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Lutz Walter 10 th Governing Council Meeting Brussels, 30/10/2009. Contents. Progress Overview Industry leadership of the platform PPE Lead Market 2010 Annual ETP Conference ETP Funding – Dissemination Services. Progress Overview incl. FP7 & ERA-Net. SRA Implementation through FP7.

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Lutz Walter 10 th Governing Council Meeting Brussels, 30/10/2009

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Presentation Transcript

Lutz walter 10 th governing council meeting brussels 30 10 2009 l.jpg

Lutz Walter

10th Governing Council Meeting

Brussels, 30/10/2009

Contents l.jpg


  • Progress Overview

  • Industry leadership of the platform

  • PPE Lead Market

  • 2010 Annual ETP Conference

  • ETP Funding – Dissemination Services

Progress overview incl fp7 era net l.jpg

Progress Overviewincl. FP7 & ERA-Net

Slide4 l.jpg

SRA Implementation through FP7

2007call: projects ongoing

2008 call: 7 PPE-related projects have negotiated contracts, are about to start

2009 call: 2nd stage evaluation results announced, no confirmed information about textile-related projects (apart from ERA-Net)

2010 call: EC calls launched in late July, various submission deadlines Oct-Dec, TEPPIES call & brokerage events

2011-13 calls: Potential work programme topics in discussion within EC

Slide5 l.jpg

FP7 2008

NMP call on Protective Textiles

Slide6 l.jpg

FP7 2009

  • 3rd NMP Call in Nov. 2008, relatively modest budget (transitional year)

  • Limited textile research priorities

  • topics on biomass-based and high performance composites (Materials unit, ‘M’ of NMP)

  • TEPPIES call Nov., result 16 project ideas

  • Organisation of TEG1+5 project brokerage event covering both composites topics in Jan.

  • First stage proposal submission Feb., 2nd stage proposals in June, results announced, textile project results unclear

Slide7 l.jpg

FP7 2010


  • Topic for research on technologies for efficient & automated production of 3D-shaped and multi-layered products/components from flexible materials

  • Submission deadline 8th Dec. 2009 (2 stages)

  • TEPPIES call, 14 project ideas submitted

  • Well-attended project brokerage event held on 6th Oct. in Brussels


  • Topic for research on Smart Textiles

  • Submission deadline 26th Oct. 2009 (1 stage)

  • TEPPIES call, 16 project ideas submitted

  • Well-attended project brokerage event held on 8th Sept. in Brussels

Slide8 l.jpg

FP7 2010


  • Launch of 3 Public Private Partnerships by EC in July for Research on:

    • Factories of the Future

    • Green Cars

    • Energy-efficient Buildings

  • First calls for proposals in parallel with NMP-ICT call in late July

  • Submission deadline 3rd Nov. 2009 (1 stage)

  • 1 interesting topic in FoF-PPP “Supply chain approaches for small series ind. production”

  • TEPPIES call, 4 project ideas submitted

  • Included in project brokerage event on 6th Oct. in Brussels

Slide9 l.jpg

FP7 2011-13

  • Various channels to feed textile topic proposals into EC preparation processes for 2011-13 planning

    • Based on original SRA

    • SRA updates

    • Cross-platform initiatives (ManuTex, BioTex, Consumer Goods…)

    • Ad-hoc consultations (NMP Nanotech & Materials, PPP’s)

  • NMP 2011 Workprogramme presented as first draft to programme committee

  • PPP’s 3-year work programmes in advanced discussion with stakeholder community – textile input into Factories of the Future & Energy-efficient Buildings

    General outlook FP7 2011-13 very positive

Collaboration with other etp s l.jpg

Collaboration with other ETP’s

  • NanoFutures – Signature of MoU for close collaboration

  • EU-Mat (Advanced Materials) – first meeting to discuss concrete collaboration actions scheduled for 24 Nov.

