Climate change
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Climate change. Crista, Ezra, Helen, Britt and Augusta. Light from the Sun hits the Earth. Some of the light is absorbed and turned into heat! Black T-shirts absorb heat more than white shirts. So do cars, and most other things.

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Climate change

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Climate change

Climate change

Crista, Ezra, Helen, Britt and Augusta

Light from the sun hits the earth

Light from the Sun hits the Earth

Climate change

  • Some of the light is absorbed and turned into heat! Black T-shirts absorb heat more than white shirts. So do cars, and most other things.

Climate change

  • When there are more gases like carbon dioxide, they don’t let the heatescape and that makes everything heat up! The carbon dioxide acts like the glass in a greenhouse and traps the heat

Climate change1

Climate Change

We are increasing the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, by using cars, wasting electricity and a lot more. The greenhouse gases are increasing the temperature and that is killing the cute animals!

Greenhouse gases

  • A greenhouse gas traps the heat that is produced when the sun hits the Earth

  • This is making the air hotter!

  • For example: when the sun hits a greenhouse, the light goes through the glass and is turned to heat. The glass traps this heat!

  • That is exactly what the atmosphere (behaves like the glass) is doing and we are inside the greenhouse.

  • Some of the heat can escape

Greenhouse Gases!

Fossil fuels

  • We use fossil fuels to run machines, homes, cars and almost everything.

  • Fossil fuels are made from fossils.

  • When we burn the fuel we produce carbon dioxide which traps the heat produced from the sun(greenhouse gas)

  • Fossil fuels are really bad for the earth because it is creating climate change.

  • People use huge drills and go down deep into the ground and bring the fuels back up.

Fossil Fuels!

Fossil fuels carbon dioxide

  • Fossil Fuels are oil and petrol, stuff we use to power our cars, make electricity and heat our homes.

  • These create carbon dioxide which traps heat, making the earth hotter.

  • Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas

Fossil Fuels & Carbon Dioxide

Too many peoples

  • Now that there are more peoples we make MORE & MORE co2 (Carbon dioxide= Bad gasses)

  • More peoples=

    More cars, more

    factories, more

    people breathing.

Too Many Peoples!

The earth is too hot

  • That icky exhaust that comes out of your car is destroying the atmosphereand making everything too HOT!

    CO2 comes from

    your parents cars

    and factories

The Earth is too hot!

Climate change

  • Trees remove carbon dioxide, a gas which we breathe out, from the atmosphere and make oxygen , which we need to live. but there are fewer trees on earth. That is because we are cutting them down.

Temperature rising on earth

  • When the temperature goes up, the glaciers melt because glaciers are made of ice. This makes the sea levels go up since the water flows into the sea.

  • Also, there are changes in the weather because there is more water in the air, since the heat makes the water evaporate. That means more rain to create floods, hurricane, storms and earthquakes. The world is a lot less stable then it was a hundred years ago.

Temperature Rising on Earth!!!

Effects on the steingletscher

Effects on the steingletscher

  • In the past 150 years the glacier got shorter around 1 km. This is happening not only because the glacier is moving but because it is melting.

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