of your screen.

Type message in box and click “Enter” to send.

Thank you for your participation!

CPE and CEU Credits are not available for this forum.

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