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U. S. Army Garrison Fort Devens Devens, Massachusetts

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U. S. Army Garrison Fort Devens Devens, Massachusetts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U. S. Army Garrison Fort Devens Devens, Massachusetts. WELCOME TO ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY CONTROL COMMITTEE (EQCC) MEETING. 1 st QUARTER FY08 – 5 DEC 07. Opening Remarks Compliance Achievements – 4 th QTR FY07 Environmental Compliance Environmental Management System Closing Remarks. AGENDA.

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Presentation Transcript

U. S. Army Garrison Fort Devens

Devens, Massachusetts

Opening Remarks

Compliance Achievements – 4thQTR FY07

Environmental Compliance

Environmental Management System

Closing Remarks


fort devens dpw environmental division
Tom Poole (Ext. 2747)

Natural & Cultural Resources (Hunting, Grounds, Land Management, Wildlife, etc.)

Hazardous/Universal Waste

Drinking Water

Environmental Training

Pest Management

Ron Defilippo (Ext. 2644)

Wastewater/Storm Water

Air Quality


Custodial & Solid Waste Contracts

Lynn White (Ext. 2196)

Emergency Planning and Community & Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

Environmental Management System (EMS)

Environmental Quality Control Committee/General Support

Fort DevensDPW Environmental Division



Briefed by Lynn White

compliance achievements 4 th qtr fy07
Managing Environmental Programs

Cultural Resources

Supporting Hunting Season at South Post

Data Call – HQDA Environmental

Solid Waste, NEPA, Pest Management, Cultural & Natural Resources, EMS Metrics

compliance achievements 4 th qtr fy071
Hazardous Waste

Waste shipments sent out in previous months

Estimated next ship date – contact Tom Poole, Ext. 2747

Environmental Management System (EMS)

Installed and customized EMSolutions web-based software onto Fort Devens server

Training on software provided to DPW Environmental & DOIM

Began drafting Fort Devens EMS procedures

Began building Environmental program pages

Estimated Date of Completion: 1 May 2008

compliance achievements 4 th qtr fy072
NEPA Reviews & Support

Environmental Assessments

Sprint Tower EA – Being drafted

Cranberry Pond Road Reconstruction – Contract Pending Review

Record of Environmental Consideration

Emergency Generator Installment – Bldg 689

Roof Replacements & Renovations of Various Buildings (Buildings 683, 697, etc.)

If there is a spill, contact the following personnel asap:

Duty Hours – DPW Environmental @ Ext. 2747, 2196, 2644

After Hours – DOD Police @ Ext. 3333


DPW Environmental will make all external agency notification except in emergencies contact Devens Fire Department (911).

Spills to water regardless of the size must be reported to DPW Environmental ASAP.

Reportable spills must be cleaned up via contract/LSP with DPW Environmental oversight at the expense of the responsible party.

Example: 10 gallons for all types of fuel or oil (land only).

Non-reportable spills must be clean up by the responsible party under the direction of DPW Environmental.

Clean up procedures are in the Installation Spill Contingency Plan (ISCP).

Contact the hazardous waste manager to dispose of any spill-related waste.

Spill Reports (in ISCP) must be completed and provided to DPW Environmental ASAP.

Installation Spill Contingency Plan is on the Fort Devens website. A copy can also be provided by DPW Environmental upon request.Spills
pol management
POL…..Petroleum, Oil, or Lubricants

Managed by 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 112

Containers ≥ 55 gallons must be included in the Fort Devens Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures Plan (SPCCP) IAW the above regulation.

If you store any POLs in containers ≥ 55 gallon, Site Specific Spill Plans must be completed for your location to be included in Fort Devens SPCCP.

POL Management
Appropriate training must be provided to all personnel managing hazardous chemicals, hazardous waste, spills, and oils

If you perform emergency response operations for reportable spills, you must receive 40 Hr HAZWOPER training and certification.

If you manage any accumulation areas or generation points (hazardous waste or waste oil), you must have annual hazardous waste management training.

If you handle/manage hazardous chemicals/materials, you are required to have Hazard Communication. Check with your safety office.

Who offers this training:

94th RRC (Contact Jim Reedy @ 978-796-2508)

US Army Environmental Center website

national environmental policy act nepa reminder
NEPA requires consideration of the environmental effects of all proposed actions, programs, and projectsby federal agencies or on federal property beforeinitiation.

Initiating project lead must complete a Record of Environmental Consideration (REC).

REC must be reviewed and approved by DPW Environmental before proceeding.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Reminder
examples of nepa review actions
Installation of a generator, tank, boilers, etc.

