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Ego strengthening
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Ego Strengthening. Shelly Johnson Gottsegen,LICSW Hypnovations, Burlington, VT April, 2010. Applications for Hypnosis: Ego Strengthening.

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Ego Strengthening

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Ego strengthening

Ego Strengthening

Shelly Johnson Gottsegen,LICSW

Hypnovations, Burlington, VT

April, 2010

Applications for hypnosis ego strengthening

Applications for Hypnosis: Ego Strengthening

Ego strengthening techniques are included in all hypnosis treatments. They are indicated for all patients needing relief from suffering regardless of their symptoms.

Ego strengthening

Their purpose is to give the patient a sense of their own competency, enhance individual coping skills and to empower a belief in one’s own capabilities.

Ego strengthening

Hypnosis lends itself to Ego-Strengthening because it communicates with the Unconscious Mind.

Definition of ego

Definition of Ego

  • Freud: A concept regarding the structure of the mind, distinguished from the id and the superego. The ego comprises defensive, perceptual, intellectual-cognitive and executive functions.

  • In modern psychology: The term “ego” is loosely used to define the conscious mind or awareness; the personality; self-esteem; or “the self”.



  • In Eastern Spiritual traditions, the ego refers to the illusion of individual existence. The ego is the part of the self that is unaware of one’s true nature (which is beyond consciousness and connected to all of existence, to ‘God’ or the life force. The ego is associated with the mind, the individual thoughts and thinking process which limits one’s capacity to fully experience the here and now.

Spiritual ego

Spiritual Ego

  • The Spiritual goal of many eastern religions involves going beyond the ego and developing an awareness of one’s “true nature” or otherwise known as Enlightenment, Nirvana, the Here and Now.

A healthy ego manifests

A Healthy Ego manifests:

A positive self-image,

Healthy boundaries,

Successful coping skills,

Emotional regulation skills,

Reasonable judgment,

A sense of well-being.

Self efficacy

“self- efficacy”

  • Closely related is the concept of “self- efficacy” - an expectation and confidence in one’s ability to handle life. (Bandura, 1977)

Ego strengthening

  • Hypnosis can strengthen the ego by suggesting to the unconscious various strategies to develop a healthy ego.



  • 1) Develop rapport- establishing safety, respect and confidence.

  • 2)Look for and emphasize the strengths and positive characteristics observed about the patient.

    • Sincerely tell the patient the positive attributes you observe about them during both the history gathering process and while clarifying the treatment goals.

Ego strengthening

Develop Rapport



  • 3) Utilize what you have learned about the patient’s strengths and abilities and weave them into the hypnosis script.

  • The hypnosis script should include suggestions that are in congruence with the conscious mind of the individual patient (treatment goals, past accomplishments and positive attributes).

Ego strengthening1

Ego Strengthening

  • Hypnosis creates a bridge between the unconscious and the Conscious mind. The healing potential is very powerful when the “ego” is taught by the unconscious.

Examples of ego strengthening suggestions

Examples of Ego Strengthening Suggestions

  • Direct: Everyday and in every way, you will feel more and more peaceful and calm and able to enjoy life as it is…

  • You become more authentic and develop a greater courage to express yourself…



  • I wonder if you will be curious about the fact that you arehandling emotional situations with grace and ease, finding yourself pacing your reactions in a calm and measured way…



  • Like a tall pine tree in the woods, you stand tall and emanate a calm strength, even in the wind, in the rain, in the cold, and your branches will reach out for warmth from the sun…

Age progression

Age Progression

  • and you can imagine seeing yourself five years, ten years from now, having mastered many new experiences and doing what you have done so many times before – approaching a new experience with competence and confidence in your own strengths and being willing and excited to take on new challenges…

  • You can visualize yourself in the future, living up to your dreams and creating a sense of balance in your life…

Age regression

Age Regression

  • and perhaps you might like to remember a time when you were young, maybe the time when you learned how to ride a bike, and you might recall the exact moment when you balanced the bike and the feelings you had…. (such as pride, excitement, joy in accomplishment).

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