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Burlesque. Presented to Y ou By: Ms. Catie & Ms. Jasmine. Home. Names. What?. Popularity. When?. Contributions. The Elements. Titles. What is Burlesque?. A dramatic, musical, or literary work Originally like Vaudeville acts. It… Treated subjects absurdly Striptease

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Presented to You By:

Ms. Catie & Ms. Jasmine







The Elements


What is Burlesque?

  • A dramatic, musical, or literary work

  • Originally like Vaudeville acts

  • It…

  • Treated subjects absurdly

  • Striptease

  • Coarse comedy



  • First mentioned in 16th century

  • Victorian Era

  • Revival in recent times

  • Originated in France


Names You Might Have Heard of

Gypsy Rose Lee

January 8, 1911 _ April 26, 1970

Dita Von Teese

September 28, 1972 -

Sally Rand

April 3, 1904 - August 31, 1979



Names Continued……

Millie Deleon

circa 1873 – August 6, 1922

Lydia Thompson

February 19,1838 – November 17,1908



Lydia Thompson

  • In the late 1860s, Lydia Thompson’s British burlesque troupe became New York's biggest theatrical sensation.

  • She was a dancer and an Actress


Mille Deleon


  • Real name was Millie Lawrence

  • The Biggest burlesque star of the earliest 20th Century.

  • She was a dancer

  • She occasionally neglected to wear tights. Such shenanigans got her arrested on occasion, and helped to give burlesque a raunchy reputation.

  • DeLeon was known as "The Girl in Blue“

  • was notorious for manipulating the media through the artful use of scandal. Called, "The first real queen of American Burlesque

  • As a performer she traveled across the country, often testing the limits of local indecency ordinances. Her signature stage maneuver was to remove her garters and throw them into the audience.

Names Continued….

John Brougham

May 19,1814 -June 7, 1880

Laura Keene

June 20,1826 - November 4 , 1873


Gypsy Rose Lee1/8/1911 – 4/26/1970

  • Birth Name: Rose Louise Hovik

  • Occupation: entertainer, author, play write, actress, dancer (burlesque)

  • The musical “Gypsy” based on her autobiography

  • Performed with Minsky’s Burlesquecompany for four years

  • Appeared in 15 movies (1937-1968) and on television between 1949-1969



Dita Von Teese

  • Birth Name: Heather Renée Sweet

  • Occupation: Burlesque Model and designer

  • “Queen of Burlesque”

  • Appeared on “America’s Next Top Model”

    as a guest judge

  • Has partaken in fashion shows

  • First started on stage at 15 with ballet and continued to dance onstage for career (burlesque)



Sally Rand

  • Birth Name: Helen Beck

  • Occupation: Burlesque Dancer and Actress

  • Most famous for her fan dance



Titles You May Know…or not


  • Moulin Rouge

  • SNL

  • Burlesque

  • Jerry Springer Show


  • Minsky’s

  • Lady of Burlesque

  • Striporama



Burlesque Format

  • Act One: The ensemble entertains with songs and gags, dressed n formal evenings clothes

  • Act Two: An “olio” of variety acts ( singers, skits, ect.).

  • Act Three: A complete one- act musical burlesque. These ranged from Shakespearean take offs like Much Ado About a Merchant of Venice to Gilbert and Sullivan spoof called The Mick Hair- Do.



  • Peaked in the Victorian era

  • Continued throughout the 20th century

  • Rival in the 1990’s

  • Liked by all classes of people from the blue to white color



Combined music, dance, and artistic acting and interpretation of the music.

Established how women are now viewed in American Society


Now to The Elements…

  • Spectacle? Check

  • Music? Check

  • Thought? Nope

  • Plot? Nada

  • Character? Kinda… let me exlpain

  • Language? Sorta, again I shall explain

Other facts

Other Facts

  • In the 1920’s the old burlesque circuits closed down, leaving individual theater owners to get by as best they could on there own. The strip tease was introduced as a desperate bid to offer something that vaudeville, film and radio could not.

  • Strip Tease has been abound sins little Egypt, in 1893.

  • Some sources praised the burlesque comics of the 1920s and 30s, but by this point, men went to burlesque shows to watch women strip. By this time the comedy was no longer a key attraction.

  • Big screen spoofs such as Young Frankenstein, Spaceballs, and Austin Powers films are known for carrying the tradition of the early burlesque.

The End

The End

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