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‘New to GSMP’. An Introduction to the GSMP Event April-2008, Brussels. Overview. What is it? How to Participate? How the Does the Process Work? How to get the most out of this event?. Welcome to GSMP!

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‘New to GSMP’

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New to gsmp

‘New to GSMP’

An Introduction to the GSMP Event

April-2008, Brussels



  • What is it?

  • How to Participate?

  • How the Does the Process Work?

  • How to get the most out of this event?

Welcome to GSMP!

We would like to offer you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the GS1 Global Standards Management Process (GSMP)

What is global standards management process gsmp

What is Global Standards Management Process (GSMP)?

What is gsmp

What is GSMP?

  • Pre-eminent worldwide collaborative forum where GS1 standards and solutions are built and maintained

  • Comprehensive set of methods and rules allowing the user community and industry groups to create global standards and guidelines

  • Our process is Open and Transparent

Benefits of membership

Benefits of Membership

Benefits to you and your company include

  • A voice in shaping global standards and solutions

  • First-hand knowledge of new and emerging standards

  • Exposure to latest trends & innovations

  • Networking with colleagues

  • Fresh Ideas

Gsmp deliverables gs1 core technologies

GSMP Deliverables - GS1 Core Technologies

Structure of the gsmp

Structure of the GSMP

How to participate in the gsmp process

How to Participate in the GSMP Process

Participating in a standards development team

Participating in a Standards Development Team

  • Organised and led by a GSMP Process Manager

  • Virtual meetings are teleconferences which range from weekly to monthly

  • Virtual meetings may also include web meetings or video conferencing

  • Physical meetings occur twice a year

  • Ad hoc physical meetings may be scheduled

Gsmp community tools

GSMP Community Tools

GSMP Website

GS1 Knowledge Centre


Gsmp community tools1

GSMP Community Tools

GS1 Community Room

GSMP Change Request System


How the gsmp process works

How the GSMP ProcessWorks

Change requests

Change Requests

  • Change Requests (CR) are submitted by the community to request new standards or modify existing standards

  • Once a Change Request is entered into our system, it receives a CR Number and is then assessed by GS1.

  • Upon prioritization from GS1, a Change Request becomes a GSMP Work Order (WO) and the CR Number becomes a WO Number

Gsmp 6 step process

6. Posting

An eBallot supports consensus of users and ratification of the process

1. Statement of Business Need Defines the priorities, resources, and scope of the project – SOW issued

5. Pilot

Assures quality, the user's needs are met, and that the standard is ready to go to market.

2.Requirements Gathering & Analysis

Business Requirements Analysis Document (BRAD)

Change Request Submitted

4. Technical Solution Design

The expression of the Business Solution Design into a technical specification.

3. Business Solution Design

Development, documentation, and approval by the Process Groups of business requirements and solutions

GSMP 6 Step Process

What meetings should i attend this week

What meetings should I attend this week?

Barcodes identification meetings

BarCodes & Identification Meetings

Process Manager: Tom Heist tom.heist@gs1.org

  • BarCodes & ID TDT (Monday)

    • Processing Changes to the GS1 General Specifications

    • Work Flow Improvements

    • DataBar and SGLN Discussions

  • BarCodes & ID BRG (Tuesday & Wednesday)

    • Processing Changes to the GS1 General Specifications

    • General Specification Publication Enhancements

    • New Sectors & New Technologies

Gdsn meetings

GDSN Meetings

Process Managers:

Justin Childsjustin.childs@gs1.orgMike Mowad michael.mowad@gs1.org

Melanie Kudela melanie.kudela@gs1.orgJean-Luc Championjean-luc@gs1.org

Gdsn meetings cont

GDSN Meetings, cont.

  • Data Accuracy BRG

    • Joint Session with Data Quality Steering Committee

    • Review Hard Package Measurement Tolerances to see if the should Adjusted for Case & Each Level

    • Pilot Update from Large Flexible package Pilot


    • Update from All GDSN related Work Groups

    • CR 08-060 Sending Preliminary Item Data during product development

    • Potential Deployments of Maintenance Release Price & Item

  • GDSN Code List Simplification Work Group

    • Review/Modify Packaging Material & Packaging Type Code List Definitions

    • Review/Modify Platform Type Code List definition

    • Narrow Code List Scope based on member research within industry sectors

Gdsn meetings cont1

GDSN Meetings, cont.

  • Hardlines

    • Attribute Review of

    • Computer / Video Games and Computer Software Non-Games

    • Compactors and Disposers

    • Cooker Hoods

  • GDSN Enhanced Party Synchronisation

    • Review and harmonizeParty Roles

    • Discussion on alignment to external solutions and harmonization of their data models

    • Bi-directional synchronization of Party Information

Gdsn meetings cont2

GDSN Meetings, cont.

  • GDSN Trade Item Implementation Guide WG

    • Broker Distributor Model

    • Space Planning

    • CIC Response

    • Trade Item Hierarchies for Assortments

    • Date Fields

    • Creating & Implementing Extended Attributes

Gdsn meetings cont3

GDSN Meetings, cont.

  • GDSN Modular Item WG

    • To finalize GDD and Fast Track Attribute review

    • To analyze Modular Item Future State BRAD Public Review

Data quality meetings

Data Quality Meetings

Process Managers: Gabriel Sobrinogabriel.sobrino@gs1.org

  • Importance of data quality in an efficient supply chain

  • 'Data Quality Challenge' and joining as a participant

  • Newly available data quality tools

Ecom meetings

eCom Meetings

Process Managers: Jean-Luc Championjeanluc.champion@gs1.org

John Ryujohn.ryu@gs1.org

Ecom meetings cont

eCom Meetings , cont.

  • Trading Partner Performance Management Work Group

    • BRAD and the 16 Measure Overview

    • Implementing TPPM

    • Help to Maximize 30 Day Public Review

Ecom meetings cont1

eCom Meetings , cont.

  • eCom BRG

    • To motion current Business Requirement Queue to Public Review

    • To clarify Identification Key usage between EANCOM and GS1 XML

    • To define action item to motivate users to move from EANCOM ’97 to EANCOM 2002

  • eCom Logistics Standards WG

    • To finalize Transport Instruction Message BRAD

    • To merge definitions from TBG3 Business Requirement Specification

    • To start development of Transport Status Request

Solutions meetings

Solutions Meetings

Facilitator: Diane Taillard diane.taillard@gs1.org

Local community network meetings

Local Community Network Meetings

Process Manager: Melanie Kudela melanie.kudela@gs1.org

  • Local Community Network (LCN)

    • Brief introduction to LCN

    • Value LCN brings to a company and a Membership Organization

    • How members can learn more about what LCN can do for them



Facilitator: Thomas Bikeev thomas.bikeev@gs1.org

Next steps

Next Steps

Next steps1

Next Steps

Step 1

Review the current GSMP Standards Development Groups and choose which one is right for you:


Step 2

Review the current GSMP Call-To-Actions for details about new GSMP projects:


Step 3

Fill out a GSMP application form to join additional Standards Development groups:




  • All mobile devices on silent mode

  • No side bar conversation

  • Meetings will begin promptly at designated start times

    • Coffee Break AM (10:30 - 11:00) and PM (15:00 - 15:30)

    • Lunch & Learn 12:45 - 13:15

  • Registration Desk

    • GSMP Event Information

    • Brussels Information

  • Share your feedback

    • Complete the online post-event survey!

Contact details

Contact Details

GS1 Global Office

Avenue Louise 326, bte 10

B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

T + 32 2 788 78 00

W www.gs1.org

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