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Pandemonium. Larry Weber Chairman and CEO W2 Group, Inc. Pandemonium and the Rise of Digital Influence. Podcasting. 25,000 Podcasts in June 2005. In Thousands. Source: Technology Review October 2005. Blogging. 80,000 Blogs in July 2005. RSS.

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Presentation Transcript


Larry Weber

Chairman and CEO

W2 Group, Inc.


25,000 Podcasts in June 2005

In Thousands

Source: Technology Review October 2005


80,000 Blogs in July 2005


More than 1 million RSS feeds were added in March and April.

He’s In Control

  • Favorite bloggers filter his news

  • With RSS he picks what he reads

  • He opts-in to Web and pod casts

  • He belongs to a private social network

You Want it Back!

  • You want your ads astride his news

  • You want to own his first brand impression

  • His webcasts/podcasts are your advertorials

  • You want to monetize his RSS feeds

You’ll Never Get it All Back

  • He can drop feeds at any time

  • He’ll expose the blogger and it’s over

  • He’ll smell a rat and tell everyone

  • He will leave if he feels pushed

  • You’ll put ads in RSS feeds

  • You’ll get bloggers to endorse your product

  • You’ll make a great advertorial podcast

  • You’ll host a party for his social network

Some Have Tried

  • McDonald’s fake blog to support Super Bowl ad

  • Blogsphere reaction was terse: not lovin’ it

  • Lesson: It has to be real!

Some Have Tried

  • Mazda’s fake blog to support M3 car launch

  • Blogsphere hated it: blog removed

  • Lesson: Be transparent!

Some Are Trying

  • Bzz Agents pass along opinions; receive free stuff

  • Some claim it’s disingenuous and/or dishonest

  • Lesson: You can’t hide the point of origin

Some Are Trying

  • Burger King goes back to viral well

  • Many wonder if it really helps the brand?

  • Lesson: There’s a fine line between cool and cloying

Some Are Trying

  • Wash Post puts ads in its feeds

  • No agreement on whether it will be viable model

  • Many wonder about a backlash

  • Lesson: Stay tuned!

Morphing 101


Stronger dialogue

Compelling content

Reach fewer, better




Morphing 101


Embrace consumer generated media

Tap power of citizen journalism

Use “unpaid” media (and be creative)

Use paid media wisely


Morphing 101


Induce customers to generate content

Monitor and engage citizen journalists

Form communities people want to join

Use paid media to drive the above


Morphing 101


Share of conversation


Tone of digital discourse

Real market share

Relate all above to actual sales, etc.


Morphed Marketer’s Platform

Data & Analytics

Relationship Engine

Digital Communications


  • CMO Dashboard

Custom Micro sites

A Blend of Paid & Unpaid




  • TV/iTV

  • Magazines

  • Out-of-home

  • Online/RSS

  • Mobile/SMS

  • Conferences

  • Experiential events

  • In-Game


  • SMS

  • Podcasting

  • Mobile RSS


  • Webinars

  • Weblogs/Vlogs

  • Social networks

  • 2nd gen. website

  • Podcasting

  • RSS

  • Micro sites


  • Mailers

  • Interactive email

A New Environment

Seamless travel between physical and virtual

A true social web

Consumer enters or leaves at will

Requires a new set of skills and discipline

A New Environment

New media doesn’t replace mass media – it’s just less expensive

The mix changes for every brand

Some constants: RSS is now a major delivery vehicle, rich media engages, real opinions are catalytic

Morphing Already: Webisodes

  • Unilever: no TV/print spots for Spray launch

  • Animated Webisodes

  • Start w/smart email campaign; tell-a-friend link

  • Lesson: The big ships are turning

Flash-enabled Micro site

Morphing Already: SMS

  • Harper Collins’ campaign for Princess Diaries

  • SMS-based; support with print ads

  • Flytxt gives HC real-time subscriber info

  • Lesson: Paid and unpaid co-exist

Morphing Already: Micro sites

  • Akamai wants to tell a richer story

  • PR campaign built around rich media micro site

  • Seed with smart email; drive traffic with media coverage

  • Lesson: Not just for consumer brands

Flash-enabled Micro site

Morphing Already: CGM

  • American Airlines micro site for Why You Fly campaign

  • Contest: real flyer’s videos and pictures

  • AA ad campaign mimics home videos

  • Lesson: Consumers provide free video (brand impressions)

Morphing Already: RSS

  • NYC-based realtor RSS feeds everything

  • One-click to add RSS feed on every page

  • User’s choice: from news to open houses

  • Lesson: You’ve morphed when your brand awareness is regarded as service

Morphing Already: Podcasting

  • IBM podcasts fresh thought leadership

  • 21 minutes is all they ask

  • RSS feeds connect IBM to podsphere

  • Lesson: Podcasting is not for consumer brands alone

Morphing Already: LMN

  • Verizon’s“Location-aware” media networking

  • User-generate mobile content; based on proximity/interest

  • Like blogging, but wireless

  • Lesson: Blogging was only the tip of the social web explosion

Morphing Already: MeTV

Pro-Am Production

Daily episodes w/ loyal following


Syndicated ads!

So What’s Next?



Moblogs, SMS, location based

Advervision in Prime Time

1,000+ channels of Pro-Am TV

(Google Video Upload??)

Biz/ Commerce Sites

Breaking News



Totally paid-for content; syndicated revenue model

RSS-fed life portals…

still battling


Larry Weber

Chairman and CEO

W2 Group, Inc.