7 2 nationalism at center stage
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7.2 Nationalism at Center Stage. 5 mph 133 feet long 18 feet wide. STEAMBOAT PILOT

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7.2 Nationalism at Center Stage

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7.2 Nationalism at Center Stage

5 mph

133 feet long

18 feet wide


When I was a boy, there was but one permanent ambition among my comrades in our village on the west bank of the Mississippi River. That was, to be a steamboatman. We had transient ambitions of other sorts, but they were only transient. When a circus came and went, it left us all burning to become clowns; the first negro minstrel show that came to our section left us all suffering to try that kind of life; now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates. These ambitions faded out, each in its turn; but the ambition to be a steamboatman always remained.

- Life on the Mississippi

Influence of Nationalism on the Nation’s Courts

  • Fulton and Livingston given charter from NY legislature river boat trade. They had exclusive rights to operate steamboats on NY’s river. - Monopoly

  • •They granted license to others

  • •Ogden got NY to NJ

  • •Gibbons came along doing the same

  • •Ogden sues Gibbons saying Gibbons is illegal

  • •Gibbons vs. Ogden:

  • oSupreme Court declares Ogden wrong – only federal gov’t regulate interstate trade (cell phones)

  • oAgain national over state

  • also favors competition over monopoly

Influence of Nationalism on the Nation’s Courts

  • McCulloch vs. Md

  • •Md tried to run National Bank of US out of business by taxing it

  • •J. Marshall and SC says states can’t tax only federal can (power to tax is power to destroy) even within their own state

  • If Marshall allowed this then states would be overturning laws passed by Congress

  • •BUS is constitutional

Influence of Nationalism on the Nation’s Courts

  • Fletcher v Peck

  • Georgia law violated individuals’ rights to enter a contract

    • Earlier Georgia state congress had granted an sweetheart of a real estate contract to “friends” regarding western lands. Those Congressmen took bribes in exchange for those frontier lands.

    • This “Yazoo grant” infuriated voters (propertied white males) in Ga. Election and most of those particular state Congressmen not re-elected

    • New state Congress men promptly took back that Yazoo land grant.

    • Those real estate friends who had gotten land under the original Yazoo grant sued the state of Ga. Said you can’t take back our contract rights. A contract is a contract.

    • J. Marshall said a contract was a contract and that included state contracts. The next legislature couldn’t take that contract away.

    • States beholden to the Constitution and its laws too!

Influence of Nationalism on the Nation’s Courts

  • Dartmouth College v. Woodward

  • State of NH cannot revise the original charter of the college given in colonial times by the state itself.

  • Charter is a contract and Consitution does not allow states to interfer with contracts.

  • So consider: How did the SC’s rulings strenghthen the federal gov’ts control over the economy?

  • How did the SC limit the power of the states?

  • In what ways did the SC boost Federal power?

  • How

Nationalism Shapes Foreign Policy

  • Nationalism - the belief that national concerns should be placed ahead of regional concersn or the interests of other countries

  • Under Monroe the Secretary of State John Quincy Adams secures:

1. establishes security of the nation

2. expands the nation’s territory

Nationalism Shapes Foreign Policy

  • Nationalism - the belief that national concerns should be placed ahead of regional concerns or the interests of other countries

1.Rush Bagot Treaty 1817- reduces military ships of Grt Britain on the Grt Lakes

eventually border b/w 2 countries is demilitarized

Nationalism Shapes Foreign Policy

  • Nationalism - the belief that national concerns should be placed ahead of regional concerns or the interests of other countries

2.Convention of 1818 - fixed the northern border of the US at 49th parallel

later reaches compromose w/GB - joint occupation of Oregon for 10 years

49th parallel

Nationalism Shapes Foreign Policy

  • Nationalism - the belief that national concerns should be placed ahead of regional concerns or the interests of other countries

3.Adams- Onis Treaty 1819 - Spain, too weak to protect New World interests, ceded Florida to US

also gives up any claim to Oregon

Nationalism Shapes Foreign Policy

  • 4. Monroe Doctrine

  • Sp and Portugal defeat Napoleaon in 1815. Tried to regain LA territories.

  • Russia - in Alaska 1784- begins to establish trading posts in California territories

  • US must do something!

  • Russian incursion poses threat to US profitable trade with China!

  • Many Americans want Cuba and northern Mexico

  • What will James Monroe do?

  • Monroe Doctrine

  • warns all outside powers not to interfere w/ affairs in the Western Hemisphere

  • do not try to estb colonies here

  • do not try to overthrow newly created independent republics in this hemisphere

  • if you try to do this we will consider it “dangerous to our peace and safety”

  • We promise to stay out of European affairs and they must promise not to interfere with existing status quo in Western Hemisphere

  • a.k.a. we will stay out of your backyard if you stay out of ours

Nationalism Pushes America West

  • Settlers busy moving into NW Territory: Ohio - Indiana - Illinois - Wisconsin _ Michigan

Nationalism Pushes America West

  • Why go west?

  • 1. escape debts

  • 2. escape the law

  • 3. searching for economic gain (land is cheap!)

  • 4. social gains; easy to change status/occupations

Nationalism Pushes America West

  • What is the legislation on becoming a state?

NW Ordinance of 1787

Nationalism Pushes America West

  • 1819 Missiouri reaches pop. of 60,000 and applies for statehood


  • up until then had 10 free and 10 slave states


  • Illinois admitted as free state

  • Alabama is admitted as slave state NOW WHAT!

Nationalism Pushes America West

  • 1820 Missiouri’s status is critical to the balance of power b/t free and slave states (in Congress)...

  • there is talk of civil war (clue: real civil war begins 1860)

  • Henry Clay to the rescue with a compromise

Nationalism Pushes America West

  • Maine admitted free/ Missouri admitted slave

  • the rest of the Louisiana Territory was split into 2 spheres of interest (slave and free)

  • dividing line 36 - 30.

    • north of this is free

    • south of this is slave

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