  • Consumer Goods (collaboration with Footwear & Sports platforms)

  • Continued follow-up work with ManuFuture (ManuTex) and SusChem-Biotech (BioTex)

Consumer goods research l.jpg

Consumer Goods Research

  • Several meetings & conf. calls with Footwear & Sports platforms since Jan 2009

  • First draft research roadmap

  • Input provided to EU FP7 programming (2011-13), topics: mass customisation, product functionality, new design/pd techniques, flexible manufacturing, new supply chain concepts…

  • Public event planned for 4th Feb. 2010 in Brussels (incl. high-level EU involvement)

  • Need to appoint an industry champion from the Textile ETP

Era net l.jpg


  • Title: CROSSTEXNET – Textiles at the Cross Roads of New Applications

  • Coordinator: Region Nord Pas-de-Calais, France

  • 18 partners from 11 countries

  • Duration 3 years (start Nov. 2009)

  • Budget €1.5 mln.

  • Kick-off meeting 23-24 Nov. Lille/FR

  • Strong collaboration with ETP

Industry leadership for the platform l.jpg

Industry Leadership for the Platform

Slide15 l.jpg

ETP Industry Leadership – current status

  • Industry leadership in GC is a great plus, but how connecting/multiplying are the individual members

  • Industry involvement at operational level (TEG’s etc.) is weak

  • Industry involvement in EU research projects is improving, but true industry leadership is still rare

  • Industry involvement differs greatly by country

  • Industry awareness/commitment to ETP at top management level is way too low

  • The current economic situation does not help

  • Compared to other ETP’s our perceived industry leadership is medium

    Industry commitment & leadership is the n° 1 condition for continued ETP success

Slide16 l.jpg

ETP Actions that could stimulate more industry involvement


  • training courses for industry on advanced technologies & materials

  • exploiting the TEPPIES system for brokerage of industrial research projects

  • EU project results dissemination which really reaches the industry

  • developing content for www.textile-platform.euwhich is valued by industry

  • Industry-oriented workshops with related sectors/platforms

  • Finding ways to collect regular input/guidance from industry for desired ETP actions.

Slide17 l.jpg

From industry involvement to industry (thought) leadership


  • Collecting industry input (“thoughts”) in a broad & coordinated but also quick & cost-effective way – Where? How? By whom?

  • Review & prioritise ideas & decide on actions in a collective & transparent way to avoid individual “actionisme”

  • Provide wherever possible timely & concise feedback on new actions undertaken & results achieved

  • Define 1 committed industry champion (supported by Sherpa) for each action

Htg education industrial training actions l.jpg

HTG Education Industrial Training Actions

Follow up of htg work l.jpg

Follow-up of HTG Work


  • Last EHTG meeting 9th Sept.

  • Participation of Universities, Colleges & Institutes

  • Major discussion points:

    • Industry training actions

    • Marie Curie call for ITN projects (people exchange industry-academia)

    • On-line textile training tools

    • Election of new chairman: Prof. C. Carr, Manchester Univ.

  • Next meeting 11th Dec, Brussels

Industry training actions l.jpg

Industry Training Actions


Organisation of focussed industry-oriented practical training courses on advanced technological subjects at European level to supplement or up-grade national training actions in relevant technological areas

Industry training actions21 l.jpg

Industry Training Actions

3 Components:

Industry training actions22 l.jpg

Industry Training Actions


  • Duration: 1,5 - 2 days max.

  • Content: very focussed, very practical, but at highest technical level

  • Trainers: internationally leading academic , technological and market experts in the subject domain concerned

  • Academy style (modular, certifiable)

  • Location: held in research institutes with relevant technology pilot facilities, not universities (industry more familiar institute environment)

Industry training actions23 l.jpg

Industry Training Actions


  • Mix of group sessions and individualsessions

  • Training language English, local language translation only in cases of exceptional need.

  • Funding: self-funded through participation fees (possible start-up support through public funding opportunities to be investigated)

  • Recording of training sessions and provision of training material in electronic or print format as well as their access options (ETP website, on-line training platforms, web broadcasting) to be investigated

Industry training actions24 l.jpg

Industry Training Actions


  • Selected subjects of high-industrial relevance (taking into account local industry state of the art and develeopment)

  • Possibly structured according to the TEG structure of the Technology Platform. Initial selection of 2 topics per TEG.

