Social media school districts and trusteeship
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Social Media, School Districts and Trusteeship PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Media, School Districts and Trusteeship. Integrating social media use into your governance role. February 25, 2011 BCTSA Provincial Council. “ Trustweeps ”. ?. ?. WHAT IS Social Media?. Your personal Facebook page Your fan/group page

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Social Media, School Districts and Trusteeship

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Social Media, School Districts and Trusteeship

Integrating social media use into your governance role

February 25, 2011BCTSA Provincial Council




WHAT ISSocial Media?

  • Your personal Facebook page

  • Your fan/group page

  • Posting on other Facebook pages (groups, personal pages, events, etc.)

  • Your Tweets, DMs

  • Your feed

  • Hashtags: i.e. #bctsa

  • Lists i.e. bc_trustees

Google Alerts, etc. …

  • Media Comments Sections:

  • i.e. Vancouver Sun, local news“paper” websites, radio sites, etc.

  • Blogs:

  • Running your own blog

  • Posting on other blogs

  • Old School

  • BBS’s

  • Message boards

But What Does ThisHave to Do with ME?(I have a hard enough time keeping up on all my emails)


  • Connecting to constituents, especially younger generation of parents(maybe even students!?!)

  • Local issues management/mitigation

  • Campaigning (Tweets, blog/website, FB fan pages)


Facebook Campaign Pages

Connecting to Constituents

  • Students & Parents starting up “petition” Facebook pages:

    • “Fire the … so-and-so-and-so, so-and-so-and-so”

    • “We Want Mr. T. Back at Elphinstone

    • Advocacy Page for Student with Autism

Issues Mitigation: Insta-Petitions

Issues Mitigation:“The Blog”


Janet Steffenhagen’s “Report Card” blog has transformed BC public education dialogue, and arguably even Board/District communications and policies. It is the “lens.”

Trustees need to post here: to clarify positions, to help shape the dialogue, to advocate for public education, to show we have a pulse…


  • I’ll say it again: Be TRANSPARENT!! (i.e. use your real name, you’re a public representative)

  • Be diplomatic: It’s no different from discussing issues in public and in person to your constituents. Don’t be fooled by “distance” of online communication, but don’t be intimidated as well. Social media a “hot” medium, more like conversation than traditional print.

  • Stick to the facts (no one else does: you’ll be appreciated)

  • Be humble (i.e. Catherine Alpha/BCTF apology)

  • Be respectful of your fellow trustees and board positions, on and off your board

Taking on the Elephant

Even More Reasons to Give Up on Those Emails


  • Keeping up on issues/innovations province-wide

  • Connecting with other trustees province-wide

  • Engaging with other agencies, governments, MLAs…

  • Pushing your nefarious political agenda!

  • Showing (Janet Steffenhagen) that we’re alive


What to Tweet about?

More Trustweeps:The BC Trustees Twitter List


Either search for this list and follow it, or follow me (@silaswhite) and I will add you to the list.

More Discussion?

  • “Oversharing”Doug Elinski… Ray Lam… Dana Larsen…

    “Having friends on Facebook is like inviting people into your home?”

  • Tweeting as Government Communications/Announcements

  • The Tweeting Superstar of Canadian Elected Officials: @TonyClement_MP: 2,726 tweets, over 12,000 followers

    “Industry Minister Tony Clement, a prolific tweeter, responded to a tweet by a reporter confirming that if the CRTC did not reverse its decision on usage-based billing that the Conservative cabinet would.

    The tweet set of a firestorm of debate about the use of Twitter by Members of Parliament and whether or not Clement’s tweet was just another example of open government or a reckless and irresponsible use of the medium.” –Scoot H. Payne, the Commons

More Discussion?

“[I am] completely appalled by the vitriol and viciousness of the comments and the number of inaccurate and false statements made by individuals [in online blogs and talkback forums], mostly anonymously. …“It's absolutely astonished me that people hide behind a computer and say whatever they want - whether it is true or not," [Langley Trustee Alison] McVeigh said. "Where has civility gone?“… at a meeting, in response to false online claims Langley trustees made $32,000, and took a pay hike.

Thank you to all my Twitter Followers and Facebook Friends

(and to Natasha Netschay Davies, for her valuable input, and Rob Goodall and BCSTA for inviting me)

[email protected]



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