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How Different the World Is?

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How Different the World Is? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Different the World Is?. Welcome to Australia!. Let’s train our PHONETICS:. [ t ] - [ d ] desert, coast, flat, deep, vast, island, due to the fact. [∂] - [ Ө ] that , thank, that’s why, thanks, thanks to the fact. [ w ] world, wash, washed by, would.

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Let’s train our PHONETICS:

[ t ] - [ d ]

desert, coast, flat, deep, vast, island, due to the fact.

[∂] - [Ө]

that , thank,that’s why, thanks,

thanks to the fact.

[ w ]

world, wash, washed by, would.


Вставьте артикли, где необходимо:

1. _______St. Petersburg is situated on ____ Neva.

2. ____ Elbrus is ____ highest peak of ____Caucasian Mountains.

3. ____ Crimea is surrounded by ____Black Sea.

4. ____ people who live in ____Holland speak____ Dutch.

5. ____ Europe and ____ America are separated by ____Atlantic Ocean.

6. ____ Morocco is in ____ North Africa.

7. ____ Caucasus separates____ Black Sea from ____ Caspian Sea.

8. ____ weather over ____ Baltic was said to be worsening every hour.

9. There are not many sharks in ____ Mediterranean.

It is the world\'s largest island and its smallest continent. The continent is south of the Equator. Much of the land is a useless desert. Great deserts cover nearly 2,000,000 square kilometers.

The World of Australia.

Most of the continent is sunny most of the year. Its population is very small for such a huge country. Many people live far away from towns in the outback. Severe droughts, floods and cyclones happen very often on the continent. The people suffer from limited fresh water.


Australian Wildlife

Thanks to Australia is cut off from the rest of the world, its wildlife is so unique. Australia\'s geological isolation has resulted in many species not found elsewhere. The most peculiar feature in Australia\'s animals is pouch. The best-known are kangaroo,, the koala bear, the ostrich, the possum.

Possums live in Central and South Australia. They eat insects, berries, fruit, and dog food. Wild possums do not live very long. People kill possums as food.



Koalas live in Australia.

The oala is the best known and most loved animals in Australia. They seldom drink, and take enough water from leaves. The koala sleeps in the trees for most of the day, but moves and feeds at night. A koala’s life in the world is about 12years, but they have been known to live for 15years in captivity.

australian wildlife kangaroos
Australian WildlifeKangaroos

Kangaroos live in Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea and New Zealand.

Their strong legs and feet help them to hop and leap. They use their long tales for balancing. Each long, narrow foot has four toes. Their short paws are almost like human arms. The head is small; the ears are large and rounded; and the mouth is small, with

o-shaped lips. They eat grass and leaves.

Kangaroos usually have one young baby. Kangaroos can be grey, dark grey or red. Their length is about 1.5 m; they have a tail 1m long; stand 2 m tall; and weight 90 kg.



1.Where do kangaroos live? 3. How many babies do they usually have?

a) New Guinea a) three

b) Wales b) two

c) Scotland c) one

2. What do kangaroos eat? 4. How many kilograms do kangaroos


a) bananas and kiwis a) fifty

b) grass and leaves b) seventy

c) mice and grass c) ninety


Если нужно показать причину или следствие каких-то событий, действий, явлений, мы используем следующие союзы и выражения:

а) becauseтак как

thanks to (the fact that)благодаря тому, что ; из-за

due to ( the fact that)вследствие того, что

b) soтаким образом, поэтому

that’s whyпоэтому


Millions of years ago, Australia was part of a huge continent called Gondwanaland. But then Gondwanaland slowly moved and formed several different areas of land. So, Australia became cut off from the rest of the world. Probably, due to its geographical position, Australia was the last continent inhabited by the white man.

From the History of Australia

In 1768Capitan Cook sailed from England to the Pacific Ocean. For many months the sailors didn\'t see any land. In 1770 the sailors saw the land with many different trees and beautiful flowers on the coast. It was Australia.


Answer the questions

- Why is Australia called the Land Down Under?

- Why isn’t life easy in Australia?

- How big is Australia?

- Where is Australia situated?

- Why is January the hottest month in Australia?

- Where are the seasons the other way round in Australia?

- What can you say about Australian animals? Are they different from those on other continents?

- Can you name the bird living in Australia which cannot fly?

- What animals are represented on the emblem of the country?

- Where do Australians spend their week-ends?

- Why Australians produced so mane good athletes?

what do you know about australia
What Do You Know about Australia?

1.When did Capitan Cook discover Australia?

a)1788 b)1770 c)1779

2.Which is/are popular Australia animal(s)?

a) Koala b)Kangaroo c) Emu d) all of the above

3.What is the official language in Australia?

a) French b) German c) English

4.What is the capital of Australia?

a) Sydney b) Melbourne c) Canberra

5. Where is the famous Opera Theatre situated?

a) In Sydney b) in Melbourne c) in Canberra

6. What can you do during your vacation in Australia

a)sea cruises in yachts and motor launches

b) fishing c) windsurfing and play golf d) all of the above

7. What else you can you do when you get tired?

a)enjoy the picturesque of the coastal mountains from a sports plane

b) go diving c)watch life underwater d) all of the above