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Unit 9 Can you come to my party?. Section A Grammar Focus. Studying Aims. Learn 10 important phrases. Can for invitation. Use modal verb. have to Be+V-ing shows action or plan in the future. REVISION. .prepare for an exam .go to the doctor .have the flu .help my parents

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Unit 9 Can you come to my party?

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Unit 9 Can you come to my party?

Section A Grammar Focus

Studying Aims

  • Learn 10 important phrases.

  • Can for invitation.

  • Use modal verb. have to

  • Be+V-ing shows action or plan in the future


  • .prepare for an exam

  • .go to the doctor

  • .have the flu

  • .help my parents

  • .meet my friend

have the flu

help my parents

meet my friend

prepare for an exam

go to the doctor


Can she come to the party?

Yes,she can.

Can he go to the baseball game?


He has to study.

Can he

Can they come to the party

Can they

No they cant.They have to study for the math test.

A: Can your mother go to the concert?

B: When is it?

A: Its on Saturday evening.

B: Sure/ Yes/ Certainly, shed love to.

B: No, she cant. She is doing housework.

She has to babysit my sister.

She has a party with her friends.

your mother


Monday evening

do housework

babysit my sister

have a party with

her friends

A: Can they play football with us?

B: When is it?

A: Its on Sunday afternoon.

B: Sure, theyd love to

Yes, they can.


play football

Sunday afternoon

have an English test

visit their teachers

do homework

B: No, they cant. They have an English test.

They are visiting their teachers.

They have to do their homework.

Accept Invitations:

Sure/Yes/Of course, Id love to.

Certainly, Id like to.

Decline invitations:

Im sorry, I cant. I have to look after my grandmother.

I have a piano lesson.

I am going shopping with my friend.

help my parents/ visit my aunt/ play football/ study for the English test/have a piano lesson/ go to the mall/ babysit my sister/ do homework/go to the movies/ go to my guitar

lesson/ watch a football match/play tennis/ go to the doctor/ surf the Internet/ go fishing/ relax at home

Grammar Focus

Complete these sentences

  • 1.I have to study A. a piano lesson at 3:00.

  • 2.You should B. my aunt.

  • 3.I have C. go to the doctor.

  • 4. I should help D. for a test.

  • 5. I have to visit E. my parents.

Daily Exercises

-- Can you come to my party?

-- Im sorry I cant. I _________________.

  • 1. have to go to my guitar lesson

  • 2. have to go to play soccer

  • 3. have too much homework

  • 4. have to go to the doctor

  • 5. have to study for a test

  • 6. have a piano lesson

  • 7. have to go to my cousins birthday party

  • 8. am not feeling well

(Ask and answer in pairs)

  • Can you come to my party?

  • Sorry,I cant. I have to_________.

  • 1.

  • 2.

  • 3.

  • 4.

  • 5.

study for a test

go to the doctor

have a piano lesson

help my parents

visit my aunt

3a Complete the answers with might and one

of the phrases in the box.

1. A: What are you going to do on Saturday?

B: Im not sure. I might______________

2. A: What are you planning to do after school?

B: I dont know.____________________

watch TV on the weekend my cousin visit grandparents practice the violin

practice the violin.

I might watch TV.

3. A: When will you finish the science


B: ____________________________________

4. A: Who are you going to the movies with?


5. A: Are you free to come to my place on



On the weekend

My cousin

No. I might visit grandparents .

  • 3b Complete the sentences below. Use the

  • words in brackets to help you.

  • Inviting: (can / play tennis)

  • ________________________________________________

  • Accepting:________________________2. Inviting: (would like to/ go to the movies)

  • Reason:(might have to)

  • ______________________________

  • Refusing :

Can you come to play tennis?

Sure, that sounds great.

would you like togo to the movies?

Im afraid not. I have too much


3. Inviting: (can/hang out with us tonight)

Reason: (must)


Refusing: _____________________________

4. Inviting: ( would like to / come to my

birthday party)



homework to do.

Can you hang out with us tonight?

No, I cant. I must finish my homework.

Would you like to come to mybirthday party?

Sure, Id love to.

3c Write down everything you have to do next

week. Choose a day and time to have a party.

Then invite classmates to your party.

A: Can you come to my party?

B: When is it?

A: Next week, on Thursday night.

B: Im sorry. I have to study for a math test.

Do you know week?

colorful weekend activities

go skateboarding

go to the cinema

go shopping

play basketball

surf the Internet

climb mountains

go fishing

go to a party

Weekend Activities

go to the concert

study for a test

have a piano lesson

go to a baseball game/

have baseball training

visit his aunt

go to the doctor

What do you usually do on weekends?

What activities do you do on weekends?

What weekend activities do you do?

have to

A: What do you have to do this weekend?B: I have to

study for a test

go to the doctor

have a dancing lesson

Grammar focus

may/might, can/could,

must, have to, shall/should, will/would,

ought to, need, dare, used to


have to


2. (have to)

3. not (have to)

(have to )

can, ,

, Sure, Id love to. /

Certainly. /Of course.,


Can you come to my birthday party


Sorry, I cant. I am going to visit my


1. can/may

  • maycan

    You may/can smoke here.

