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SFA Monday. Vocabulary. Can you pronounce it Do know the definition Can you use it in a sentence. Title: So You Want to Be President? Reading Goal: Drawing conclusions Team Cooperation Goal: Complete tasks Genre : Expository Non-Fiction Author: Judith St. George.

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SFA Monday

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SFA Monday


  • Can you pronounce it

  • Do know the definition

  • Can you use it in a sentence

Title: So You Want to Be President? Reading Goal: Drawing conclusionsTeam Cooperation Goal: Complete tasksGenre: Expository Non-FictionAuthor: Judith St. George

Greta was really worried because her cat was sick and she had to take it to the vet.



“When I tell you to do your homework, I expect it to be done quickly,” Mom said.



Terri got the flu and felt so miserable that she missed three days of school.



“Why does she always get to pick?” Marvin complained when his sister chose the movie the family would watch that evening.



“This test is going to be difficult,” their teacher said solemnly, “and I hope you all study!”



To be a good ball player, you should pattern yourself after the best ball players.



Reading Goal: Drawing Conclusions

My Mom told me not to run in flip flops but I did anyway.

When we guess what is going to happen, we are drawing a conclusion.

We draw conclusions based on clues.

To look at clues to figure out what is going on in the story.

TE p. 217

On her way home from school, Marcia saw a dog. The dog had no collar and looked dirty and hungry. She felt sorry for the dog and wondered if she could help it. As she got closer to the dog, she thought about maybe petting it and trying to take it home so her mother could call somebody about picking it up. When she got close to the dog, however, the hair on the dog’s back stood up. She could hear the dog growling very quietly in the back of its throat. Marcia knew that sometimes dogs were suspicious of strangers, and she thought for a second about trying to make friends with the dog by giving it some of the crackers she had in her backpack. But the dog showed her its teeth and barked loudly. It was not wagging its tail or making any sign that it wanted Marcia to come closer. Marcia decided she would tell her mother to call the dog catcher when she got home.

Pages TE p. 328

Pages 4-17

Let’s predict Page 246

TE P. 365

Team Talk

Let’s preview the questions on page 93 of your treasure hunt.

Partner Read 15 minutes

  • Put 2 sticky notes on words that are new or unfamiliar to you P. 246-248

  • Partner Read p. A:246-B:247

  • Restate page B:246 and A:247

  • Read Silently: Page 248

  • Discuss with team words you clarified

  • Find vocabulary words

Team Discussion

  • Pass out Team Discussion Cards

  • Discuss answers to team talk questions

  • Write answers to question 1 and 3

Class Discussion

  • What are some of the words you clarified?

  • Answer questions 1-4

Adventures in Writing 15 min

Treasure hunt page 83

Discuss with your table first.

Vocabulary Practice

Treasure Hunt Page 73

Fluency5 min

Pg 72-74, paragraphs 1-6

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