Welcome to the Mover Session
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Welcome to the Mover Session. Rent A Truck Company. Housing Choice Voucher Program. CMHA’s Housing Choice Voucher Program provides reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities. If you need an accommodation, including auxiliary aids and/or services, please contact Customer Service at:

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Welcome to the Mover Session

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Welcome to the mover session

Welcome to the Mover Session

Rent A Truck Company

Housing Choice Voucher Program

Welcome to the mover session

CMHA’s Housing Choice Voucher Program provides reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities.

If you need an accommodation, including auxiliary aids and/or services, please contact Customer Service at:

216-431-1471 (voice) or

1-800-750-0750 (Ohio Relay Service)

Please complete the background record release form

Please Complete the background Record Release Form

  • Must be completed by everyone in your family 18 and older

  • Turn in the forms to receive your voucher and moving papers

Do you have changes to report

Do you have Changes to report?

CMHA requires that you report any changes within 30 days.

  • Includes adding or removing family members.

  • CMHA currently only allows addition to family because of birth, adoption, marriage or court -awarded custody.

  • Increase or decrease in income

  • Keep a copy for your records

Welcome to the mover session


for a


Looking for a good unit

Looking for a GOOD Unit

A good unit should

A GOOD Unit should…

  • Be in a low crime area www.clevelandoh.areaconnect.com

  • Should offer amenities and community resources

  • Offer employment opportunities

  • Have a good neighborhood appearance

Deteriorated paint

Deteriorated Paint

  • The unit must be free from:

  • Chipping

  • Peeling

  • Cracking

  • Any deteriorated paint is unacceptable!

  • All Painted surfaces must be intact.

  • Disturbed painted surfaces will FAIL the inspection

Welcome to the mover session

  • Protect Your Family from Lead

  • Free Brochure

  • Included in your moving packet

  • Covers:

    • Protecting your family

    • Harmful effects of lead

    • Reducing lead hazards

    • Contact numbers for more information

Excellent schools

Excellent Schools


  • West: Bay Village, Lakewood, North Olmsted, North Royalton, Olmsted Falls, Rocky River, Strongsville, and Westlake

  • East: Beachwood, Brecksville-Broadview Heights, Chagrin Falls, Cuyahoga Heights, Independence, Mayfield, Orange, and Solon

Available unit list

Available Unit List


Welcome to the mover session


Memorandum of


Welcome to the mover session

CMHA and 18 Suburbs have teamed up to make the Housing Choice Voucher experience uplifting for our participants and our communities.


Bedford Heights


Brook Park

Cleveland Heights

Cuyahoga Heights

East Cleveland


Fairview Park

Garfield Heights



Maple Heights


Shaker Heights

South Euclid

University Heights

Warrensville Heights

Memorandum of understanding

Memorandum of Understanding


  • will inform each city which units will be subsidized

  • will require that landlords fix all city violations

    The City

  • will inform CMHA of code violations, police calls, criminal activity and nuisance complaints

Welcome to the mover session




A good unit should1

A Good Unit Should…

Pass the inspection the first time!

Inspections checklist

Located in your movers papers

Also available at www.cmha.net

Check the items on the list for each unit you visit.

Make sure the unit will pass the inspection

Inspections Checklist

Inspections checklist1

Inspections Checklist

  • Must correct any city violations

  • Utilities must be turned on at the time of the inspection

  • Unit must be vacant

  • Owner must has Occupancy Permit or Rental Registration

Welcome to the mover session




Your voucher is good for 120 days

Your Voucher is good for 120 days…

  • Must pass the background check

  • Must be current on annual requirements

  • Must not be proposed for termination

Did you receive the orange card

Did you Receive the Orange Card?

Your contract was cancelled for Landlord default:

You must be under contract within 120 days from date your unit was cancelled.

