monthly special education school coordinator meeting
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Monthly Special Education School Coordinator Meeting

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Monthly Special Education School Coordinator Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Monthly Special Education School Coordinator Meeting. 9/15/2014. Agenda. Evaluation-Reevaluation Process Forms Enrich procedures FBA-Reevaluation Enrich Reporting Progress Towards Parents Service Log Exiting. Evaluation/Reevaluation.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Evaluation-Reevaluation Process
    • Forms
    • Enrich procedures
  • FBA-Reevaluation
  • Enrich
    • Reporting Progress Towards Parents
    • Service Log
    • Exiting
evaluation reevaluation
  • The process is the same for initial evaluation and for reevaluation
  • There are no short cuts
  • There are no steps to skip
enrich breaks this process into 3 separate components
Enrich breaks this process into 3 separate components


Reevaluation Review

Evaluation (gathering the additional info)*

Eligibility Determination

* If the team determines additional information is needed

  • Initials
    • Referral/evaluation planning
    • Evaluation (gathering the additional info)*
    • Eligibility Determination
  • Review existing information – what do we already know about the student?
  • Determine if you have enough to make decisions (eligibility/continued eligibility and educational needs)
  • At this point, the team determines 1 of 2 things
    • No, we do not needadditional information or
    • Yes, we do need additional information
no we do not need additional information
No, we do not need additional information
  • Eligibility/continued eligibility is determined and educational needs are discussed
    • This finalizes/finishes/completes the evaluation/reevaluation and eligibility determination process
  • Conduct an AR or a SR as needed
yes we do need additional information
Yes, we do needadditional information
  • What areas do we need additional information in to make the decisions?
  • Obtain parent consent to gather information in those areas.
  • Gather the information requested by the team.
  • Review all information and make your decisions about and educational need.
  • Get consent for the initial provision of sped services.
  • Develop an IEP.
  • Use a variety of tools and strategies
  • Not use any single measure as the sole criterion for decisions
  • Be sufficiently comprehensive to identify all of the child’s special education and related service needs, whether or not commonly linked to the disability category being considered
our form enrich s process
Our form/Enrich’s process
  • To ensure a comprehensive evaluation
  • To document all areas discussed
  • To assist/guide teams through the process
  • EvaluationY and Eligibility Determination
    • Enrich Directions EvaluationY and Eligibility Determination
  • ReevaluationN and Eligibility Determination
    • Enrich Directions ReevaluationN and Eligibility Determination
  • ReevaluationY and Eligibility Determination
    • Enrich Directions ReevaluationY and Eligibility Determination

If you are in the middle of an initial evaluation or a reevaluation, finish the way you started (unless you just want to switch).


initial evaluations no new info needed
Initial evaluations, no new info needed
  • These are rare, but do happen.
  • Call Beckie and we’ll walk through how to do this because of a glitch in Enrich.
  • Functional behavioral assessment is generally considered to be a problem-solving process for addressing student problem behavior. It relies on a variety of techniques and strategies to identify the purposes of specific behavior and to help IEP teams select interventions to directly address the problem behavior. 

A functional behavioral assessment looks beyond the behavior itself. The focus when conducting a functional behavioral assessment is on identifying significant, pupil-specific social, affective, and/or environmental factors associated with the occurrence (and non-occurrence) of specific behaviors. This broader perspective offers a better understanding of the function or purpose behind student behavior.

fba initial evaluation or reevaluation
FBA = Initial Evaluation or Reevaluation
  • You will always do a FBA as part of an initial evaluation (for new students) or as part of a reevaluation
  • A FBA would be included in your consent to evaluate or consent to reevaluate
  • Initiate the reevaluation process first in Enrich
  • The reevaluation team will determine the need for the FBA (gathering additional information in the area of social/emotional/behavior)
  • The team will get consent to reevaluate
  • The team will gather all requested information
  • After you’ve held the reevaluation review meeting and gotten consent to reevaluation
    • Add Action
      • Functional Behavior Assessment
      • Select Consent for Evaluation
    • Let the questions guide you through the FBA process
  • After you’ve held the reevaluation eligibility determination meeting, you will either address the behavior issues through the IEP or create/revise a BIP
    • Add Action
      • Behavior Intervention Plan
reporting progress towards goals
Reporting Progress Towards Goals
  • Enrich is set up with 5 options:
    • Quarterly with Quarterly Reports
    • 4.5 weeks with Interim Reports
    • Every 9 weeks
    • Every 4.5 weeks
    • N/a comparable services

Starting today – AVOID THESE

reporting progress towards goals1
Reporting Progress Towards Goals
  • The district has to set the dates to “open” the progress reporting window.
  • We’ll choose dates that are approximate to the “norm” (keep in mind 31 different schools).
    • We understand that these dates might not be exact, but it will be close.
reporting progress towards goals2
Reporting Progress Towards Goals
  • When a reporting period opens up, it will appear based on two things:
    • Frequency the IEP determined progress will be reported, and
    • Dates entered by the district.
reporting progress towards goals3
Reporting Progress Towards Goals

4.5 1 progress report . . . . 4.5 2 progress Report is due . . . 4.5 3 progress report is due . . .

reporting progress towards goals4
Reporting Progress Towards Goals

4.5 weeks with IR = abbreviation for every 4.5 with Interim Reports

service log
Service Log
  • Enrich allows folks to log their services
  • This is already common practice among many SLPs, OTs, and PTs.
  • To do this, it requires the school special education coordinator to “set things up” in Enrich.
service log1
Service Log
  • To set up the service log:
    • Click the administrative icon at the top of your screen (will only be available until 9/30/2014).
    • Click “view all users”
    • Find the user at your school that you need to set up, click edit (ONLY click users at your school)
service log2
Service Log

4) Assign the Team Responsibility

5) Assign the Service Provider Title

6) Under Services, select the service(s) that they will be “providing.” (do not click “signs” for anyone)

-for non SLP/PT/OT (essentially your classroom teachers), you’ll select a lot of options.

7) Click Save

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you change any other information on this page.

DO NOT delete

DO NOT merge

DO NOT change their username

service log3
Service Log
  • After you’ve assigned the person rights to provide such a service, go back into the child’s “program tab” dashboard.
service log4
Service Log
  • Troubleshooting
    • Sometime after adding appropriate staff, that staff still doesn’t appear in the dropdown (for converted data only)
    • The reason:
      • Enrich defines the options for services and Excent allowed you to freely type.
      • Services can only be provided by associating a person to a service.
    • To fix, administratively edit the service on the converted data and select the appropriate service from the dropdown.
      • Common example:
        • Excent = Speech
        • Enrich = Speech and Language
  • There is a cheat sheet on the Bookshelf for this, however:
    • Just because they exit in PS, doesn’t exit them from Enrich – all kids with IEPs in Enrich must also be “exited from special education” through “end special education”
    • You might not find them when you type the name in the dropdown, you’ll need to find them through “more search options.”
  • Unlike Excent, there is nothing special you do to end a particular service in Enrich – other than to follow non-Enrich procedures: reeval and amend IEP.
next meeting
Next Meeting

Monday, October 13, 2014 @ 2:30pm

Major Topic: Tables 1 & 3 (child count)