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CPSC 203 ITBL Project. Fall 2005-Fall 2006 Working with Haskayne School of Business. Enhance and redesign. Goals provide a course that is relevant to the programs allow flexibility for students to take advantage of previous experience to choose assignment topics. Our Ideas.

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CPSC 203 ITBL Project

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CPSC 203 ITBL Project

Fall 2005-Fall 2006

Working with Haskayne School of Business

Enhance and redesign

  • Goals

    • provide a course that is relevant to the programs

    • allow flexibility for students

      • to take advantage of previous experience

      • to choose assignment topics

Our Ideas

  • Get information from

    • programs

    • instructors

    • students

  • Try online tutorials for flexibility

203 Instructors

  • Want to know

    • what do the programs want?

    • why do students take the course?

    • what are their expectations?

    • what resources are available to help us teach and assess software skills?

Who takes 203?

  • enrolment data from OIA for 2003-2005

  • Interviews with program unit representatives

Enrolment by Faculty

Haskayne Enrolment

Required course and prerequisite for MGIS 317 and MGST 391

Communication and Culture Enrolment

Most programs in the faculty require a “demonstration of computer competence”. CPSC 203 satisfies that. Many (30-40%) of the students

are waiting to get into high-demand programs like management and biology.

Management Requirements

  • Graduates need computer literacy

  • Prerequisite skills in Excel and Access

    • MGIS 317 – do large Access project

    • MGST 391 Research and Analysis for Decision Making

  • Most important topics: software, Internet, information literacy, security

  • Some group work

C&C Requirements

  • Graduates need

    • Computer literacy

    • To understand how computers are used

    • Long-term retention of concepts

    • Less concerned about skills

  • Most important concepts: Internet, information literacy, computer program development

  • Most important skills: Blackboard, web search, Word

Survey of Current Students

  • some data

    • 80% agreed: “this course is valuable”

    • preference for talking about concepts to reading about

    • preference for instruction rather than learning on own

    • prefer practical projects

Survey of Past Students

  • Ranked most important topics

    • software and operating systems

    • Internet

    • networking and communications

  • Least important

    • hardware

    • computer program development

Past students

  • want

    • a very practical course

Pilot of Online lessons

  • for Microsoft PowerPoint tutorials and assignment used online lessons and performance-based assessment

  • two systems used

Student Experience

  • The majority of students agreed that

    • The online lessons explained new concepts well.

    • The online lessons allowed me to tailor my learning to my prior knowledge.

    • Overall, I prefer the online lessons to the workbook.

    • Assessment in this course should combine short online quizzes to test fundamental software skills with larger integrative assignments to test application.

Student Experience

  • The majority of students disagreed with the statement

    • Assessment in this course should only use larger integrative assignments.

Instructors Discussed Data

  • Agreed to use Blackboard

  • Try to make course topics and delivery more student friendly

Course topics

Lecture Hours

  • Use the lecture hours less for lecturing and more for student centered activities.

  • We would like students to read material before lecture and discuss during lecture time.

  • We will spend more time discussing case studies and facilitating student projects and assignments.

Tutorial Hours

  • Want to use online lessons and assessment to teach the basic Microsoft Office skills.

  • Will use 50% of the tutorial time to facilitate the online lessons

  • remaining 50% of the time to work on case studies and assignments.

Fall 2006

  • A textbook more compatible with the core topics has been chosen

  • Online lessons and assessment will be used to teach Microsoft Office skills

  • Assignments are designed around a case study


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