Child protection training
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Child Protection Training. The Designated Child Protection Teacher. The BIG Picture. Reduction in child deaths nationally since national training began 200 cases a year referred by schools in Ealing . Don’t know what we don’t know. NSPCC data ,1 in 9 ?

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Child Protection Training

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Child Protection Training

The Designated Child Protection Teacher

The BIG Picture

  • Reduction in child deaths nationally since national training began

  • 200 cases a year referred by schools in Ealing . Don’t know what we don’t know. NSPCC data ,1 in 9 ?

  • School staff, teaching and non-teaching, uniquely placed to spot possible abuse.


  • Likely to come across cases in course of professional life

Legal Framework

  • School’s duty is to refer cases where investigation may be needed. Only social services and police can investigate . Education must co-operate.

  • Children Act 1989 and 2004 and Every Child Matters

  • “Working Together “

  • DFES circular Safeguarding and safer recruitment 2007. Key Guidance.

  • Separate C P section in all school Ofsted reports …..and a limiting judgement

Key Tasks for Schools

  • A child Protection policy and procedure, reviewed annually.( model policy at teachernet )

  • A designated child protection teacher

  • Safe recruitment procedures. National training for heads and governors.

  • Training for designated teacher( every 2 years),whole school (every 3 years)and Governing Body.

  • Curriculum, listening culture,recording systems.

Key Role of Designated Teacher

  • The back of the wardrobe

  • Where everybody knows your name

  • map reading

  • Knowing me ,knowing you, ah ha!


  • Section 47 of the Children Act

  • Is it a CiN or is it SAFE ?

  • Time for a CAF

  • Ealing’s Guidance document

What is child abuse

  • Most things are not, but how to distinguish normal marks,behaviour changes,and children in need from the early signs of abuse?

  • Children Act identifies significant harm in 4 areas .They may overlap.

  • Physical ,sexual, emotional, and neglect.

  • Role of ethnicity,culture,social class,personal experience


  • Parents rights.

  • Social ambivalence.

  • Never did me any harm

  • Sexual pre-occupation

  • Drip feed ,testing out, listening,example of other children.


Signs and Symptoms

  • Trust gut feelings, get the wider picture, always consult.

  • Sexual abuse:disclosures,age inappropriate sexual knowledge

  • Neglect: hungry, wrong clothing,smelly.

  • Emotional: scapegoating,”low warmth high criticism”. Frozen child.

  • Physical: frequency,vulnerable areas of the body,marks?, changing/different explanations,adults state of mind drunk or drug abusing.

  • Disclosures. Leading or Clarifying ?

Why Can Concerns be Missed

  • Child may be intimidated, loyal, not know any different.

  • Adults may worry about mistakes,parents rights.Identify with the stress .

  • Making it worse,

  • Breaking up families (less that 1% of children referred are removed from home )

  • Reprisals. Legal security,physical safety,

  • Too understanding!

Causes and their Treatment

  • Causes. Stress ,family psychology, dangerous people.

  • Treatment.

  • Reduce stress with support and monitoring

  • Skilled psychological treatment of family dynamics

  • Lock up and treat dangerous offenders


  • Outcome. Very good. Almost all children get an effective support package and come off the child protection register. Less that 1 % removed from home.Adults who were ill treated report that help was effective.


  • Requirements for training set out in DCSF guidance , and ofsted inspected

  • Resourcs ECSB multi agency brochure,Schools service training brochure,commercial offers


  • Dcsf and Ofsted requirement to have a policy .

  • Content of a policy at appendix 3 of ofsted inspection guidance ( Sept 09 )

  • Model Policy on Teachernet


  • Second Principle of the children act is “work co-operatively with parents”

  • Tell the parent about the referral unless it puts the child at risk.

  • Decide with the social worker on who will say what and when to the parent.

  • School has to talk to parent at some stage as usually a relationship will continue. A task for senior management.


  • School is one of the few if only place where pupils can disclose harm

  • A listening culture and multiple avenues for disclosure are needed

  • Staff may be tested with minor issues

  • Information may be released in “installments “

  • Confidentiality cannot be promised, even if the incident was in the past

  • Record and discuss with designated teacher asap


  • No promise but a commitment to involve child in all that happens

  • Explain the need to protect the pupil

  • Age appropriate discussion

  • Over emphasise and child may not disclose.

  • Staff may feel uncomfortable

  • In high school other pupils will be influenced to disclose or not by experience of peers


  • A separate cp file and a separate legal status

  • Contains all papers …from a note of a teacher’s concern to conference minutes

  • Index at front of file, all papers in date order

  • Keep securely and a system to ensure other staff know of the file when needed.

  • LAC , SEN, files to be up to date

Recording continued

  • When a child leaves a school either at normal transition date or in year the designated teacher must ensure that a copy of any child protection file is passed onto the designated teacher at the child’s new schoo

  • Files may contain notes of any review of the pupils progress undertaken at school .


  • Files should include a note on which staff are told about a pupil’s case and why and any role they are to take in the response to the concern.

From suspicion ,to concern ,to referral ,to plan.

  • Listening to staff.

  • Reaching out to staff. Where everyone knows your name.Role of Designated tea

  • Recording

  • Getting the wider picture.

  • Organising information

  • Child protection advisers

From suspicion ,to concern ,to referral ,to plan.

  • Who are you going to call. Call centre and social workers

  • Referral form

  • Case conference . Report form.

  • Core groups . A multi-agency plan

  • Reviews

  • Trouble Shooting

Sex and Drugs and Rock an Roll

  • Allegations against staff

  • Private fostering

  • Female Genital Mutilation

  • Domestic Violence

  • Drug misuse

  • Forced Marriage

  • Sexual exploitation

  • Teenage Pregnancy

  • Internet

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