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Employee Prefeed Overview. Prefeed: upcoming rollout. CAT-HR will become UCAT Prefeed:

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Employee Prefeed Overview

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Employee Prefeed Overview

Prefeed: upcoming rollout

CAT-HR will become UCAT Prefeed:

  • the system that enables employees --staff, faculty, academics, and postdocs-- to be fed into our central person registry (MCDB) so that they can claim their CNetID, and utilize University services such as:

    • obtaining a UChicago Card

    • using UChicago Time

  • …on the day they begin working at the University.

  • Prefeed: upcoming rollout

    • For those who are TAGs (Trusted Agents)…during transition, TAG/AAMS will still be used for look-up details and other functionality

    • AAMS will eventually be replaced by UCAT

      • Prefeed

      • Bridging & Extends

      • Temporary accounts

      • Renewals: View What We Have Done, Expired

      • Look-ups and other functionality

    Prefeed: upcoming rollout

    • Central HR Roll-out:

      • Pilot phase for a few HR Admins completed

      • Continuing roll-out for all HR Admins

    • TAG / AAMS Prefeed Roll-out:

      • Access will be provided to existing TAGs

      • Upcoming roll-out (early 2013)

    • Same application for both

    Today’s presentation

    Current Prefeed screens

    4 enhancements on the new Prefeed

    How the screens flow when adding a Prefeed

    How to maintain or expire a Prefeed

    Navigation options

    First Aid

    • Existing Prefeed

    • CAT-HR is the current application to prefeed new employees.

    TAG/AAMS: Trusted Options

    Four Featured Enhancements

    Placeholder SSN

    Exec Level (Division/School)

    Carding  UChicago Card on first day (except for temporary employees)

    Optional Email  welcome note to employee

    UCAT: Screen Flow1. Home/Initial Search


    UCAT: Screen Flow2. Home/Initial Search - sample

    • Name/Birth date:

    • Not case sensitive

    • Can use * wildcard

    • Search thoroughly

    • Number/codes:

    • Search on only one of these fields

    UCAT: Screen Flow3. Person Not Found?

    UCAT: Screen Flow4. No Match  Create a record

    UCAT: Screen Flow5. Add screen

    • Search name fields  title case

    • Employment Type:

    • Staff

    • Faculty

    • Other Academic Appointees

    • Post Doc

    Expiration Date defaults to 45 days for Staff,

    else to 30 days.

    Max is still 1 year.

    Prefeed: Placeholder SSN

    Prefeed: Placeholder SSN

    I, [Operator Name], verify that this employee informed me that s/he does not have a SSN and is not a US Citizen and requires the creation of a temporary, university-generated placeholder code until the employee provides an SSN. An email will be sent to Central Human Resources with my name and this record's information as I have entered it.

    Email is sent to HR with the new record’s placeholder#

    You as the operator are cc’d

    Generate a Placeholder SSN

    If you generate a Placeholder SSN, the label changes to ‘Generate’

    & the fields are grayed out

    The Placeholder SSN is not generated until you click ‘Save’

    Placeholder Email to HR

    Prefeed: Conflict of Interest

    Exec Level is required;

    to be used with Policy Management & Conflict of Interest applications.

    Carding Options

    On-time UChicago Card? UChicago Card available on first day of employment!

    Card Start Date

    first day of employment

    If you don’t know the Start Date, retain ‘No’ for On-time carding.

    Prefeed: optional email

    • Email:

    • Employee’s personal email

    • Not a uchicago address

    Generates an Email!

    Click ‘Send Email’ to send welcome note to new employee

    • This text will be emailed:

    • To: New Employee

    • From: operator

    • cc: operator

    Auto-Email Text

    • Example:

    • Optional Email

    Recap of data

    How to claim CNetID

    Carding at IPO


    Helpful links

    • Additional Resources:

    • UChicago

    • Human Resources

    6. Success!

    7. Edit an existing record


    Only the person who entered the SSN can maintain it; SSN will not even display for others.

    7. Maintain an existing record *after* Uchicago Card printed

    Expire or Revoke

    Maintain an existing record

    • Can only view or edit the SSN if you created the account

    Success Screen following Maintenance

    Annie Sureshot Oakley

    • Once a person is in the employee/payroll database, then no one may edit the Prefeed account’s name, birth date or SSN. Necessary changes must be communicated to HRS Records or the Provost’s office.

    UCAT Prefeed: Options

    • Same navigation options on all Prefeed screens

    UCAT Prefeed: Options

    Homereturns to initial search screen

    Search Resultsdisplays prior results listing

    Helpfield descriptions and FAQ

    AAMSquick link to TAG/AAMS screens

    Logoutper browser steps on how to logout

    UCAT Prefeed: Online Help

    First Aid

    • Questions on the app itself (such as what value should go in a field, who should get a Prefeed account) … should go to Erika: reschafer@uchicago.edu

    • If login errors:

      • Use this link:  ucat.uchicago.edu and  click on ‘Employee Prefeed’.

      • Firefox is the preferred browser.

      • If problems persist, close out of ALL tabs then re-open Firefox

    • If message“An error has occurred. Please email idm@uchicago.edu.”

      • Clear the cache from your browser: kb.iu.edu/data/ahic.html

      • … then close all tabs on your browser and re-log in to Firefox.


    • New features:

      • Placeholder SSN

      • New employee can be auto-emailed: Welcome!

      • Exec Level (Division) required

      • On-Time Carding options

    • Search thoroughly to reduce duplicates

    • UCAT Prefeed roll-out is underway

      • TAG/AAMS will be replaced gradually

    • Online Help and FAQ available


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