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ARC 2.0. Introduction to Industry. AGENDA. Why a New ARC? Phased Transition ARC 2.0; It’s Initial Capability What Industry Needs to Know Creating Account Classified ARC Transition Classified ARC Access Demonstration. ARC 2.0 . Why a New ARC?.

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Arc 2 0

ARC 2.0

Introduction to Industry


  • Why a New ARC?

  • Phased Transition

  • ARC 2.0; It’s Initial Capability

  • What Industry Needs to Know

  • Creating Account

  • Classified ARC Transition

  • Classified ARC Access

  • Demonstration

Why a new arc
Why a New ARC?

  • The current ARC is a legacy capability that has remained largely unchanged for more than a decade.

  • Newer technology allows improvements in usability, functionality, security, and scalability.

  • Increasingly important Information Assurance (IA) requirements demand tighter controls on user access and auditability.

  • The new platform facilitates broader outreach to industry partners through improved communication mechanisms.

  • PKI integration improves traceability and ease of access on classified systems.

Arc 2 0 initial capability
ARC 2.0Initial Capability

  • ARC 2.0 provides significant improvements, while still maintains all the features of the legacy ARC.

  • In the initial rollout, the majority of the content will continue to reside in the legacy ARC.

  • The contractor registry will not initially have any organizations registered.

  • Legacy ARC content, such as current efforts and libraries, will be transferred into ARC 2.0 during the transition period.

  • New efforts will be initiated in ARC 2.0.

  • Content will grow as efforts increase during the transition.

Parallel operations
Parallel Operations

  • ARC and ARC 2.0 will operate in parallel during the transition period.

  • During the transition, some content will be on the legacy ARC, and some on ARC 2.0.

  • Having accounts in both systems, will allow you to link them and navigate between the sites.

  • The legacy ARC will be retired and any pertinent content will be moved to ARC 2.0.

What industry needs to know
What Industry Needs to Know

  • Corporate Account/Capabilities will not be migrated

    • The FIRST INDIVIDUAL from each company who establishes an account with a verifiable corporate email address will be the designated POC for that company.

    • Once the company is registered, the POC may assign additional users to manage that company's registry data.

  • User Accounts will not be migrated

    • A new account (username, password, and login details) will need to be established.

    • Once the new account is verified via e-mail, your current ARC account can be linked.

Creating account
Creating Account

  • DUNS numbers are required.

  • The appropriate government business POC (business development or contracts) should be the first individual to signup for the ARC.

  • That individual must have a corporate email from a domain that matches the government POC email domain in

  • For example, if your government POC in is [email protected], the first person to signup must have an email at

  • You will receive an email with a link to verify your account. You must click the link within 24 hours.

Remember while signing up
Remember While Signing Up

  • Corporate email addresses are required. No Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc.

  • If you have a High Side email address, enter it. Your High Side email address is not classified.

  • The more complete your information, the easier it will be to help you with any issues.

Once registered
Once Registered

  • Once you have your account, you can login to the ARC.

  • Remember that your username is your open email address.

  • Subsequent registrants to your company also need to have verifiable corporate email addresses.

  • Corporate responsibilities can be transferred amongst individuals within your company once logged in.

  • ARC 2.0 has only one type of login. There is no longer a distinction between company and individual accounts. Rather, individuals have rights to manage company information.

Classified arc transition
Classified ARC Transition

  • ARC 2.0 is being transitioned on the high side AFTER the initial unclassified rollout.

  • Once you have an account on the unclassified system, it will automatically be transferred to the high side within 1-2 business days.

  • Later this year, IC PKI will be required to access the classified ARC. All contractors must be proactive in obtaining PKI certificates from their sponsoring agencies.

  • For questions about PKI, email [email protected] (secure), or call 850-NICO (secure), (703) 808-NICO (open).

Classified arc access
Classified ARC Access

  • You will use the same username (open email) and password initially on the high side.

  • When initially transferred, your account on the high side will be locked out. You must be able to receive an email at your secure email address to verify your account.

  • Once your high side account is established, you will manage your PKI and/or password for the high and low accounts separately.

  • You will be able to associate your IC PKI certificate with your account, and login using PKI only on the high side.


  • Today’s demonstration will cover:

    • Account Signup

    • General Site Navigation & Getting Help

    • Managing Your Account

    • My ARC – Notifications and subscriptions

    • Linking legacy ARC and ARC 2.0 accounts

Account signup
Account Signup

  • You need your DUNS number, open email, and secure email

  • Training videos are there to assist if needed –

  • First person to signup for an organization is primary POC, then can designate responsibilities to others

Account signup1
Account Signup

Site navigation getting help
Site Navigation & Getting Help

  • Downloadable help file is available at

  • Many pages have context sensitive help, click the button on any page to pull up context sensitive help.

  • Visit the Contact Us link in the top right and bottom for further assistance.

Managing your account
Managing Your Account

  • Change password at any time with Change Password link in top right.

  • In My Arc, use My Account Settings to manage all aspects of your account.

Notifications subscriptions
Notifications & Subscriptions

  • Manage the efforts and agencies you are interested in under My Arc->My Subscriptions.

  • When new open efforts come out, you will be subscribed by default. You can then unsubscribe if you are not interested in that particular effort.

  • View your notifications/messages in My Arc->My Notifications/Inbox.

  • My Arc->My Calendar will show you important dates for all the efforts you are subscribed to.

Notifications subscriptions1
Notifications & Subscriptions

Account linking
Account Linking

  • You MUST have accounts in both the legacy ARC and ARC 2.0 before attempting to link your accounts.

  • The account linking process will not automatically create new accounts in either system.

  • The two accounts are separate, with their own usernames and passwords managed independently.

  • The account linking feature is a convenience for navigating between the two systems and not a requirement of either system.

  • You MUST start in the legacy ARC and access an ARC 2.0 resource from that system to link your accounts.

Account linking1
Account Linking

Final review
Final Review

  • Unclassified URL is

  • Help and training resources are available at

  • An announcement will be posted on both the legacy ARC and ARC 2.0 homepages with links to this briefing.

  • A hotline for assistance with user account creation and other ARC 2.0 FAQ’s is (703) 230-6403.