If not, you will be withdrawn

Your rfta packet

Review with owner/agent

Complete Everything

(except the lease)

You are the:




The landlord is the:




Your RFTA Packet

Look for a unit with the correct number of bedrooms

Look for a unit with the correct number of bedrooms

  • One bedroom for Head of Household and spouse, if any

  • One bedroom for each two additional family members (regardless of age)

  • Children under the age of 4 will share a room

Welcome to the mover session




Meeting with the landlord

Meeting with the Landlord

  • Be Professional

  • You cannot rent from a direct relative

  • Avoid a landlord that suggests fraud

Meeting with the landlord1

Meeting with the Landlord

  • Ask for the Security deposit policy in writing

  • There is no such thing as “Section 8 Approved”

Meeting with the landlord2

Meeting with the Landlord

  • Ask the landlord if he/she plans to sell the unit or if it is in foreclosure

  • Make sure the unit will pass inspection

Welcome to the mover session




Who owns this unit

Who Owns this Unit?

  • Check to see who actually owns the property

    • http://auditor.cuyahogacounty.us/

Background check the owner

Background Check the Owner

  • Check the owners criminal background

    • http://coc.cuyahogacounty.us/

    • You can check Civil and Criminal cases

Welcome to the mover session



Housing discrimination

Housing Discrimination

  • When looking for a unit it is ILLEGAL for anyone to deny you housing based on:

    • Race

    • Color

    • National Origin

    • Sex

    • Familial Status

    • Disability

What can i do

What Can I do?

  • Housing Discrimination Hotline

    • 1-800-669-9777

  • Contact the Fair Housing Board in the Community

  • File a complaint with the HUD Midwest Office

Welcome to the mover session


In Your


Fill out paperwork with your new landlord

Fill out paperwork with your New Landlord

  • Return the paperwork to Door B.

  • Don’t forget the 30 day Notice

Welcome to the mover session

Must be turned in with your new paperwork.

  • Wait until you find the new unit before giving notice

  • Not Required for:

    • Fire

    • Foreclosed unit

    • Landlord Default

Minimum of

30 Days Notice

Here s what happens next

Here’s what happens next

  • The landlord will receive a “pre-rent determination” while you wait.

  • If the landlord accepts the offer an Inspection is scheduled within 14 days.

  • Paperwork cannot be dropped off.

The results are in

The results are in..

  • The results are sent to the Contracting Department

  • If the inspection Passes, the landlord is contacted with the final rent offer

  • When landlord signs the approved lease and the contract and you can move into the unit

You have the keys

You have the Keys

  • You MUST:

    • Move in within 5 days or

    • Notify CMHA in 14 days

  • Failure to do so:

    • May result in Termination

Moving in

Moving in…

  • Be packed and ready to move

  • Don’t move in until the unit is under contract

  • Once the new contract is effective, move quickly so you can be out of your old unit before the end of the rental period.

Welcome to the mover session



Welcome to the mover session

Your Security Deposit

  • Ohio law doesn’t limit the amount of deposits, but if the deposit is more than one month’s rent, the landlord must calculate interest on the overage and pay it to you when the deposit is returned.

  • It is common in this area for deposits to be equal to one months rent.

  • Make sure you get the security deposit policy in writing.

How to get it back

How to get it back

When you move out, your landlord must:

1. Itemize any amount withheld from the deposit.

2. Return the deposit within 30 days of move-out.

How to get it back1

How to get it back

To get your deposit back, you must:

1. Remove all of your possessions.

2. Leave the unit in clean and free of damages

3. Return the keys

4. Give the landlord your forwarding address.

5.Take pictures when you move in and out.

Know your rental rights

Know your Rental Rights

I don’t know what to do about the problem I am having at my house.

Call the Cleveland Tenants Organization




Welcome to the mover session


Family Obligations

Your family obligations

Your Family Obligations

  • The family Must supply any requested information to CMHA or HUD

  • The family must provide and disclose Social Security Numbers for ALL family members

  • Any information supplied by the family must be true and complete

Your family obligations1

Your Family Obligations

  • Your are responsible for any Family caused Inspection violations

  • You must allow the PHA to inspect your unit at reasonable times after reasonable notice.

