ilc bunch compressor
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ILC Bunch compressor 현황과 계획

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ILC Bunch compressor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on ILC Bunch compressor 현황과 계획. 경북대학교 고에너지물리연구소 김유종 , 손동철. Accelerator Technologies for High Luminosity at ILC. For the high Luminosity of ~10 34 cm -2 s -1 at ILC we should supply dense electron beams with low transverse emittance, short bunch length, and low energy spread .

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ilc bunch compressor

ILC Bunch compressor현황과 계획

경북대학교 고에너지물리연구소

김유종, 손동철


Accelerator Technologies for High Luminosity at ILC

  • For the high Luminosity of ~1034 cm-2s-1at ILCwe should supply dense electronbeams withlow transverse emittance, short bunch length, and low energy spread.
  • Transverse emittance is mainly determined by gun, damping ring,bunch compressor (BC),geometric wakefields in linac, and beam instabilities in damping ring, bunch compressor, and linac.
  • Bunch length is mainly determined bygun andbunch compressor,and energy spread can be controlled by accelerating beams to high energy.
  • There arefacilities togenerate and test required high quality electron beamsfor the International Linear Collider (ILC) project, such asTESLA Test Facility Phase 2 (TTF2), coming European X-ray FEL, and planned Pohang Accelerator Laboratory X-ray FEL.
  • We have been working on the TESLA Test Facility Phase 2 (TTF2) at DESY since 2003.

TeV-Energy Superconducting Linear Accelerator Projects - TTF-2, TESLA X-ray FEL, TESLA Linear Collider

Yujong Kim’s Research at DESY

  • New Start-to-End Simulations with 1.5 million particles on Microbunching Instability at TTF2 Bunch Compressors
  • Start-To-End Simulation on RF Jitter Tolerance for European XFEL Project
  • Experiments based Start-to-Injector Simulations for TTF2 Injector Commissioning
  • Working as one of Operators for TTF2 Commissioning
  • Taking Charge of TTF2 1st Bunch Compressor (BC2) Operation
  • During TTF2 Commissioning, sending 1st Beams to Dump at TTF2 Linac End
  • Design of Alternative Injector and Bunch Compressor (BC) for European XFEL

TeV-Energy Superconducting Linear Accelerator Projects - TTF-2, TESLA X-ray FEL, TESLA Linear Collider

Yujong Kim’s International Research in 2004

  • Invited Contribution to Laser Heater Review Meeting for LCLS Project of SLAC, USA
  • Design of New Injector, Bunch Compressor, and Linac for PAL XFEL, Korea (포항가속기연구소, 제4세대 방사광가속기 설계)
  • Design of Bunch Compressor and Linac for SPring-8 Compact SASE Source (SCSS) of SPring-8, Japan
  • Invited Oral Talk on Bunch Compressor and CSR, CTF3 of CERN
  • Invited Oral Talk on Bunch Compressor - FEL2004 Conference, Triste, Italy
  • Oral Talk on Newly Proposed Bunch Compressor for ILC, 1st ILC Workshop, KEK, Japan

σz =2.09 mm 339 µm 67 µm
















E = 120.9 MeV

R56 = 169.9 mm

σδ= 1.03%

Θ= 17.5 deg

E = 437.9 MeV

R56 = 48.7 mm

σδ= 0.57%

Θ= 3.8 deg



About 70 shifts (or 560 hours) attendance at TTF2 commissioning

Yujong Kim has charge of 1st bunch compressor (BC2) operation !



May 2005, D. Son at TTF2-DESY, photos taken by Y. Kim


Yujong Kim’s various experiences on

TTF2 commissioning,

start-to-end simulations,

design of injector, bunch compressor,

and linac for TTF2, European XFEL, SCSS, and PAL XFEL projects

Bunch Compressor

for ILC Project

To build Bunch Compressor for ILC Project




Oral Talk at 1st ILC Workshop, KEK, Japan

Newly Proposed Bunch Compressor for ILC by Y. Kim

Initial parameters

E = 5.0 GeV

 = 0.13% (small !)

z=6.0 mm

nx= 8.0 m, ny= 0.02 m

1/8.9 1/2.2

z=6.00 mm 673 m 300 m

Q=3.2 nC









E = 5.689 GeV

 ~ 2.4%

R56 = 236 mm

 = 5.3 deg

E = 6.0 GeV

 ~ 2.174%

R56 ~ 17 mm

 ~ 1.4 deg

13.3 MV/m

-21.5 deg

24.8 MV/m

170.0 deg

23.4 MV/m

-45 deg

Damping Ring

Up to main linac : ELEGANT with CSR, ISR, and geometric short-range wakefields.

but without space charge

Final parameters

E = 6.0 GeV

 = 2.173%

z=300 m

nx= 8.7 m, ny= 0.02 m


TeV-Energy Superconducting Linear Accelerator Projects - TTF-2, TESLA X-ray FEL, TESLA Linear Collider