  • Borrowers may not take out of the

    library more than two books at a time.

  • The policeman says you cant park here.

(2) May/Can I/we?

Can you?

May I use your phone?

Yes, you may./Yes, please.

/No, you may not.

/No, you mustnt.

/No, youd better not.

/Im afraid not.

/Im sorry. Id rather you didnt.

Can I go out and play, Mum?

Yes/Certainly, you can. /No, you cant.

Can you help me with this bag?

With pleasure./Sorry, I cant.


Mr. Reed looks pale. He may be ill.


Mr. Read is in poor health. He can be ill at any time. ()

This news may be true. (=might/could)


Wang Wei can be really stubborn.


This news may not be true.

(, =might not )

This news cant be true.

(, =couldnt)

Can this news be true?(=Could)

May this news be true?

(4) can

You can swim, cant you?

No, I cant.

I cantpromise anything, but Ill do what I can.

Tickets can be bought from the Tourist Information Center.

2. might/could

  • maycan

    The children asked whether they could/might go for a swim.()

    I was afraid it might rain that afternoon.


    He asked if the news could be true.

    ()(Can the news be true?)

She said he could speak several languages. ()

I couldnt find her telephone number.


(2) may

Theres someone at the door.

It could/might(=may) be George. ()

/It couldnt (=cant) be George.()

/Could(=Can) it be George?()

According to the radio it could/might/ may rain tomorrow.

Lightning could (=can) be dangerous.

(3) Might/Could I/we ?

Could you ?

Might/Could I ask you one more question?

Yes, of course you may/might/can/ could.

Could you help me with these boxes?

Of course I can./With pleasure.

I wonder if I could/might leave now.

I dont suppose you could/might.

3. can/be able to

  • can= am/is/are able to

    = shall/will be able to

    No one can do it.

    =No one is able to do it.

    Can you come tonight?

    =Will you be able to come tonight?

(2) could ; was/ were able to

I could swim when I was six.

He started late, but he was able to catch the eight oclock train.

=but he managed to catch

=but he succeeded in catching


Mr. Smith couldnt/wasnt able to see you because hes got a bad cold.

(3) be able to

Im sorry I havent been able to answer your letter.

=Im sorry for not being able to answer your letter.

To be able to run is very important for a footballer.

4. have to,

have to have to


has to,


We have to look after our sister at home.

Does he have to get up early tomorrow


I dont have to stay at home today.

have to

can, may must should

1) 4,

have to,

has to

He should study hard.

He has to study hard.


, not


--Can he go with us?

--He cant go with us.

have todo , doesdid

5. must/have to

  • must have to

    I dont like this TV set. I must buy a new one.

    This TV set doesnt work. We have to buy a new one.


You must get up at five tomorrow.

We (will) have to get up early tomorrow were going to Devon. (future)

I had to leave early because I wasnt feeling well.

She said she must/had to see the manager.



: (?)

Can you come to my party?

Could you come to my party?

Would you like to come to my party?



Sure, Id love/like to.

Im sorry, I cant. I have to

/Im V-ing


  • Thank you for(ask/ asking), but I cant go to the movies with you.

  • Paul has to study(at/ for) the math test tonight.

  • My sister has too(much/ many) homework to do.




4. Can you come to my party(at/ on) Saturday night?

5. She invites me(watch/ to watch) the basketball match the day after tomorrow.

6. I like playing(piano/ the piano).


to watch

the piano


A: Hey, Xiao Wang, can you go to the

m_______ on Saturday?

B: Im s______, I cant. I have too much

h_________ this weekend. And Im not

f_________ well today.

A: Thats too b____. Whats the matter?






B: Im not sure. Maybe I have a c______, as

Im feeling a little cold.

A: I think youd b_____ go to the d_______.

B: I also t______ so.

A: Maybe Im asking you to come another


B: Sure. T______ for asking.






1. Can you play tennis withon Saturday ?

A. us B. we C. our D. ours

2. Henryhis homework this afternoon.

A. have to do B. have to doing

C. has to do D. has to doing

3. Tony is playing tennisthe school team.

A. on B. in C. to D. with

4. Jimplay soccer with his friend this

weekend, because he is very busy.

A. can B. cans C. cannt D. cant





5. -?

-Its October the 14th.

A. When is today B. whats today

C. What time is today

D. What day is today

6. He iswith his father the whole day.

A. fish B. fishes

C. to fish D. fishing



7. Can you come to my party?


A: Sure, I love

B: Sure, I love to

C: Sure, Id love to

D: Sure, Id love.


8. ---Would you like to play football with us?

---____________, but Im busy.

A. No, I cant B. No, I wouldnt

C. Yes, Im glad D. Yes, Id love to

9. ---___________I take the newspaper away?

---No, you mustnt. You ______ read it only here.

A. Must; can B. May; can

C. Need; must D. Must; must




Write an invitation based on the following information.

Its a Birthday Party

For whom :


Friday,June30,at four hirty

Time :

Place :

Lisas house ,15th Street

Come and have fun!

Thank You!

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