  • You must not seriously or repeatedly violate your lease

Your family obligations2

Your Family Obligations

  • You must notify the owner and the PHA that you plan to terminate your lease BEFORE you move from the unit

  • The family MUST promptly provide the PHA any eviction notices.

  • The unit must be used by the family and be the family’s only place of residence.

Your family obligations3

Your Family Obligations

  • Family composition must be approved by the PHA. No one is to reside in the unit without approval from the PHA.

  • The family MUST promptly notify the PHA if a family member leaves the unit.

  • Family members may have a legal home business as long as it does not keep the home from being a residence.

Your family obligations4

Your Family Obligations

  • The family must not sublease the unit

  • The family must not assign the lease or transfer the unit

  • The family must not own or have any interest in the unit.

Your family obligations5

Your Family Obligations

  • The family must promptly notify the PHA of family absence from the unit.

  • Family members must not commit

    • Fraud

    • Bribery or

    • Any other corrupt act

Your family obligations6

Your Family Obligations

  • Family members may not commit criminal activity including:

    • Drug related activity or

    • Violent criminal activity

  • Family members must not receive any other Housing Assistance while assisted with the voucher.

Welcome to the mover session



How your rent is determined

How Your Rent is Determined

  • You and your landlord agree to the proposed rent.

  • CMHA will agree to this amount if:

    • The rent is reasonable compared to the rent for similar unassisted housing in the same neighborhood.

    • The rent amount will not cause the family portion to be more than 40% of your adjusted family income.

How your rent is determined1

How Your Rent is Determined

  • Your portion of the rent will be

    30-40% of your monthly income.

    4. The payment standard is the maximum amount CMHA can pay towards subsidy of rent and utilities

Welcome to the mover session

Affordability Calculator

Affordability calculator

Affordability Calculator

Welcome to the mover session

Enter Your information

  • Select your Bedroom size

  • Select the unit bedroom size

  • Indicate the utilities to be paid and who is responsible

  • Click Calculate

Only pay your cmha approved portion

Only Pay your CMHA Approved Portion


“Pay the Difference”

Welcome to the mover session




Your new home

Your New Home


  • Be Considerate of Your Neighbors

  • Follow the conditions of the lease

  • Keep a professional relationship with the landlord



Update your phone number

Update Your Phone Number

We need your number to contact you:

  • Inspections

  • Appointments

  • Emergencies

Contact Customer Service at:


to update your phone number

Welcome to the mover session



Annual inspections

Annual Inspections

  • An adult must be present

    • 18 or older

  • You must complete the inspection even if you are moving.

  • 2 missed inspections may result in termination.

Emergency inspections

Emergency Inspections

  • Call CMHA for emergencies

    • No water

    • No gas

    • No heat (Oct-April)

    • No electricity

    • Sewer back-up

    • 216-431-1471

Special inspections

Special Inspections

  • Call owner for other problems :

    • Repairs

    • Pests

    • Etc

  • Put requests for repairs in writing

    • Give Owner 30 days to repair

    • After 30 days inform CMHA

Annual re examinations

Annual Re-examinations

  • All adults must be present

    • With ID and Income information

  • You must call if you cannot attend BEFORE the appointment time.

  • Failure to attend may result in termination of assistance

  • Call 216-431-1471 if you do not receive your appointment letter

Welcome to the mover session



Family self sufficiency

5 year contract

Help save money for Homeownership

Help achieve goals to become self-sufficient

Increase income=Increased savings

Call 216-426-2731 for an appointment

Family Self-Sufficiency



  • Must meet the following Qualifications:

  • One year on HCVP

  • Minimum income of $15,000

  • Minimum $3,000 for down payment

  • Minimum Credit Score of 560

  • Ask for your application at the front windows

Welcome to the mover session

Check out



Welcome to the mover session

Available Units


Welcome to the mover session

Criminal Background


Welcome to the mover session

Property Owner


Welcome to the mover session

Excellent Schools


Welcome to the mover session

Tenant Rights


Welcome to the mover session

Crime Statistics


Welcome to the mover session

Thank You

Rent A Truck Company

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