Background Published Papers in 2004

SCI Journal

Yujong Kim, T. Shintake, H. Kitamura, H. Matsumoto, and Dongchul Son

Bunch Compressor for the SPring-8 compact SASE source (SCSS) project,

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 528 (2004) 421-426

Yujong Kim and Dongchul Son

Start-To-End (S2E) simulations on microbunching instability in TESLA 

Test Facility Phase 2 (TTF2) project,

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 528 (2004) 427-431

International Conference

Yujong Kim, J. S. Oh, M. H. Cho, I. S. Ko, W. Namkung, and Dongchul Son

Start-To-End (S2E) Simulation for PAL XFEL Project,

Asian Particle Accelerator Conference, Gyeongju, Korea, 2004


Papers in 2004

International Conference – Continued

Yujong Kim, K. Flöttmann, T. Limberg, M. Dohlus, and Dongchul Son

New Linac Layout for TESLA XFEL Project,

Asian Particle Accelerator Conference, Gyeongju, Korea, 2004

Yujong Kim, J. S. Oh, M. H. Cho, I. S. Ko, W. Namkung, and Dongchul Son

Upgrade of PLS Linac for PAL XFEL Project,

European Accelerator Conference, Paris, France, 2004

Yujong Kim, K. Flöttmann, and Dongchul Son

New Simulations on Microbunching Instability at TTF2,

European Particle Accelerator Conference, Paris, France, 2004

Yujong Kim, K. Flöttmann, T. Limberg, M. Dohlus, and Dongchul Son

Injector and Bunch Compressor for European XFEL,

European Particle Accelerator Conference, Paris, France, 2004 


TeV-Energy Superconducting Linear Accelerator Projects - TTF-2, TESLA X-ray FEL, TESLA Linear Collider

Papers in 2004

International Conference – Continued

Yujong Kim, K. Flöttmann, T. Limberg, and Dongchul Son

Start-To-End (S2E) Simulations on Jitter for European XFEL Project,

European Particle Accelerator Conference, Paris, France, 2004

Yujong Kim, K. Flöttmann, T. Limberg, and Dongchul Son

Alternative Linac Layout for European XFEL Project,

International Linear Accelerator Conference, Lübeck, Germany, 2004

Yujong Kim K. Flöttmann, T. Limberg, M. Dohlus, and Dongchul Son – Oral

Bunch Compressor for XFELs against Microbunching Instability and CSR,

Free Electron Laser Conference, Trieste, Italy, 2004

Yujong Kim, J. S. Oh, M. H. Cho, I. S. Ko, W. Namkung, and Dongchul Son

New Start-To-End Simulations for PAL XFEL Project,

Free Electron Laser Conference, Trieste, Italy, 2004


Research Plan for ILC Bunch Compressor in 2005

For proper research on ILC bunch compressor, we should collaborate with

following facilities or projects in 2005.


Beam energy at BC2 ~ 4.54 GeV.

This is similar to beam energy at ILC BC1 (~ 5 GeV).

It will be possible to studyon effects of incoherent synchrotron radiation (ISR) and coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR) at ILC 1st bunch compressor.

Coming FNAL Superconducting Module Test Facility (SMTF)

Injector, superconducting module, and 3rd harmonic module (3.9 GHz) are same as

those for ILC.

It will be possible to studyon nonlinearity compensation in longitudinal phase space at bunch compressor.

Existing BNL Source Development Laboratory DUV FEL Project

Microbunching instability in bunch compressor was continuously observed at this facility.It will be possible to studyon microbunching instability in bunch compressor with respect to GUN driving laser profile.


These three labs are mainly working for ILC damping ring.

It will be possible to studyon impact of beam instabilities or collective effects originally coming from damping ring on bunch compressor.

고에너지물리연구소의 ILC 추진 사업 계획
  • ILC 추진본부 설립
    • 연구교수 1명 이상 및 postdoc 채용 예정  CHEP에서 Asian Design Team 파견 예정
    • ILC Accelerator System Design 수행 (GDE에 참여)
      • ILC CDR에 Bunch Compressor Design 반영토록
        • DESY 팀에서 한국/Asia 팀으로
        • 미국 SLAC/FNAL/ANL 등과 공동
        • Damping Ring 및 Bunch Compressor 관계 연구
      • Polarized Electron Source / Positron Source 개발 참여
        • PES: Nagoya 팀과 공동 연구
        • Positron Source: DESY 팀과 공동 연구
    • Detector R/D 및 Design 수행
      • Silicon Tracker 분야
      • Scintillator + Pb/W 등 Calorimeter 분야
    • 국가 ILC 참여 계획 수립 및 국제위원회 활동 계속
pal ilc facility
PAL에서의 ILC를 위한 Facility 제안

○ 제4세대 포항방사광 가속기인 XFEL 사업과 선형가속기 사업은 비록 에너지가 다르나, 다음 주 장치 기술은 상호 공통점이 있으며, 개발 시 관련 기술 개발 및 축적, 관련 인력 양성 등에 필요한 시간, 노력, 국제 협력 용이 등의 시너지 효과가 매우 높음.

1) 전자총 (RF방식 전자총 - 공통)

- LC: 편극전자빔원(전자), 양전자발생장치, 양전자편극장치 개발 필요

2) 빔압축장치 (빔의 질을 높일 수 있는 장치)

- XFEL: 고조도 X선을 얻기 위하여 개발 필요

- LC: 고휘도(전자와 양전자의 빔 사이즈를 충돌 지점에서 줄여 충돌 빈도를 높임)를 얻기 위하여 개발 필요

3) 초전도체 cavity 개발

- KSTAR 사업 등으로 개발된 초전도체 생산 가공 기술을 활용하여 개발 할 수 있는 기술로 예상

- 파쇄중성자원 (Spallation Neutron Source) 및 고 출력 양성자 가속기 제작 시 필요한 초전도체 캐비티의 기술 확보로도 필요

- 향후 싱크로트론 가속기를 개발할 경우, 초전도체 자석 및 초전도체 가속 cavity 기술 확보로도 필요