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2013 14 scoring updates
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2013-14 SCORING UPDATES. Note all score sheets are new this season and can be found online on the FORMS page http://www.iavbreg.org/index.php/forms/. New Libero Rules. If you start the match with 2 Liberos you must keep the same 2 Liberos for the match unless there is an injury

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2013 14 scoring updates


Note all score sheets are new this season and can be found online on the FORMS page


New libero rules

New Libero Rules

  • If you start the match with 2 Liberos you must keep the same 2 Liberos for the match unless there is an injury

  • If you start the first set of the match with Zero or 1 Libero you can have up to 1 Libero for the rest of the match.

    • And this Libero can be a different person for each set.

New rule on wrong player

New Rule on Wrong Player

  • The first of these scenarios is Rule In this scenario, the illegal player in question refers to a player on the court who is not recorded on the line-up sheet. When it is determined that there is an illegal player on the court, the referee must go to the scoresheet and Libero Control Sheet and determine the first moment the illegal player entered the set. The team will lose ALL points back to that moment in the match.

New rule on wrong player slide 2

New Rule on Wrong Player- slide 2

  • For example, Team A has player number 9 listed on the line-up sheet, but player number 8 is in the game and has been from the start of the set. After several rallies with no substitutions and the score 5-5, number 8 goes back to serve. The scorer immediately notifies the second referee that there is no number 8 on the line-up. Since no substitutions have occurred, the referees know that number 8 was on the court from the beginning of the set. Team A loses all their points since they have played the entire set so far with an illegal player. Team A would be instructed to put the correct player on the court or request a substitution to allow the illegal player to continue in the set. Team B would receive a point and the ball for service. The set would continue with a score of Team B 6, Team A 0.

Iowa region procedures

Iowa Region Procedures

  • Because of the Wrong Player and loss of points the Board has decided that each team 16u or younger needs to have a certified Adult at the scoring table to either- track the Libero, Score or to flip the score and assist with calling out Libero changes and substitutions. (aka deflect flack from spectators)

  • Also at the beginning of each set the Second referee will call out loud the positions of all players on the court when checking line-ups and will call out the Libero if they enter at this time.

Key: out loud

2 set score sheet


New score sheets

New Score sheets

  • The Results Section is now on the upper right side

  • The Team & Match winner needs to be listed

  • The signature of the Coaches, First official and Scorer are below that section.

  • Signing the sheet means the score is correct.

Deciding set scoresheet

Deciding Set Scoresheet

Line up sheet

Line Up Sheet

  • Because of the Libero Rules and the Service Order High School Line up sheets will not be accepted.

  • If you want to have a set sheet. Please use the USAV sheet and add the players names and numbers.

Line up sheets

Line Up Sheets

New substitution procedure

New Substitution Procedure

  • Enter line ups centered in each column

  • For a Substitution

  • Enter the number of the new sub on the left.

  • Followed by the score at the time of the sub listing that teams score listed first followed by the other teams score.

  • 3. Slash the total team substitution.

If points are removed

If Points are removed

  • Erase the Slashed or Triangled points by

    • Using Correction Tape

    • Erasing

    • Or “x” ing over

  • Rewrite the points and slash when rescored.

  • Nothing will be done with the exit scores so One exit score for a team may be 16 and the next after points are removed may be 1.

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