What you should know about the law and
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What You Should Know About the Law and……. How You Can Help Others With This Knowledge. What do we call the person charge with a crime? Who tries to prove the case? Who helps defendant? Who is in charge in the courtroom? Who decides guilt of innocence? How many jurors?

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How You Can Help Others With This Knowledge

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What You Should Know About the Law and……

How You Can Help Others With This Knowledge

  • What do we call the person charge with a crime?

  • Who tries to prove the case?

  • Who helps defendant?

  • Who is in charge in the courtroom?

  • Who decides guilt of innocence?

  • How many jurors?

    • How many needed for verdict?

  • What is the standard of proof?

Definitions (1)

  • What is a crime?

    • illegal act couple with intent to commit that act

    • Determined by state and federal code of laws

  • What is a party to a crime?

    • Anyone who causes, aids, abets, advises, encourages, hires, counsels, or procures another to commit a crime

    • Treated as if you committed the crime

  • What is the difference between federal court vs. state court?

  • What is the difference between jail and prison?

  • What is the difference between probation and parole?

  • What is the difference between juvenile court and superior court? How old do you have to be to be an adult?

Definitions (2)

Private attorney vs. Public Defender

What do I do?

  • Which countryin the world has the most prisoners?

  • United States (AJC)

    • 1,605,127 as of 2011 (Pew research)- 2.3 million if you count people in local jails

    • More than one out of 100 adults- 7 times that of Canada

  • Russia is second

Incarceration Statistics

  • Mostly men or women?

    • 93% men

  • How about by race?

    • 32% white, 38% AA, 22% Hispanic, 8% other

    • AA make up 12% of US population

Incarceration Statistics

  • 60,000 prison inmates (another 150,000 on probation)- one out of every 70 adults

    • What number in United States?

      • Seven out of fifty states, who is number one?

        • Louisiana

  • Racial Disparities

    • Georgia population 29% AA, what % of prison population?

      • 64% (Gibbs magazine)

  • Economic effects

    • How much to keep someone in prison per day?

      • $46 (also, $4.43 a day to monitor someone on probation)

    • 1 out of every 17 Georgia dollars goes to our prison system

    • Georgia Criminal Justice Reform Act

Georgia incarceration statistics

Effects of criminal history

  • Effects on the victim and the community

  • Prison time

  • Effect on children and other family member

  • Ability to get a job

  • Effect on marriage and relationships

  • Mental health effects

  • Physical health effects

  • Economic effects on prisoner

  • Economic effects on society

  • Label on the prisoner even after release (transition)

  • Taking property of another from person or immediate presence of another by use of an offensive weapon, replica, or device having the appearance of an offensive weapons

  • Gun? Fake gun? Water pistol? Knife? Hammer? Bat? Mase?

  • 5 guys in a car

  • What needs to be taken?

    • Shoes? $1 bill? Candy?

  • Sentencing?

    • 10-20 or life, no parole

  • How old does the Defendant have to be?

    • GA SB 440 (1994)- Juvenile Justice Reform Act

      • Children 13-16 charged as adults for armed robbery (with a gun), murder, voluntary manslaughter, rape, aggravated child molestation, kidnapping, aggravated sexual battery

      • Sentence as adult

Armed Robbery

Statutory Rape

  • Engaging in sexual intercourse with person under 16 years of age

  • Sentencing

    • Defendant under 21….1-20 years

    • Defendant over 21….10-20 years,

      10 years must be served

    • Who has heard of Genarlow Wilson?

      • Victim 14-16, Defendant under 18, no more than 4 year difference……Misdemeanor

    • Sex Offender Registry

    • Act of sodomy or sexual battery- minimum 25 years

  • What if person consented?

  • What if person said that they were 17?

  • What if everyone is drunk?

  • What if no “sex”?

  • Entering the dwelling house of another, or any building or other structure, or remaining therein, without authority with intent to commit a crime (OCGA 16.7.1)

  • Penalty?

    • 1-20 years; Increases as more on record

  • Go in, look around, and don’t take anything?

  • Invited at first, and then stay?

  • Just a garage?

  • Don’t go into the house?


  • 2 types

    • Malice- killing someone in cold blood

    • Felony- causing the death of another while committing a felony

      • Do not need to have meant to kill anyone

      • Must be reasonable that felony could lead to death

  • Penalty?

    • life with parole, life without parole, death (OCGA 16.5.1)

  • Burglary scenario

  • Store clerk scenario

  • Stolen car scenario

  • Speeding scenario

  • Marijuana deal scenario



  • Stay out of trouble

    • Stay busy!!!!!

  • If approached by police

    • Do not fight, be disrespectful, or give false information

    • Right to remain silent

    • Do not have to consent to searches

    • Consult with an attorney

  • Be good role models and great parents

  • Educate yourselves about your rights




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