Actions that may affect wetlands, endangered species, wildlife habitat, etc.

Action that could potentially cause fuel/oil spills, release of chemicals/pollutants into the ground, air, water, etc.

Construction, paving, etc.

Examples of NEPA Review Actions
executive order 13423
Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management

In past years, EOs were established to improved environmental performance in the federal government such as EO13148, Greening the Government through Leadership in Environmental Management

EO 13423 Purpose is :

To build on that body of work and success by integrating and updating prior practices and requirements into a cohesive, strategic approach to further ensure enhanced performance and compliance with statutory and other legal requirements.

Executive Order 13423





eo 13423
Per the “Instructions for Implementing Executive Order 13423” drafted by the Council of Environmental Quality (CEQ)

“Each (federal) agency shall maintain waste prevention and recycling programs in all of its facilities in the most cost effective manner possible….”

EO 13423
Devens has had several “Failed Load” for recyclable paper.

How to Correct:


NO Co-Mingling

Keep Recyclable Materials Separate

ma waste ban 310 cmr 19 017
Recyclable paper – Cardboard, paper, etc.

White goods – Refrigerators, stoves, etc.


Lead Acid Batteries

Whole Tires

Metals & Wood


Glass Containers

MA Waste Ban -310 CMR 19.017
Recyclables are picked up every other Fridays at designated locations.

Last Pickup: 11 January 2008

If you need recycling containers at your location, please contact Ron Defilippo at Ext. 2644

Fort Devens Recycling

Policy coming soon!

Emergency Planning

and Community

Right-to-Know Act

(EPCRA) Reporting

Briefed by Lynn White

purpose of epcra
Purpose of EPCRA

EPCRA’s Purpose is…

  • To increase public knowledge on the presence and activities associated with haz chemicals in communities and
  • Encourage and support planning for responding to environmental emergencies

EO13423 requires continued compliance with meeting the reporting requirements of Sections 301 through 313 of EPCRA.

what is due
EPCRA Section 312

Tracked inventory of all hazardous materials brought onsite during 2007 (Jan 1-Dec 31)

EPCRA Section 313

Accounting of all activities involving toxic chemicals during 2007

What is due?
EPCRA Request will be sent out mid-December

Due Date is 8 February 2008

If you bring a hazmat onsite, it must be tracked (what, when, manufacturer, etc.)

You must have the MSDS for each hazmat.

environmental management system ems1
set of processes that manages environmental obligations and minimizes environmental impacts

Part of the overall installation management system that specifically addresses potential environmental risks from the Army activities

Patterned in Alignment With ISO 14001:2004 standard

Originally required under Executive Order (EO) 13148, and continued in EO 13423

Environmental Management System (EMS)
eo 134231
Per the “Instructions for Implementing Executive Order 13423” drafted by the Council of Environmental Quality (CEQ)

“It is not a stand alone environmental program or data management program.”     

“…..use the management system as the framework within which the existing and new organizational responsibilities, programs, and activities are linked.”

EO 13423
meeting executive order 13148 31 dec 2005 due date
Original Milestones Set By Army to Meet EO due Date

Devens EMS Policy Completed and Signed 3 October 2003

Self Assessment/Gap Analysis of Devens Activities Completed on 19 Mar 04

Devens Implementation Plan Completed 12 Sep 2004

Aspects Analysis Completed on April 2005

Awareness Training Procedure Completed 30 Mar 2005

Management Review Completed by 30 Sep 2005

Meeting Executive Order 13148 – 31 Dec 2005 Due Date
meeting executive order 13423 31 dec 2009 due date
Fort Devens EMS In Full Conformance With ISO 14001 Standard

Establish formal system of management

EMSolutions software installed Sept 2007

Estimated Completion: 1 May 2008

Update EMS Policy

Status: Currently being staffed for review by DOIM

Estimated Date of Submittal to Installation Commander: 15 January 2008

Meeting Executive Order 13423 – 31 Dec 2009 Due Date
meeting executive order 13423 31 dec 2009 due date1
Fort Devens EMS In Full Conformance With ISO 14001 (continued)

Establish Fort Devens EMS Procedures

Status: Currently Being Drafted

Estimated Period of EQCC Members Review: 1 February - 1 March 2008

EMS Audit by Outside Agency by 30 Sep 2008

Implementation of Completed Fort Devens EMS

Estimated Date: 1 October 2008

Meeting Executive Order 13423 – 31 Dec 2009 Due Date
fort devens ems website

This website will not be completed until 1 May 2008.


Draft Fort Devens EMS Procedures

Environmental Program Pages


Various Environmental Documents & Links

Fort Devens EMS Website

Contact DPW Environmental