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Employee prefeed overview
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Employee Prefeed Overview. Prefeed: upcoming rollout. CAT-HR will become UCAT Prefeed:

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Employee Prefeed Overview

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Employee prefeed overview

Employee Prefeed Overview

Prefeed upcoming rollout

Prefeed: upcoming rollout

CAT-HR will become UCAT Prefeed:

  • the system that enables employees --staff, faculty, academics, and postdocs-- to be fed into our central person registry (MCDB) so that they can claim their CNetID, and utilize University services such as:

    • obtaining a UChicago Card

    • using UChicago Time

  • …on the day they begin working at the University.

  • Prefeed upcoming rollout1

    Prefeed: upcoming rollout

    • For those who are TAGs (Trusted Agents)…during transition, TAG/AAMS will still be used for look-up details and other functionality

    • AAMS will eventually be replaced by UCAT

      • Prefeed

      • Bridging & Extends

      • Temporary accounts

      • Renewals: View What We Have Done, Expired

      • Look-ups and other functionality

    Prefeed upcoming rollout2

    Prefeed: upcoming rollout

    • Central HR Roll-out:

      • Pilot phase for a few HR Admins completed

      • Continuing roll-out for all HR Admins

    • TAG / AAMS Prefeed Roll-out:

      • Access will be provided to existing TAGs

      • Upcoming roll-out (early 2013)

    • Same application for both

    Today s presentation

    Today’s presentation

    Current Prefeed screens

    4 enhancements on the new Prefeed

    How the screens flow when adding a Prefeed

    How to maintain or expire a Prefeed

    Navigation options

    First Aid

    Employee prefeed overview

    • Existing Prefeed

    • CAT-HR is the current application to prefeed new employees.

    Tag aams trusted options

    TAG/AAMS: Trusted Options

    Four featured enhancements

    Four Featured Enhancements

    Placeholder SSN

    Exec Level (Division/School)

    Carding  UChicago Card on first day (except for temporary employees)

    Optional Email  welcome note to employee

    Ucat screen flow 1 home initial search

    UCAT: Screen Flow1. Home/Initial Search


    Ucat screen flow 2 home initial search sample

    UCAT: Screen Flow2. Home/Initial Search - sample

    • Name/Birth date:

    • Not case sensitive

    • Can use * wildcard

    • Search thoroughly

    • Number/codes:

    • Search on only one of these fields

    Ucat screen flow 3 person not found

    UCAT: Screen Flow3. Person Not Found?

    Ucat screen flow 4 no match create a record

    UCAT: Screen Flow4. No Match  Create a record

    Ucat screen flow 5 add screen

    UCAT: Screen Flow5. Add screen

    • Search name fields  title case

    • Employment Type:

    • Staff

    • Faculty

    • Other Academic Appointees

    • Post Doc

    Expiration Date defaults to 45 days for Staff,

    else to 30 days.

    Max is still 1 year.

    Prefeed placeholder ssn

    Prefeed: Placeholder SSN

    Prefeed placeholder ssn1

    Prefeed: Placeholder SSN

    I, [Operator Name], verify that this employee informed me that s/he does not have a SSN and is not a US Citizen and requires the creation of a temporary, university-generated placeholder code until the employee provides an SSN. An email will be sent to Central Human Resources with my name and this record's information as I have entered it.

    Email is sent to HR with the new record’s placeholder#

    You as the operator are cc’d

    Generate a placeholder ssn

    Generate a Placeholder SSN

    If you generate a Placeholder SSN, the label changes to ‘Generate’

    & the fields are grayed out

    The Placeholder SSN is not generated until you click ‘Save’

    Placeholder email to hr

    Placeholder Email to HR

    Prefeed conflict of interest

    Prefeed: Conflict of Interest

    Exec Level is required;

    to be used with Policy Management & Conflict of Interest applications.

    Carding options

    Carding Options

    On-time UChicago Card? UChicago Card available on first day of employment!

    Card Start Date

    first day of employment

    If you don’t know the Start Date, retain ‘No’ for On-time carding.

    Prefeed optional email

    Prefeed: optional email

    • Email:

    • Employee’s personal email

    • Not a uchicago address

    Generates an email

    Generates an Email!

    Click ‘Send Email’ to send welcome note to new employee

    • This text will be emailed:

    • To: New Employee

    • From: operator

    • cc: operator

    Auto email text

    Auto-Email Text

    • Example:

    • Optional Email

    Recap of data

    How to claim CNetID

    Carding at IPO


    Helpful links

    • Additional Resources:

    • UChicago

    • Human Resources

    6 success

    6. Success!

    7 edit an existing record

    7. Edit an existing record


    Only the person who entered the SSN can maintain it; SSN will not even display for others.

    7 maintain an existing record after uchicago card printed

    7. Maintain an existing record *after* Uchicago Card printed

    Expire or revoke

    Expire or Revoke

    Maintain an existing record

    Maintain an existing record

    • Can only view or edit the SSN if you created the account

    Success screen following maintenance

    Success Screen following Maintenance

    Annie Sureshot Oakley

    • Once a person is in the employee/payroll database, then no one may edit the Prefeed account’s name, birth date or SSN. Necessary changes must be communicated to HRS Records or the Provost’s office.

    Ucat prefeed options

    UCAT Prefeed: Options

    • Same navigation options on all Prefeed screens

    Ucat prefeed options1

    UCAT Prefeed: Options

    Homereturns to initial search screen

    Search Resultsdisplays prior results listing

    Helpfield descriptions and FAQ

    AAMSquick link to TAG/AAMS screens

    Logoutper browser steps on how to logout

    Ucat prefeed online help

    UCAT Prefeed: Online Help

    First aid

    First Aid

    • Questions on the app itself (such as what value should go in a field, who should get a Prefeed account) … should go to Erika: reschafer@uchicago.edu

    • If login errors:

      • Use this link:  ucat.uchicago.edu and  click on ‘Employee Prefeed’.

      • Firefox is the preferred browser.

      • If problems persist, close out of ALL tabs then re-open Firefox

    • If message“An error has occurred. Please email idm@uchicago.edu.”

      • Clear the cache from your browser: kb.iu.edu/data/ahic.html

      • … then close all tabs on your browser and re-log in to Firefox.



    • New features:

      • Placeholder SSN

      • New employee can be auto-emailed: Welcome!

      • Exec Level (Division) required

      • On-Time Carding options

    • Search thoroughly to reduce duplicates

    • UCAT Prefeed roll-out is underway

      • TAG/AAMS will be replaced gradually

    • Online Help and FAQ available

    Employee prefeed overview


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