  • Starting point could be the availability of pilot facilities and technological experts within Textranet institutes (to be discussed)

Industry training actions25 l.jpg

Industry Training Actions

Next Steps

  • Agreement on long-list of subject proposals between Textranet & AUTEX

  • Consultation with industry, selection of subjects short list

  • Identification of trainers and training facilities

  • Further discussion on organisational details

  • Launch of first round of 2-3 pilot training sessions in 2010

  • Assessment, go/no-go for further implementation, organisational fine-tuning

Ppe lead market l.jpg

PPE Lead Market

Ec mid term assessment of lead market policy l.jpg

EC Mid-term Assessment of Lead Market Policy

  • Mid-term assessment of lead markets part of a new EU innovation policy communication

  • Overall assessment very positive

  • PPE LM: good progress compared to other LM’s (espec. research, networking, public procurement, some more actions needed in standardisation)

  • In parallel: Economic study on PPE market by Security Research unit of DG Enterprise

Ppe roadmap implementation l.jpg

PPE Roadmap Implementation

On-going actions:

  • 7 FP7 PPE projects just started, ETP to closely follow up

  • ERA-Net will give special attention to PPE LM

  • Public procurement networking project EnProTex just started, need to closely follow up

  • Preparation of big integrated project

Slide29 l.jpg

Upcoming Events

  • EU workshop to review PPE LM progress on 14 Dec. in Brussels

  • Follow-up event to 2008 PPE conference, tent. End 2010 in Germany

2010 annual conference planning l.jpg

2010 Annual Conference Planning

Slide31 l.jpg

5th Annual Public ETP Conference

24-25 March 2010, Brussels

Key Points:

  • Working title: “Textile Research & Innovation across Europe”

  • Organised as major showcase of textile-related R&I clusters, networks, initiatives at national/regional level (presentations, exhibits, posters…)

  • Major event for promotion of CrossTexNet (ERA-Net)

  • Policy & strategy session with keynotes from high-level EC speakers

  • Need to complete list of national/regional initiatives & confirm contributions

  • Search for sponsorships

Etp funding eu funding dissemination services l.jpg

ETP Funding EU Funding & Dissemination Services

Ec funding l.jpg

EC Funding

  • EC call for collaboration projects between different ETP’s

  • Several opportunities exist to work with NanoFutures, EU-Mat and the Consumer Goods ETP’s

Project dissemination services l.jpg

Project Dissemination Services

General idea:

  • Leveraging the power of the ETP network to organise more effective project dissemination actions with more industry-reach for all ETP textile research projects


  • Clustering of related projects

  • Develop privileged cooperations with established conferences, trade fairs, trade magazines, publishing houses, national industry federations etc.

  • Support projects with production & placement of dissemination materials

    Ultimate concept:

  • Projects pay a small sum (subcontract ETP) for dissemination services and thereby strengthen the network to which they partly owe their existence and which ensures future projects (= beneficiaries pay!)

Project dissemination services37 l.jpg

Project Dissemination Services

First Steps:

  • GC decides in Oct. 2008 to pursue this concept

  • Some consultations with individual projects (response generally positive)

  • ETP Conference 2009 as successful pilot test

  • Collection of full set of project summaries, update of project database at

  • Dissemination service concept developed in more detail throughout 2009

  • Meeting with project coordinators – proposed date Tue 15th Dec. 2009 in Brussels

Project dissemination services38 l.jpg

Project Dissemination Services

Activities with advanced projects (late FP6-early FP7):

  • Project results screening and clustering

  • Active promotion of presentations at industry-oriented events

  • Collective presence at TechTextil 2011, ITMA 2011 (joint stands, fringe programme, publications)

  • Other relevant fairs to be investigated

  • Coordinated publications in trade magazines & scientific volumes

  • Development of attractive print & on-line results dissemination material, exploitation of potential of

  • Link to Industry Training Actions

    Activities with early-stage projects (mid-FP7):

  • Project objectives screening and clustering

  • Support to dissemination plan development

  • Active promotion of presentations at scientific conferences

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