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2013- 閱讀報告 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2013- 閱讀報告. 組員 : 黃騰偉 楊夢庭 邱敏華 蘇于庭 指導老師 : 陳翠萍. Morphine- 嗎啡 Potent- 有效力的 , 有效能的 ( 藥等 ) powerful, strong, forceful, mighty Opiate- 鴉片劑 麻醉藥 ; 鎮靜劑 Field-( 知識 ) 領域 ; 專業 ; ( 活動 ) 範疇 land, space, region, tract Relieve- 緩和 , 減輕 ; 解除 to relax; to ease up; to mitigate

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2013- 閱讀報告

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  • Morphine-嗎啡

  • Potent-有效力的, 有效能的(藥等) powerful, strong, forceful, mighty

  • Opiate-鴉片劑 麻醉藥; 鎮靜劑

  • Field-(知識)領域; 專業; (活動)範疇 land, space, region, tract

  • Relieve-緩和, 減輕; 解除 to relax; to ease up; to mitigate

  • Naturally-天生地 天然地 自然地

    字構:nat出生 + ur狀態 + al....的 + ly以...方式


  • Occur-出現; 存在 to exist

    字構:oc向 + cur跑

  • Poppy-罌粟

  • Synthetically-綜合地

  • Manufacture-(大量)製造 to make


  • Perceives-察覺; 感知 to feel; to perceive



  • Reducing-減低 to reduce; to lower

  • Experience-經驗, 體驗 to undergo an experience to experience firsthand

  • Severe-嚴重的; 劇烈的; 凜冽的 serious

  • Significant-顯著的; 有效的 noticeable noteworthy


  • Risk-危險, 風險 risks; danger; hazards


  • Addiction-沈溺; 成癮; 上癮; 入迷 to be addicted to; to habituate

  • Certain-某種(或一定)程度的

  • Injury-(對人, 動物的)傷害; (對健康的)損害 to damage; to harm

  • Adimimstered-給予, 提供 to provide; to supply

  • Continuously-連續不斷地, 接連地

  • Relief-緩和, 減輕; 解除 to relax; to ease up; to mitigate

  • Chronic-(病)慢性的; (人)久病的


Main ideas of the first paragraph

Main ideas of the first paragraph

  • Morphine is very potent drug known as an opiate that is used in the field of medicine to relieve pain.

  • Morphine can be taken as needed for certain types of pain, such as a bad injury, and it can also be administered continuously for relief of chronic pain such as that experienced by cancer patients.


  • Pharmacist-製藥者; 藥劑師; 藥商

  • Isolated-使孤立; 使脫離 to depart from; to break away

  • Hallucinogen-迷幻劑

  • Reliever-緩和, 減輕; 解除 to relax; to ease up; to mitigate

  • Produces-引起, 產生; 招致 to produce; to bring; to result


  • Euphoric-心情愉快的; 心滿意足的

Main ideas of the second paragraph

Main ideas of the second paragraph

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Adam serturner was the German pharmacist who first isolated morphine.

  • Morphine also produces a euphoric mental state and relieves anxiety.

Third paragraph words of phrases

Third paragraph-words of phrases

  • As such-就其本身而論

  • Suffer-遭受; 經歷 to undergo; to experience; to come through


  • Chronic-(病)慢性的; (人)久病的


  • Advent-出現; 到來 to appear; to emerge



  • Heroin-海洛因

  • Derivative-引出的

  • Commonly-通常地, 一般地 generically universally

  • Abused-濫用, 妄用 to misuse; to misapply


  • Potent-有效力的, 有效能的(藥等) powerful, strong, forceful, mighty

  • Replaced-取代 to replace; to substitute for; to supersede



  • Addicts-入迷的人; 有癮的人

  • Substitute-代替人; 代替物; 代用品 an ersatz; a substitution; a makeshift


  • Interestingly-有趣地 funnily

  • Treat-探討; 論述 to confer; to probe into

  • Opium-鴉片

  • Addiction-沈溺; 成癮; 上癮; 入迷 to be addicted to; to habituate

  • Alcohoism-酗酒 酒精中毒 to drink to excess; to be inflicted with alcoholism

  • Addictive-使成癮的; 上癮的 hard drug habit-forming

Main ideas of the third paragraph

Main ideas of the third paragraph

  • Before the advent of heroin, morphine was commonly abused. But because heroin is more potent and faster acting, it replaced.

  • Morphine was used early on to treat opium addiction, and even alcoholism, until it was realized that it was more addictive than both of those drugs.

