Physical activity lifestyle of personnel in faculty of public health khon kaen university thailand
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chulaporn Sota Faculty of Public Health Khon Kaen University,Thailand PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Physical Activity Lifestyle of Personnel in Faculty of Public Health Khon Kaen University, Thailand. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chulaporn Sota Faculty of Public Health Khon Kaen University,Thailand. China. Burma. VIETNAM. Hanoi. Chiang Mai. Laos. Lampang.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chulaporn Sota Faculty of Public Health Khon Kaen University,Thailand

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Physical Activity Lifestyle of Personnel in Faculty of Public Health Khon Kaen University, Thailand

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chulaporn Sota

Faculty of Public Health

Khon Kaen University,Thailand





Chiang Mai



Khon Kaen




South China Sea

Andaman Sea

Ho Chi Minh City

Gulf of Thailand







Back ground and rationale

  • Physical activity is one dimension of health promotion. It’s important for maintain health and keep healthy lifestyle.

  • Physical activities has been defined as any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that results in energy expenditure.

  • A physically active lifestyle is associated with reduced risk of developing conditions such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, and cancer.

  • Lecturer, staff and student in the Faculty of public health are important role to encourage the people to Physical activity and adapt in lifestyle.

The Activity Pyramid

Lifestyle activity is at the base of the pyramid because it is something that everyone can do on a regular basis.

Yoga in the faculty after class

Tube Dancing

Research Objectives

To study lifestyle of Physical activities in the aspects of

  • Knowledge of Exercise

  • Perception of Exercise

  • Attitude toward Exercise

  • Activity of Exercise

  • Motivation strategies of Exercise

Aerobic in the evening at Faculty of Public Health

Basket ball

Valley ball

Method and Material

  • Population: Lecturer ,staff, student

  • Sample size : 194 participants.

  • Data collection: Interview

  • Research tools: Questionnaire

    : guideline

    : Observation

    : Group Discussion

Method and Material

Data analysis

  • SPSS program for quantitative data

  • Content analysis for Qualitative data


Table tennis at the first floor of learning building

Fitness equipment available for all member

Characteristic of Participants

  • The most was female 114(58.76%)

  • male 80 (41.42%)

  • Average year < 20 yrs : 61 (31.44)

  • 20-30 yrs :40 (20.62)

  • Most were student 101 (52.06%)

  • lecturer 48 (24.74%)

  • Religion : Bhudism 183 ()94.33

Characteristic of Participants

  • Marital status :Single 123 (63.40%)

  • Education : Bachelor 125 (64.43%)

  • Master 34 (17.53)

  • Most have exercise experience 188(96.91%)

  • Most Popular exercise were walking and jogging65 (33.58%) aerobic dance 51 (26.29%)

Aerobic Exercise in the evening


  • High score of Knowledge

  • High score of Perception

  • High score of attitude

  • Middle score of physical activity behaviors.

  • Low level score in perception of barrier and physical activities Motivation

Jogging at the lake side in the University every morning and evening


Fitness in the evening at Faculty of Public Health


  • High score in …..

  • Principle of exercise

  • Step of exercise

  • Prohibit for exercise

  • Suitable time for exercise

  • Sign have to stop exercise

  • Injury from exercise

  • Factor to avoid from exercise


  • Low score

  • * None appropriate of exercise

  • Symptom of overexercise

  • Exercise for patient : heart disease


Badmintan in the evening at the faculty

Attitude toward Exercise

  • High score of attitude toward Exercise in

  • Make muscle strength

  • Prevent disease

  • Slender shape

  • Enjoy and decreasing stress

  • A lot of friends

  • Strong body : heart and Lung

Attitude toward Exercise

  • Decreasing body weight

  • Make good learning

  • Confident

  • Good model

Fitness equipment available for all member


Perception of Benefit from Exercise

  • High score of Perception in

  • Exercise by walking 30 minute and 3 times per week.

  • Exercise prevent and caring hypertension, Diabetes mellitus.

  • Exercise decreasing blood lipid

  • Daily exercise increasing lung and Heart health, slender shape, look young, rehabilitation and fresh, sleeping well, decreasing stress.

Perception of barrier for exercise.

  • Exercise is difficult

  • Increasing expenditure

  • Waste time

  • Interrupt daily work

  • Unlike exercise

  • Inconvenient to exercise

  • Make injury

  • No leader for exercise

  • No equipment

  • No friend or partner for exercise


Motivation other for exercise

  • Most participants tried to persuade other to exercise.

  • Low score in promoter and leader : meeting, equipment arrangement , prepare place for exercise, make exercise continuing in faculty, arrange media, coordinator for exercise, public relation and good model for exercise.

Motivation strategies to exercises

  • Incentive, reward

  • exercise Contest

  • Integrate in curriculum

  • Campaign

  • Policy and implementation.

  • Available place, equipment, leader

  • Public relation and information


Exercise Practice

  • Most participants were good exercise practice such as:

  • Exercise 20-30 minute 3 times per week

  • Warm up 3-5 minute before exercise

  • Cool down 3-5 minute after exercise

  • If feel tried and bad breathing have to stop exercise.

  • No exercise after meal immediately .

Pe tong is popular after lunch time


  • Physical exercise is the important and necessary for prevent chronic diseases and make healthy life. So it necessary to continue motivate all of lecturer, staff and student concern and act to exercise and keep it in daily life or lifestyle forever.


  • The results show that although all of participants were high score in knowledge, attitude perception of exercise but they still middle and low score in practice and motivate other people for exercise.

  • The another point is increasing a policy for exercise in the faculty including available place, equipment, time and other incentive as well as integrate in subject and curriculum are important and necessary for sustainable exercise in faculty.



  • Although the most of samples were high level score of knowledge, perception and attitude but seldom for action and motivation strategy.

  • Therefore it necessary to increase motivation strategy in various aspects especially available attractive program for joining physical activity.

Exercise Program Support by Thai Health Promotion Foundation for Public Health Education Institution

Aerobic Contest during students


  • Thai health Promotion : Healthy Public health Education Institute Plan.

  • World Health Organization in Thailand

  • Khon Kaen University, Thailand

  • Participants.

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