Christmas in ireland
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Christmas in Ireland. All about how Christmas is celebrated in the country of Ireland!. Ire l and Flag of Ireland Population: 4 622 917 Dublin (capital city) 1,024,027 (2013). When is it Celebrated?.

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Christmas in Ireland

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Christmas in Ireland

All about how Christmas is celebrated in the country of Ireland!


Flag of Ireland

Population: 4 622 917

Dublin(capital city) 1,024,027 (2013)

When is it Celebrated?

  • Christmas in Ireland is celebrated from Christmas eve(Dec.24th) to the feast of the Epiphany on January 6.

Languages Spoken

  • Happy/merry Christmas is “NollagShonaDhuit”

  • This language is Irish.

  • The trees are decorated with tinsel, colorful lights and topped off with a star or an angle.


  • In Irish (or Gaelick) Christmas, Santa Claus is known as “San Nioclas”(Saint Nicholas) or “Daidinanollag”(Father Christmas)

Santa Claus in Irish

  • People make cribs to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the arrival of the 3 kings.

Important Characters

Traditional Food

  • Irish women bake a seed cake for each person in the house. They also make three puddings, one for each day of the Epiphany such as Christmas, New Year's Day and the Twelfth Night. The main meal includes turkey, cranberry sauce, ham and more things like a thanksgiving dinner. For desert mince pies, christmas pudding and rum sauce.

  • Christmas in Ireland is for religious purposes more than for fun


  • People who help through out the year would receive presents like the plumber and the milkman.


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