Fourth paragraph words and phrases

Fourth Paragraph--words and phrases

  • Exercise-運用, 行使 to make use of; to draw on sth.; to perform

  • Caution-小心, 謹慎 careful; cautious

  • Prescribing-開(藥方), 為...開(藥方); 囑咐

    字構:Pre先 前+scrib寫+e(v)

  • Alleviate-減輕; 緩和 to lighten; to mitigate

  • Dying-垂死的; 行將結束的; 快熄滅的 moribund

  • Concern-關心的事, 重要的事



  • Analgesic-止痛劑

  • Severe-嚴重的; 劇烈的; 凜冽的 serious

  • Precautions-預防措施 precautionary measures

  • Doses-吸收劑量

  • Frequency-頻率, 次數

  • Closely-嚴密地, 仔細地 strictly


  • Monitored-監控; 監聽; 監測; 監視 to monitor


  • Withdrawal-退縮; 退隱 停止吸毒

  • Symptoms-症狀, 徵候 a symptom; a condition

  • Indicators-指標 an index; a norm; a targ


  • Tolerance-忍耐, 忍耐力 to bear; to endure

  • Occurs-出現; 存在 to exist

  • Achieve-達到 to achieve an objective


  • Includes-包括, 包含 to include; to contain; to cover


Main ideas of the fourth paragraph

Main ideas of the Fourth paragraph

  • Morphine can be used to make the patient more comfortable during his or her final days.

  • There are two main indicators of addiction-withdrawal and tolerance.

Fifth paragraph words and phrases

Fifth Paragraph-words and phrases

  • physically- 實體

  • psychologically-精神上的 connected with a person’s mind and the way in which it works


  • addictive使成癮的; 上癮的 hard drug habit-forming

  • addict- 吸毒成癮的人 a person who is unable to stop taking harmful drugs

  • resorting-求助,手段 ask for helping

  • accustomed- 通常的 usual or typical of sb/sth

  • resumes- 繼續 ,恢復 commonly used or practiced

    re= 再 sume = take,表示"拿,取


  • functioning-功能 a special activity or purpose of a person or thing

  • cravings- 渴望 to thirst for

  • persist- To hold firmly and steadfastly to a purpose


  • dependent- Relying on or requiring the aid of another for support


  • crave-懇求 to request

  • lead- 領導 to guide


  • severe- 劇烈

  • depression-不景氣The condition of feeling sad or despondent


  • anxiety- A state of uneasiness and apprehension

    字構:anxiet苦惱 渴望+y狀態

  • develop- 發展 To bring from latency to or toward fulfillment

  • amnesia-健忘症 Partial or total loss of memory, usually resulting from shock, psychological disturbance, brain injury, or illness.


  • self- 表示自身的

  • esteem- 尊重

  • diminished-减少了的,被贬低的To make smaller or less or to cause to appear so.

  • copes- 妥善處理

    後通常加上with 表成功地應付


    drug 和medicine 分別

    drug 通常只狹義的麻醉藥或毒品

    medicine 指的是治療效果的藥,統常指口服藥

Fifth paragraph words and phrases 1

Fifth Paragraph-words and phrases(1)

  • Morphine is also psychologically addictive.

  • The cravings of morphine will persist because the person has become psychologically dependent on the drug.

  • Self esteem is diminished as the person copes with living life without the help of a drug.

Sixth paragraph words and phrases

Sixth Paragraph-words and phrases

  • Surprisingly 出人意外的 - To encounter suddenly or unexpectedly; take or catch unawares.

  • relapse- 再度惰落

  • 字構:re回+laps跌落+e(v.n)

  • common- 通俗的,共同擁有的Belonging equally to or shared equally by two or more

  • particularly-特別 , 詳細的To a great degree; especially:

  • 字構:part部份,分開+i+cul(e)小+ar有...性質+ly以...方式


  • factors- 因素One that actively contributes to an accomplishment

  • abuse- 濫用To use wrongly or improperly; misuse

    字構:ab壞 差+us用 使用+e(v.n)

  • Rats- 納特群鳥

  • environment-環境The circumstances or conditions that surround one; surroundings

  • enriched-使富裕To make rich or richer.


  • removal-除去 The act of removing

  • 字構:re離開+mov運動+al動作 過程

  • Coped- 對付. To contend or strive, especially on even terms or with success

  • treating-對待To act or behave in a specified manner toward

  • essential-基本的,必要的Constituting or being part of the essence of something; inherent.

Ain ideas of the sixth paragraph

Main ideas of the Sixth paragraph

  • Not surprisingly, relapse is very common among morphine addicts, particularly if the factors in their lives that led them to drug abuse are not changed.

  • It is essential that the patient's environment be altered to one that does not encourage morphine use.

Seventh paragraph words and phrases

Seventh Paragraph-words and phrases

  • Summarize-總結to make a summary of

  • Highly-非常,高度地Having a relatively great elevation


  • Effective-有效的Having an intended or expected effect

  • Alleviate-減輕To make (pain, for example) more bearable

  • Supervision-管理,監督


  • Process-過程A series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result


  • Lifetime- The period of time during which an individual is alive


Ain ideas of the seventh paragraph

Main ideas of the Seventh paragraph

  • The risk of morphine addiction is high, and withdrawal is a painful process-the psychological element of which can last a lifetime.


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