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Food choices
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BEFORE THE BELL: 1. Get your journal. 2. Get a highlighter or marker that you can highlight with . 3. Get 5 coloring utensils…doesn’t matter the colors…just 5 different colors. 4. Turn in your I Am Awesome wkst. Food Choices. Why do you eat the foods you eat?. Food Choices List.

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Food Choices

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Food choices


1. Get your journal.

2. Get a highlighter or marker that you can highlight with.

3. Get 5 coloring utensils…doesn’t matter the colors…just 5 different colors.

4. Turn in your I Am Awesome wkst.

Food Choices

Why do you eat the foods you eat?

Food choices

Food Choices List

Food choices

Many people create food rules in their head…

Foods that are good or bad.

Foods that will make them smart or dumb.

Foods that make them cool or uncool.

Foods that will create a perfect body.

Foods that can only be eaten on certain days or at certain times.

In your journal, list any food rules that you have floating around in your head.

(examples: don’t eat after 5:00 pm; candy bars are bad…)

Food choices

Cross out all of these rules.

Food choices

Food is just fuel for the body. It’s not a magic substance that makes some people thin, others fat, some people cool, others uncool. Food is food. Enjoy it for what it is.

Food choices

  • Our bodies were designed to be “intuitive eaters”.

  • What’s an “intuitive eater” you ask?

  • An “intuitive eater” is someone who:

  • Listen to your body’s hunger signals…eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full.

  • Listen to your taste buds…eat what tastes good!

(Write this on your notes…)

Food choices


A study done with preschoolers demonstrated to the medical community that our bodies can naturally regulate what we eat.

Preschoolers were observed for a week and given access to all types of foods.


Children ate lots one day and the next day very little.

Children picked different foods and food combinations for every meal.


The conclusion of the study showed that the children met their nutritional needs (amount of energy, nutrients). And they were able to do this without any instruction! That means they listened to their body!

Food choices

Remember healthy eating means listening to your body (intuitive eating).

Food choices

Just like those little kids knew by listening to their body…

Every single food has value for our body. Some foods just give our body fuel (calories = energy for our body), other foods give our body fuel and nutrients. THERE ARE NO BAD FOODS. Your body knows how to use the food you eat, if you let it.

That means you need to listen to your body…listen to your hunger and fullness signals. Am I hungry right now? Or am I just bored? Am I full? Listen to your taste buds. Does this taste good to me?

Food choices

There are actually only 3 “rules” to remember with food:

Eat everything in moderation

Eat something from every food group every day.

Eat a variety of foods.

Food choices

Back to your food choices list…

1. Highlight all the foods on your food choices list. Food is food! ALL FOOD IS GOOD FOR YOUR BODY!!

2. Put a checkmark by the foods YOU like.

Food choices

In your journal:

1. List 10 foods you eat on a regular basis. (Almost every week.)

2. Put a dot by the foods you eat because of:

(Make a color key for each dot.)

Taste (YOU like this food.)




Media (TV, magazines, movies, news)

3. How many of these foods are foods that YOU would choose?

Food choices

List 5 of your all-time favorite foods. (If you have a food rule that is causing you to not write down a food, tell that food rule to “Shut up!”)

Food choices

Spill It

In your journal spill your brain…

anything that’s going on in your life…anything you are thinking about…spill it on the page…

Punctuation, spelling…who cares! Just spill it!

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